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  1. I used to collect their teeth. They are real neat! When I had sand, I never really noticed their shed teeth, but when I did bare bottom, I would find shed teeth all the time! Here is a photo (not mine):
  2. Super beautiful! I want to swim in there with the koi and goldfish! :D But really, thanks for posting those photos! :D
  3. Do you let it float, or do you root it in the substrate? I've always enjoyed growing different species of Anubias with goldfish. I like using the larger species, only planted on wood or rocks with nothing planted on the bottom.
  4. First thing that came to my mind was to lay down a layer of EPDM pond liner, right on top of the old preformed pond liner. The new pond liner would have to be secured, just like if a fresh hole was dug, but there is much info out there about that subject, so I won't type all that out. Might be worth a try. Let us know what you plan to do!
  5. Your ferns are attached to the glass? Like rooted onto the glass? I haven't sold any rooted Anubias for a long time (actually I wasn't even growing any for a while) but now I've got 2 in the works! I'm hoping to offer them on our forum in the next few months . . . but as you know, they are famous for their slow growth! I wish I had saved photos of all the Rooted Anubias I've sold. I've grown them on wood, rocks, and aquarium décor, but after they sold, I'd always delete the photos. I wonder if anyone still has the plants I shipped them years ago!)? Please tell more about your Anubias Raft idea, it sounds cool!
  6. Thanks, it is quite lovely! I had something kinda like that once, all anubias, but of different species: I'd like to do something like that again, just without the gravel (maybe sand), and only with wood.
  7. Are her photos posted in our forum?
  8. When it's in my house . . .
  9. The guy isn't willing to ship. But I may have found another source . . . I'll update on that later. Did it bite you or . . . Poke you with it's cheek spines!!??
  10. Stealing?!?! Not at all! This was a "give away" post right? I was simply trying to help Ms.Jenny rehome that laborious and cumbersome aquarium. I'm sure she wouldn't mind covering shipping too. But seriously, it's a beauty!
  11. I found a guy on another forum selling 4 Clown Loaches. One is 4", two are 5" and one is 6" and he is asking $150 for all four fish! He is in California, and offering them for "pick up only", but I'm trying to talk him into shipping. Here is a photo of all four of them:
  12. How would someone breed for fish that look like this:
  13. You know . . . I also polled a planted tank forum I'm on, and a monster fish forum I'm on. Out of all the ideas I've been given, I like yours best koko. Clown loaches just seem to fit what I'm looking for, even though I wasn't totally sure what I was looking for. lol Have you kept clown loaches before? I'd need to find a source for captive bred, or farmed clown loaches . . . or find someone who is selling them "used". I prefer not to buy wild caught animals (for many reasons) and I believe most clown loaches are wild caught.
  14. Super Beautiful!!! Send me a PM and I'll give you my address on where to ship the tank, plants and fish. ;)
  15. I have a 160 gallon tank that I'm setting up in my garage. It will be setup on the floor like a pond, with an aquaponic filter (so it should have a high level of filtration). If this was yours, what fish would you stock? Requirements: *Freshwater Fish *No Goldfish or Cichlids. *All fish must be the same species. **BONUS (but not necessary) **Chosen fish can breed in this setup. **There is some demand for this species and excess can be sold. So, what fish would YOU stock in a "Garage Pond"?
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