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  1. Found this goldfish photo, but it looks too good to be true . . . photoshopped? What do you think?
  2. Did anyone bid on Dandy Orandas last auction? I know the auction just ended but I'm excited to know the results! I especially want to know who got this Chunk of a Goldfish that is 11" and the size of a football! Post up and let us know if you bid! Even if you didn't get any fish. But if you did win a fish, we want photos when it arrives!!!
  3. Friday, January 24th at 08:00 PM EST, (tomorrow, as I write this) is the LAST AUCTION for DANDY ORANDAS! I'm excited and sad, both at the same time! Help Dandy Orandas go out with a BANG! Get yourself an amazing fish or two! Tell everyone you know!
  4. Is there a ~ * ROAD TRIP * ~ in your future?
  5. If you teach them to hand feed, you can control exactly how much each fish eats. It's actually rather easy to teach them to hand feed, even blind goldfish are easy to teach to hand feed.
  6. And today, he posted this update: GOLDFISH ACROSS AMERICA TOUR!!! Dandy Orandas has customers in every state of the USA. I know some quite well and consider many of you to be friends at this point. I've had an idea for nearly 20 years that it would be great to actually meet many of you in person someday. I've always had fish here though, so it's been nearly impossible to leave, even for a day. The decision to forego imports due to tariffs provides the freedom to finally make my idea happen. I plan on doing a tour of the Southern Half of the USA, starting in late February. That will include stops at various locations to talk goldfish, with video interviews of people, their setups, their fish, etc.. I already have several interesting places and people lined up, but am inviting everyone out there to possibly be a part of the tour. There is still a lot of planning ...exact locations, timing, etc., but I hope to piece those details together in the upcoming weeks. The pic below is a rough sketch of my tentative route. It is not exact, and there will likely be some deviation, but I don't plan on being in the north half of the USA at this time. Anyway, if you would be interested in having me stop by your area, I'd love to see everyone I can during this tour. And, you don't have to be an old customer...I hope to meet lots of new people too! If interested and close to my route, please email me with some basic info.... 1. Your location 2. A little about yourself and your fish hobby. How you got started, etc. 3. Quick description of your setup/s 4. If you'd be willing to be part of a quick video interview with your fish. 5. Any other thoughts you'd like to share, including points of interest in your area. Fish related places would be great, but I haven't traveled much, so would be interested in most any points of interest along the way. Please send email to... goldfishtour@dandyorandas.com I hope to make this informative and interesting, as well as lots of fun! It will be hard to visit everyone, but I hope to see as many people as possible. It's going to be me and my three kids (rescue dogs) in an old RV for about three months. That alone should be interesting! See you soon? cheers, Ken
  7. Here is an update from Dandy Oranda's website: EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! ONLY three more auctions before I cease operations until further notice. The LAST auction will be January 24th. Based on my typical imports, tariffs have added nearly $100/day to my overhead. I just don't have that kind of money, and will not continue all this hard work just to pay taxes. Therefore, I am suspending imports until we get back to reasonable trade relations. It's unfortunate because Dandy Orandas has been bringing American customers fish that simply don't exist outside of China for over three decades. That's required unique relationships with friends and associates in China that have evolved over many years. Without those connections many of these fish would have never been available. It's especially frustrating because I had an incredibly nice and varied selection of fish that were collected over last summer and fall for a shipment that was scheduled for December. I hate to not have new fish, but made the decision to cancel that shipment in November. Some of those fish were very unique varieties that are only found in certain regions in China. There were a few types that I've never had before, and I was very excited to bring them to my customers here in the USA.. Anyway, I will be moving forward with a new project in February, and need to blow out all the current fish and shut everything down. So, you'll see some of my best deals ever, with all fish starting below cost. If you've always wanted a Dandy Orandas fish, don't miss this opportunity. After this month, there will be no more auctions until further notice. Thanks to everyone for your support over these many years. Please continue to support me by buying the best food for your goldfish...Super Gold. Use the link at the top right for size options, including my Exclusive One Pound Bag, and Bulk Bonus sizes. regards, Ken PS Coming soon....Goldfish Across America Tour!!! https://www.dandyorandas.com/auction-list/
  8. That would be GEORGOUS!!! I never saw a yellow shunkin on the website . . . I think I only saw yellows up to ryukins. But if it could be produced, I'm sure he could do it! If they had one for sale, at the end of 2020, would you buy it Koko?
  9. Rain Garden's yellows were the first I'd ever seen too. Since then, I've seen only a few from Dandy Orandas and there's a guy on ebay who sells some, but the ebay fish don't look that vivid yellow like RGs and DOs. Also FishMandy posted some amazing yellow goldfish photos . . . I remember the beautiful yellow photos you posted here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/127342-2019-kg-raffle/?tab=comments#comment-2035969 and here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/127342-2019-kg-raffle/?tab=comments#comment-2036002 Yours is like a Lemon Creamsicle!
  10. Oh yes, their Shukins! I once fell in love with one of his red Shukins, but the timing wasn't right and I never bought the fish. Actually, I've admired so many of Rain Garden's fish, and I was stunned when he started posting yellows. I thought I lost my chance when Steve announced they were closing, but now there is hope! I've waited this long to get one of those fish, so waiting a year until he sells some again is not a big deal at all. I even emailed him about the yellows and he said he may have some for sale. I really hope he breeds some yellows!
  11. Wow, sounds cool! Please post up some photos and maybe we can help!
  12. Rain Garden Goldfish has an update here: http://www.raingarden.us/goldfish.htm With the most interesting part being: "We are cobbling together a small hatchery for spring 2020 . . . fish will not be available for sale again until late 2020 or early 2021". If they have any yellow Hibuna, Comets, or Wakin, I'm going to buy some. I've been wanting some of Raingarden's yellows for over 10 years. If he has them, I'm getting a breeding group, and I'll start keeping goldfish again. Done Deal.
  13. I wonder what changed to bring him back. I'm tempted to email him . . .
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