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  1. I think i answered my own question Could use a secondary waterfall pump or better selection use a pressurized filter
  2. thanks guys Yeh i definetely remember how I did it, but someone else making it would do it a little different, I had 12 foot wood flooring pieces(a test using tamarack done at the mill i work at) so i just ripped the tongue of using table say, then measured all the sides, cut pieces to length, pre drilled holes and then screwed together. I didn't have a countersink bit but that would be best, and someone else would probly be fine with using straping(1x2) i'll make a write up in DIY maybe then and make a diagram if i feel like it
  3. hey, sorry I took a couple days but here's the frame
  4. simplypete


    Hey, I cover my small pond with bird netting(plastic netting, strong, used for gardens and such to keep out birds) you get it at any gardening store or a big store like home depot or same of sorts. Its black and not that noticable, I slit a couple holes in middle area to get into pond when i have to or to add fish. Chicken wire's also another solution, u can get the old basic metal stuff which would be sorta unsightly or you can get newer types in different colors. Hope that helps a little.
  5. Hey everyone, I put in my first pond this summer, 90 gallon preformed in ground with a home made 3 stage filter, I've been working on designing a new above ground pond lately. The plan is to make a simply parallelogram out of 2x12 pressure treated wood, it'd be about 4 by 9ish, and 12 inch high obviously. Off to the side of it between fence and paralelogram will be a 3 foot water fall feature, framed with wood, inside will contain filter, which will then pump up to waterfall. I just really need to figure out whats the best way to do this. I'll have submersible pump in pond, which will pump to the external filter(might build out of 3-10 gallong rubbermaid containers) or purchase filter. I need to know best way to get water from filter to water fall, since most filters are gravity fed. If I make it home made i could have the filter proped up inside enclosure so it empties at the top to waterfal(just hide it) But if i was to use like a gravity type filter like a tetra pond, whats best way to get filtered water from the filter to top of waterfall since its gravity fed and won't provide any pressure for pushin. Thanks alot people top waterfall should be 3 foot height, total pond size be approx 250gallons or so.
  6. Hey, I have a rubbermaid container, I think its about 33gallon, thats the biggest clear one I could find around, anyways yeh I just built a frame up around it so the sides don't bow out at all. I use it for an inexpensive inside tank, plus i'm a student so when I have to move don't have to worry about glass. I used to just have a fluval3plus(underwater) filter whic was sorta underpowered so i salvaged another 150 hang on back, and I have some aeration. Rubbermaid containers are great, if you wanted a picture of the frame I'd be glad to take one
  7. I'll try and get a pic of it, my dig cam isn't always so great but he's sorta hand trained so it might work. If he wasn't a fish it looks like it hurts
  8. Yeh he's acting normal, considering he's missing a big chunk a wen. heh. i think he's gonna be alright, i'm betting on good ol aquarium salt to help the healing process
  9. So here's my story I have a fairly large orange oranda called Garfield. He has a fairly large when, and actually part of it had sort of collapsed this summer when he was in my pond, it may have been from an injury i'm not sure. But anyway earlier this morning i heard sortof a gurgling noise like something emptying, when i went out to the living room one of my filters on my rubbermaid tank had stopped running(hang on filter). So i unplugged it and filled it back with water and tried running it but didn't work, so i pulled out the tube and shook it a bit then put it back(prop its on tube assembly on this one) and filled it up and it worked. It wasn't till i went to feed the fish i noticed a huge chunk was missing out of Garfields wen. Basically the only I can think of is he got it stuck in the end of the filter tube and it actually ripped off and then clogged the propeller assembly. It's kinda weird cause its not a super strong filter(its like a pwerfilter 10-15 gallon, can't remember brank i salvaged it from friend) and it has two extensions on it so there shouldn't be that much sucking power. I can't think it would be anything else though because the two coincide with each other and he is with 3 other goldies that have all been together for over a year and are very peaceful. I put some more salt in the water to help out a bit. I think he should heal up fine, but i dunno what shape his wen will grow back into.
  10. All in my living room on my industrial style 600 pound/shelf unit
  11. Hey everyone, haven't been on here since i got home form school, but thought i'd put up an update. I scrapped the above ground pond idea and decided to install a pre formed pond, 90 gallons. I've got it in ground, filled up, with my pump and homemade filter and its cycling away, its getting healthy doses of tank water from inside, its slowly warming up outside so the fish will be introduced soon, and im landscaping the small little corner of the yard i have for my pond, I'll post pics very soon !!!
  12. i got the 4 through the nite the ryukin was too far gone, especially without having a quarantine tank here.... and they should be getting a healthy does of dechlorinater in a few hours.. hope there ok when i get back from work....
  13. Hey everyone i've lost a fantail already anda ryukin is dying right now couldn't bring any established water only had my foams kept in water EITHER OF TWO PROBLEMS Chlorine or apparantly my mom washed out the rubbermaid container with a bleach cream thing... the other four are swimming well but won't eat.. i guesss due towater problems there's extra cholorine in the water.. and i can't get any conditioner until tomorrow.. i've setup a second conatainer thats never been cleaned with cleaner and am trying to nurse the ryukin but if its becasue of the chlorine i'm screwed...
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