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  1. Cafe Ikan

    It totally reminded me of Garra rufa, the "Doctor Fish" ! I'd hope they make customers clean their feet first! And they serve drinks (and maybe food). I imagine something would spill in that tank/pond/floor eventually!
  2. Cafe Ikan

    An interesting Indonesian fish café . . . They let you buy fish food and feed the fish. I wonder what type of filter system they use . . . it seems kinda unsanitary to me. Would you ever go to a café like Café Ikan? Check out the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5HBwJLYCdU .
  3. I sent him an email and they are A-OK! The hurricane didn't get to their island, although they have friends who got lots of rain on a different island. Happy everything is good with them! Now I can plan a trip to Hawaii! lol Eventually . . .
  4. Yujin Gashapons Goldfish

    Update: *SOLD* Thanks for looking!
  5. Yujin Gashapons Goldfish

    It's the whole group of 12 for sale. Just $85 and I cover shipping.
  6. Anyone know how RainGarden Goldfish is doing? Hurricane Lane should be visiting them about now. I hope they are ok!!!!
  7. I'm selling my Yujin Gashapons Goldfish collection. There are 12 goldfish in all and 6 of them are still in the original bags. The other 6 were on display but they are still in excellent condition and come with all parts (base, peg, fish, and plant). Check out this website to see detailed photos (you'll get all of them except the *bonus* fish). The bonus fish are the three at the bottom right with the windmill ornaments : http://www.gachadama.net/archives/21 These are collector items and they are very difficult to find. Prices start at around $10 each and go higher from there. Get them from me and pay just $85.00 shipped. Check out this unboxing video that our member Sakura (aka Solid Gold Aquatics) posted. You might want to skip to the 4:00 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA-Nr3fmaD4 Of the ones I'm offering, two have slightly different colors. The Red Capped Oranda's color is whiter and looks more natural than the one she has. And the Calico Jikin has white coloration instead of a clear part, which again, is more natural. So get ready to have a bunch of beautiful Yujin Goldfish to place around the house! Put some in your car, put them on your desk at work and let the stress melt away!I take paypal, checks or postal money orders. This offer ends in a week, on August 31st of 2018, so PM me and get your Yujin Goldfish Collection NOW!Check my Reviews: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/94469-positive-review-of-acro/ And photos of the actual Yujin Goldfish you are getting!
  8. Ramshorn pearl snails

    If you want to keep your snail stock true to color (pearly pink), I'd remove the blue and red-brown snails. If they breed, then you will eventually have multicolored snails and possibly only brown snails in the end. Good Luck!
  9. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Beautiful aquarium! Those Ramshorn snails are rare. I used to keep and breed them, they are albino or "pink" as some call them, and the original animals were hard to acquire. They breed as fast and easy as other Ramshorn snails and I'm not sure why they aren't more abundant. In some of your pictures, they appear more white, some pictures they appear more pink. If they are actually on the whiter side, I'd say they are even more rare. Good Luck with that beautiful setup and those beautiful animals and plants!
  10. Try Rain Garden Goldfish (they post new fish almost weekly) : http://www.raingarden.us/goldfish.htm and Dandy Orandas (they only auction fish on the weekends) : https://www.dandyorandas.com/ Send them an email and tell them what you are looking for. Good Luck!
  11. Good Goldfish Source

    I was thinking of a system using worms. They eat the poop that goes directly into the grow bed, which then turns the poop into dissolved chemicals . . . is that not correct?
  12. Good Goldfish Source

    Thanks!!! I was never really gone . . . I just wasn't here as often, or posting as much. But I always came around now and then to see what was up or make a tiny post here and there. Because I want big poops for the plants in my aquaponic system. I need that fertilizer.
  13. Good Goldfish Source

    Shakaho, Thanks for the reply and the source! I've never heard of that place and I'm digging this deal: Giant Goldfish They are out of them right now, but maybe when I get things setup, that could work. I do often browse Craigslist and that is always an option. I've also been reading your info on aquaponics, thank you for posting all that information! It is such a fun and exciting topic!!! happysnapper, I'm so glad you thought of me in that way! That makes me happy! You know I've always loved anubias. I mostly stopped selling them because I got the dreaded rhizome rot disease. Messed up my whole collection (including some pretty rare anubias too). I've been thinking about growing some again, and I have contemplated a few ideas on how I'd incorporate an anubias section into an aquaponic system. Maybe it will happen. If it does, I'll give you one for free.
  14. For the past few years, I haven't been too active on the forum. And now I'm ready to admit that I actually haven't kept goldfish for a few years. I had something happen with my water, lost my 2 goldfish a few hours after a water change. I either did something, or didn't do something, or there was a problem with the water it self. I had been keeping goldfish for around 8 years, and I don't know what went wrong. I was so sad afterwards that I didn't care to find the cause. They simply were alive one moment, then one died that night, the second one was found dead in the morning. One of those fish I had kept for around 8 years. Anyway . . . I've since moved into a new house and I have a 2 car garage under my house. I am going to make an indoor pond down there and I need a good source for goldfish. I'd love to buy from Rain Garden, but I can't spend that much money. I could easily go to the local fish store, but I want healthy, large fish. What I'm looking for are large commons (aka Hibuna), all the same sex, as I don't want any breeding. I don't really care about the colors. I'll be setting them up in an aquaponic system, so the water will be filtered by houseplants, all beautifully arranged. I'm not sure what size the pond will be yet, as I might use a prefabricated pond liner, stock tank, or a cut IBC tote. It's even possible that I'll get an old Hot Tub that I saw on Craigslist. But it's likely the pond will be between 160 gallons and 330 gallons. So, do you know of a good source for: * Healthy common (Hibuna) goldfish * That are large * That the seller would be willing to sex * That I can get a bunch for not too much Thanks and please let me know!