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  1. I use prime to treat my water I was gonna start putting water directly into the tank soon cause of the lack of space i'm gonna have at the new place.
  2. Thats what I meant putting water directly back into the tank. I let it sit out of course just wondering if I can add tap water back in if I use conditioner. To many containers sitting around.
  3. If i add tap water back into the tank after I drain some out will that mess up the cycle or cause a tank not to cycle?
  4. I was thinking about getting 2 100 gallon pond soon and was thinking is it okay to keep the fish in the pond outside through winter with a heater. I think the lowest it get here in the winter is around low 40s.
  5. yes i have i've been doing 75% water chane daily. harder to salt in a 120 gallon than my smaller tanks and i got no room in the other ones.
  6. The tank she is in is still cycling i've kept the ammonia at .25. Her vent is worst than the last time she had eggs looks like its been torn open. If it is infected what can I do?
  7. My r/w oranda recently layed eggs and her vent is still swollen for about a week now. Is there anything to do to help the recovery?
  8. I've been to #### around my area and seen some bad things in their tanks. I wrote a letter to the main office and the next day I got a call and email from them saying everything was taken care of. So I visited the store again a few days later and it was all good and clean.
  9. They are starting to swim around. No, I can't get live brine shrimp around here. I'll try the boile egg for today till I can get the frozen brine shrimp.
  10. So its about the second day the fry hatched I bought baby food for tomorrow is banana flavor okay? Don't know what else to get for them to eat.
  11. So I just visited a new lfs and went around looking for goldies. I walked over to the fish tank and I saw about 6 orandas left in the store. One was bottom sitting torn up, another upside down. And last one I saw was covered with ich the r/w oranda was almost all white and what I can see left of the fins was blood red worst sight I've ever seen. The people in there didn't care so couldnt do anything about it just got up and left.
  12. Whoa got home and all the black eggs was gone thought my goldies ate them. Then I saw Little fries swimming around so I got a cup and scooped them up before the bigger ones saw them. Manage to get about 15 of them out into my 17 gallon filled halfway. If i can't find any brine shrimp aroun what type of baby food should I get?
  13. I'll have a whiper filter setup with it guess I'll go get some stockings. Do i soak the stocking in the cycled tank water first or try to seed my filter?
  14. I'm very excited to see them fertile. I left the eggs in the 120 gallon tank and I'm waiting for them to hatch then move them. I moved all the filters to the other side of the tank and trying to find a big enough divider to keep the goldies from eatting the fry when they hatch. I'd say about another day or so its gonna hatch can't wait. Trying to set up a 17 gallon I had put away but with 6" of water is the filter gonna do alright it in?
  15. Today I just got home from work and found some eggs on the rock still with black dots in it i put a divider in between all the fish and the eggs. Moved the filters to the other side of the divider will that be okay when the egg spawns. And how long does it take for them to hatch.
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