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  1. wow thats just freaking beautiful.i sung out to hubby to come have a look and says to him,can you make me one of those. please please.yeah no worries he says lol
  2. u crack me up u should of said,well i wont need it then i will have my own,so can i have it now
  3. i think there should be a fish pill or some thing yep give them a pill a day.
  4. my hubby uses a sponge and amagnet thingy he says they work well
  5. sorry im guilty of posting in the wrong section to.i will think next time, sorry
  6. i thought it was wierd that it wase nt sold here, thanks for that
  7. that would be good, but do you think they can import that stuff,i tried to get progold but no good cant get it sent here, and no fish shop will order it in, they tell ya they dont deal in it they actually say no we dont import chinese products in, i said its not chinese, but hey y should they care what i want. im flat out trying to get hikari, cant find it any where which i think is just stupid.now that ive said that i do have one more lfs to go and have a look in,which i will do on the weekend and see if i can get at least hikari.
  8. oh the poor thing. sounds like it happen a lot,have you got a fish vet any where near where u live i did have a look on the thread finding a vet on line but i dont think any are where you live,i dont no. just a suggesting.if nothing works throw him in the freezer and get another one.....na just kidding ya
  9. gee fish are like humans hey with all that can go wrong with them. i never heard of bladder trouble til this site. here in australia we have ural but thats for humans and its real good fixes more or less straight away but i dont think u can put that in the tank because it fizzes up lol. what the heck am i saying of course you cant give it to fish.lol.just trying to amuse you.
  10. ask ya mum to take you to the shops and see what you come up with, here in australia we have shops like i guess wallys world, but ours are called crazy clarks and silly sollies,some plp call them the two bob shop.(dont no y we dont have bobs lol).im sure where you are in derbyshire there is some cheap shops that stock them. now be good to ya mum then ask her to take you shopping i dont think you should buy them from the net because then you have to pay for postage and the money you spent on postage you could put to a bigger one. does that make sence
  11. oh you poor thing. are you feeling at least a bit better today. its like losing ya friend. like jewels said do you have any idea what happened. i hope you are doing better.
  12. holy. well i didnt no that. wow, untill we found this site i was pretty dumb to fish.i havent seen no other sorts of fish till here.even at the lfs they dont have that much of a variety, i only saw bubble eyes at the lfs a few months ago.aprt from them there the only what i call fancy looking fish i have seen.were hoping to go to stdney next christmas to see my daughter and ive been told that theres a few good fish shops there. so im sure i will be in for a surprise. thanks for that
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