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  1. Good Goldfish Source

    I was thinking of a system using worms. They eat the poop that goes directly into the grow bed, which then turns the poop into dissolved chemicals . . . is that not correct?
  2. Good Goldfish Source

    Thanks!!! I was never really gone . . . I just wasn't here as often, or posting as much. But I always came around now and then to see what was up or make a tiny post here and there. Because I want big poops for the plants in my aquaponic system. I need that fertilizer.
  3. Good Goldfish Source

    Shakaho, Thanks for the reply and the source! I've never heard of that place and I'm digging this deal: Giant Goldfish They are out of them right now, but maybe when I get things setup, that could work. I do often browse Craigslist and that is always an option. I've also been reading your info on aquaponics, thank you for posting all that information! It is such a fun and exciting topic!!! happysnapper, I'm so glad you thought of me in that way! That makes me happy! You know I've always loved anubias. I mostly stopped selling them because I got the dreaded rhizome rot disease. Messed up my whole collection (including some pretty rare anubias too). I've been thinking about growing some again, and I have contemplated a few ideas on how I'd incorporate an anubias section into an aquaponic system. Maybe it will happen. If it does, I'll give you one for free.
  4. For the past few years, I haven't been too active on the forum. And now I'm ready to admit that I actually haven't kept goldfish for a few years. I had something happen with my water, lost my 2 goldfish a few hours after a water change. I either did something, or didn't do something, or there was a problem with the water it self. I had been keeping goldfish for around 8 years, and I don't know what went wrong. I was so sad afterwards that I didn't care to find the cause. They simply were alive one moment, then one died that night, the second one was found dead in the morning. One of those fish I had kept for around 8 years. Anyway . . . I've since moved into a new house and I have a 2 car garage under my house. I am going to make an indoor pond down there and I need a good source for goldfish. I'd love to buy from Rain Garden, but I can't spend that much money. I could easily go to the local fish store, but I want healthy, large fish. What I'm looking for are large commons (aka Hibuna), all the same sex, as I don't want any breeding. I don't really care about the colors. I'll be setting them up in an aquaponic system, so the water will be filtered by houseplants, all beautifully arranged. I'm not sure what size the pond will be yet, as I might use a prefabricated pond liner, stock tank, or a cut IBC tote. It's even possible that I'll get an old Hot Tub that I saw on Craigslist. But it's likely the pond will be between 160 gallons and 330 gallons. So, do you know of a good source for: * Healthy common (Hibuna) goldfish * That are large * That the seller would be willing to sex * That I can get a bunch for not too much Thanks and please let me know!
  5. Ahh no worries. I just thought someone would want to display them. But they are just empty boxes, they probably had more sentimental value to me than anything (as it was a reminder of my amazing trip to Japan) but it was time I parted with them. I have other things to remind me of that trip, that are better than empty boxes. lol
  6. This is closed. Thanks for looking.
  7. Of course plants will help with biological filtration . . . but I do remember times where I tried a new plant, only to have it shredded by my fish with bits clogging the filter. To the OP, I suggest trying out the plants before you leave on your trip. That way, you can see if your fish actually eat the plants, or just shred them for fun. Every goldfish is different and some will love to eat one type of plant, while others won't touch it. Also, all filters are different, yours may not suck floating plants in, while others may get clogged up fast. Just some thoughts, do with them what you will.
  8. Goldfish will be fine left with out food for about a week. I have done this several times when leaving town (and so have several other members). If you supplement with moss balls and elodea plants, you should have no worries . . . Actually, it does cross my mind (and I'd like others to chime in with thoughts and experience), might all the extra plant matter clog up the filter if there is too much new plant matter added?
  9. Try an automatic feeder?
  10. I remember reading something about a zoo that set them up in an enclosure similar to an ant farm. I hope it's true as I'd love to see them someday! More so, if they were set up ant farm style!
  11. If only one person wants the boxes, and no one else wants them, then they will all go to that one person. Only 2 days before they get recycled.
  12. Rehome

    They are very attractive fishies! Your tank setup is beautiful too! How large are the fish? Also, what are your thoughts on shipping them? Good Luck!
  13. This ends when they are all claimed . . . or by February 9th when they will be recycled if not claimed.
  14. I have some empty boxes of Japanese Goldfish food that I got when I visited Japan in 2011 (They were full when I got them). I've had the boxes for display ever since. The big one is about 5.5"x4", the small ones are about 5"x3". I'm hoping to move to a new house soon and I'd like to rehome the boxes with some of our amazing members. I want to spread the fun around so please claim one box per person. All you have to do is: (1) have been a member for at least a year or more. (2) Post on this thread and say which box you want. (3) Send me a PM with your name and address. I'll cover the shipping. I just want to rehome them with someone who will appreciate them!