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  1. I've only used processed shrimp. I didn't trust the raw shrimp.
  2. At least 100 gallon per Orfe because of their eventual size. At that stocking rate you need good filtration and oxygenation. Can't help with the others I haven't kept them. Carli
  3. What an outstanding fish! Incredible pattern. Carli
  4. Carli

    New Fish!

    Beautiful Oranda. Congratulations! I've been looking at them too. I love that color combination. Carli
  5. It's pretty but challenging for older eyes to see easily. Do the links disappear when you put your cursor over them or am I having a serious senior moment? Carli
  6. There's not much left to say except I'm sorry for your loss. They were beautiful. Carli
  7. Try Craigslist.org and Freecycle.com (put a wanted ad in on Freecycle) for your area. People will sometimes give away smaller tanks. Carli
  8. Lovely fish and pond. I loved the sound effects too Carli
  9. Gorgeous, all of them. I think I hear Tootsie asking to come visit me for a while Carli
  10. Beautiful pictures, incredible fish too. I love the mostly white one. Carli
  11. Carli

    Koi Pond

    Thanks We don't really know since she's a rescue but they thought she was a mini Aussie. I think she has some Sheltie in her as well. She sure acts like our other Aussie, protective and has those herding issues. Carli
  12. Carli

    Koi Pond

    Ha! How did you know? It's right off my deck and people can always find me there with a cup of coffee in the mornings. I have breakfast with them and I miss them in the winter. Carli
  13. haha me too! i was eyeballin' that pair as well. i'm glad that all the fishy i seem to have my eyes on (and can't afford right now) are going to koko's members! i really, REALLY liked the white one. glad they found their way home to you! Speaking of eyeballin' did you see the black and white Wakin this week. I was 2 seconds late. Emily, How are your fish kids doing today? Carli
  14. Carli

    Koi Pond

    she's huge! is Sparkle also a butterfly? [/quote Yes. Here's a crummy picture of her this morning. Pardon the reflection of the solar cover. It's so cold everyone is huddled up on the bottom sleeping. Not the best time for photo ops and she is never very photogenic in the best of times and I guess it would help if I wiped the water spray off of my camera lens too but it's early yet. Carli
  15. Carli

    Koi Pond

    I don't know. Big. I haven't decided if I want something big enough for comets/commons, or a couple of Koi. But difference, I know. It depends on the cost, as I'd want to have it professionally built, rather than do it myself. Lots of wiggle room on price there I couldn't afford a professional so it was DIY for me. Bigger is definitely better but professionals don't always do the best for the fish either.
  16. I was thinking maybe a new house but that might put him over the edge Carli
  17. I just spent $6.99 for a small bottle of liquid fish safe fertilizer. What is the difference? What's in regular plant fertilizers as opposed to the fish safe ones? This stuff is 15-0-0. All nitrogen for green growth, no phosphorus, no potassium. I'm wondering why not phosphorus or potassium? Just curious. Hopefully the fish will provide enough fertilizer. Carli
  18. Carli

    Koi Pond

    Thanks..how big of a pond do you want? Carli
  19. I love calico's. I would like to try a Pearlscale one day when I figure out this aquarium thing. He's cute. Carli
  20. Gotta love Craigslist. $200, 300 mile road trip and I have my 75 gallon with canopy, stand, Fluval 404, big old rocks, lights..the lights were history, the Fluval (no impeller, clamp broken, well you get the idea)..Still, it was a bargain, we got out of town for the day and it doesn't leak. The stand was repairable and I learned to ask questions. I'm happy overall. Of course after we got home I found a 90 gallon with all that for $300 locally and delivered. Such is life Carli
  21. Thank you I'm addicted to waterlilys. That's Red Flare, a night blooming tropical. I asked my husband for a greenhouse so I could overwinter the tropicals and to my surprise he got me one! Here's a picture of the bloom. Carli
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