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    Koi Pond

    Thanks Ponds are much easier than aquariums, larger bodies of water and more stable. I'm impressed with people that can keep such wonderful aquariums. Hopper is 18 inches and 3 years old. There are only two koi in that pond, Hopper and Sparkle. I never can get a good picture of Sparkle for some reason. I don't want to push my water quality because my filtration is minimal in there. I have an above ground pond and I keep the Wakins out there. Mags is my ponding buddy, she goes where the fish are Carli
  2. I love Wakins in the pond. They are so friendly and handfeed so quickly. Beautiful colors as well. Carli
  3. I LOVE that centerpiece. Very inventive and attractive. Your dad is very talented. It will function as a trickle tower where the water runs over it too. Very neat! Carli
  4. Beautiful pond. I really like the rock work. That deicer is neat, small and decorative. Your fish look happy and healthy. Carli
  5. My name is Carli and I'm mostly a pond person but I'm getting interested in aquariums to feed my fish obsession in the winter I thought I would share a pic of my 700 gallon pond and my favorite butterfly koi, Hopper. This is one of my pups, Mags sunbathing by the pond Carli
  6. He's pretty. How old is he and how long did he take to change? Carli
  7. I wondered who bought that Lemonhead Beautiful pair of fish. Carli
  8. Thanks for the tip Richie. Carli
  9. I love calicos of any persuasion. Beautiful! Carli
  10. I hadn't thought of mmm but they just opened a new one here. Thanks! I'll look up the other one too. I should be able to find something between the two. Carli
  11. I'm looking for a good online place to buy aquarium plants. Has anyone bought from a place that they like? Carli
  12. What cuties! I especially love Willie
  13. I like the nose to nose idea and I think yours are prettier. Yep, ebay can be a problem but I've not had but one bad experience where I didn't get my money back. 1 out of 400+ transactions over the years isn't too bad. I think I just admitted that I'm an ebay junkie LOL Carli
  14. I found these on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Gold-Fish-CABINET-HAND...1QQcmdZViewItem I like the form of Charlie's a bit better but I thought these were nice too. Carli
  15. I like the Mazuri Gel foods from Ed at Goldfish Utopia. Fast ship, good price, great food. Carli
  16. Oops, it's early and he's male..so much for female names Cerys, love Eira, snow Seren, star Wynne, blessed, fair, white All of these are unisex names and Welsh in origin. Ok, so there might be something strange about a Chinese goldie with a Welsh name but I liked them. Carli
  17. Beautiful fish, congratulations! Names Leucothea, greek for white goddess Pavati, hopi for clear water Su, turkish for water Carli
  18. I would still clean monthly. :-) Will do! Thanks for the suggestion Carli
  19. -also, for canister filters, what is the maintenance? is media expensive? do they come with any media? what happens with them when the power goes off? is there any worry of it leaking onto the floor? or gross stuff going back into the water? Maintenance is individualized but I follow Eheim's recommendations unless my return flow rate diminishes. I've not had that happen yet but I have a light fish load. "needs to be cleaned every 3-6 months. You should change 1/3 2/3 of the EHFISUBSTRAT every 6-12 months. The EHFISYNTH pad should be changed with every cleaning (every 3-6 months) and the EHFIFIX pad should be changed when it becomes flattened or every year." I'm sure the recommendations are tempered by fish load, flow rate, water quality parameter and such. Media is pretty pricey for the Eheim but spread out over the year it's not and new filters come with it. I don't have any concern about the Eheim leaking, it's well sealed. Just in a similar vein, I had a Fluval 404 canister given to me when I bought a used 75 gallon tank. I took one look at it and went to research it. Several people reported that the clamps on the side did not seal the canister well and were prone to breaking and I tend to agree. If that is indeed the case then it would drain your tank. I didn't want to chance using it. The plastic was cheap and worrisome to me. I know lots of people like Fluval's but they aren't for me. I've not had a power failure so can't help with that. Carli
  20. Lovely healthy fish and great photos! Carli
  21. I wish you were my neighbor so you could teach me how to do that. There is no comparison to a ready made cabinet. Picky is good
  22. I have an Eheim 2222. It's very simple. Fill the baskets with the well rinsed media, lubricate the gasket with included vaseline if necessary, attach the intake and output hoses to the canister and up and down the side of the aquarium. Attach the spraybar to the output tube. Put the top on the canister, then prime (In my case with this model, suck, suck, suck or buy a priming device, turn on, it should remove the bubbles left over if you start with the canister full. The better deal is to get the self priming Pro Eheim and avoid all the oral drama. If I had the money I would buy the Wet/dry Eheim. Pro's: great bio, crystal clear water, no bypass/channeling of the media, silent ..cons..pretty pricey..uh danged pricey but look on ebay for a better deal, and I would like the intake tube longer. Recently however, It has been suggested that the Marineland C Series is just as good and cheaper. Maybe I can get some pictures a bit later today. Carli
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