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  1. Charlie, What a beautiful cabinet and I love the fish handles. Excellent job. It's beautiful and so are your fish Carli
  2. Love the color and the curtains go so well with it. Well done! Can't wait to see the tanks set up. Lovely retreat. Carli
  3. Congratulations on the new fry. It's always fun to find the new ones and watch them grow up.
  4. Sherry, I put the 2x4's across the pond close enough to keep the cover off the water and use the bricks on top of the 2x4 and cover to keep the cover taut and off the water. It works real well but we don't get huge amounts of snow either. Carli
  5. We bought a solar pool cover and cut it to fit over the pond. It's supported by 2x4's across the pond, then the solar cover and then brick to hold the solar cover in place. We leave a small part open for gas exchange and an air stone with pump. The solar pool cover increases the pond temp by 10-15 degrees in my zone 7 pond in full sun. It keeps the fish more comfortable and deters predators. Here's a link. We bought the higher mil clear diamond kind. http://www.solarcovers.com/solar-covers.as...CFRJgWAod6V9saQ Carli
  6. I'm working on that today. I've moved the koi into the other pond and I'm cleaning the other one out for the plants this winter. Lots of hard but rewarding work. It won't be long before we put the solar cover over the fish. Sad but it's nice to be out in the sun today enjoying one of the last nice days. Carli
  7. That's a great price. I would think maintenence would even out. Larger body of water. Isn't the water more stable with larger quantities? Harder to access though, stepstools and all that. Since you are getting the whole setup no expenses for high dollar filtration. I can't see much of a down side to it considering all the room you would have for large goldies. If it fits the space you have for it I would get it. Carli
  8. Carli


    most koi live up to 25-35 years of age, but they can reach up to 200 years old or older, but I dont see that often. Some might, many don't. I would venture to guess that most koi kept by the general population die from poor environment and inadequate knowledge. Some might survive a year or two, many don't survive the first winter. Not good for the koi or the koi keeper. Great for LFS, koi breeders and suppliers. Carli
  9. Carli


    If you're a koi purist then what will be needed is a minimum of 500-1000 gallons per fish. A large (more is better), deep (4-6ft), bare pond with a settling tank, bottom drain or two, skimmer and a serious filtration system. They can reach 56" but more likely 36". Many people put them in water gardens and learn to their dismay that they eat the plants and overwhelm the watergarden filtration quickly. Try these two links if you haven't already. Koiphen.com Koishack.com I wish I had researched more throughly before my impulse buy. I have two butterfly koi in 1000 gallons. NOT a good idea. I do 25-50% water changes weekly, and while they live and are healthy (at the moment) the maintenance is a killer and they don't thrive. I will be rehoming them because it's best for them. I just came back from a koi show and saw what they can be. I am not doing them a favor by limiting them in such a poor environment. They are beautiful but there are some gorgeous goldies too. I want to keep my watergarden, my lilies and my wakins will provide just as much color and movement as a Kohaku koi, stay within size and have fewer health problems. The benefits to having koi? beauty, size, some would say interaction, but my goldies are much more interactive. The downside? KHV (only Koi can get this), expense, maintenance, high start up cost to build a proper pond, that's just a few. I don't want to discourage but to encourage lots of research before you commit to this. Good luck with what you decide. Carli
  10. I've had the opposite experience. Not everyone is into fish but when I'm overheard talking about them they can't get involved in the conversation fast enough. If even one person changes their opinion or how they care for their fish then it's a good thing. As for doing an instruction sheet who did the ones that your LFS distributes? Education is the key. Perhaps then people will understand that taking responsibility for a fish or other animal for that matter is not to be taken lightly. I believe the sellers have an obligation to the fish and the owner to outline that responsibility. Sadly, many LFS over here see $$$ and nothing else. Carli
  11. Saltwater eh? High dollar setups, expensive fish and corals. I would kiss their feet too for those bucks. He's money oriented obviously. Well, if he doesn't understand the compassionate version perhaps he will understand the economic version. If he's too dense to understand either one then tell him you are going to his competion and will work hand in hand to educate their buyers and increase their bottom line. (That would be if all is lost on the idiot, you know the 'gets more LFS owners with sugar than vinegar routine' ) We must play nice with others most of the time Carli
  12. Lovely! Beautiful fish too. Well done Carli
  13. They make money on the accessories they sell. The fish are expendable. The well intentioned people that "save" the fish or buy one to pacify a child's need for a pet just allow the LFS to stay in business and they continue to put another goldfish in a one gallon tank over and over again. Too bad he had such a crappy attitude. Perhaps he would allow a "new owners goldie packet" printed up by you maybe? If he makes the "nemo" owners happy by keeping their fish alive they will eventually want to come back to get bigger aquariums, bigger filters ect instead of putting their torture chamber on freecycle and flushing their fish. Education is key.
  14. Here's a good explanation. http://www.gardenandhearth.com/Backyard-Po...a-Waterfall.htm I would add that black silicone works great to direct water away from the sides that might wick water. It blends in when placed judiciously between rock layers. Carli
  15. No, he doesn't raise them. I'm sure he would answer any question you might have. He did for me. Carli
  16. He just auctions them but usually unless it's something in great demand you can get it for the starting bid. I wouldn't up the bid anyway because he has others that are just as nice with similar patterns. He is going to China this week on a buying trip. I saw that blue Oranda up close. It's huge and just glides in the water. Beautiful fish. I wish he would auction his smaller ones as a group. I got my small calico ranchu for a nice price. Carli
  17. He lives in Garland Texas and auctions his fish weekly. He has excellent fish, well worth the money. I've never lost one that I've gotten from him. If you live close enough you are welcomed to his home to pick your fish up. I had my first one shipped and it came double bagged, oxygenated (of course) in a padded insulated box. I had never met him in person until today. He encouraged me to stay as long as I wanted to, answered all my questions and bowled any fish I thought I was interested in. When I left he gave me a hug. What a truly nice person that takes excellent care of his fish AND his customers. Just to compare, I got some Wakins from a different source, cheaper but I got what I paid for. They were healthy but the box was leaking when it arrived, poorly shipped and the fish were seriously stressed. Carli
  18. Angie, We just got back from Tommy's. What an awesome gentleman he is. I picked up my Calico Butterfly Moor. I also left with a huge Calico Wakin and a small Calico Ranchu. His fish are incredible. No split fins, healthy, happy fish. They are kept in large, well filtered above ground ponds. No overstocking. I saw a small calico bubble eye. Beautiful little fish. Lots of Panda's, Calico Oranda's, Red Caps, too many to list. I loved visiting with him, such a kind, gentle soul. Congratulations on your fish. Glad you love them. I've kept Wakins and Koi for quite a few years too. As for the Moor designation, I thought they were all Telescopes. The Moor designation is just a common name to describe them. I expect someone will answer the question. Hope to see pictures once they settle in. Carli
  19. Angie, As a fellow lurker, I can sympathize. I'm picking up my Tommy's fish this morning and I have the same anxiety you have. We will do fine. His fish are quality fish. We have researched and know how to care for them right? People are available on the forums to help if necessary. Take a deep breath, you aren't alone in this. No more what if's. Enjoy your new ones. I bet they are beautiful and will bring you much joy. Carli
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