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  1. I can get either a Juwel 180 or a Fluval 200 soon, I'm just wondering which is the better lighting, as it isn't something I'm really clued up about. I have plants that do grow really well considering I only have clip on lights, but my current tank does get a fair bit of natural light. I'd really like to experiment with more plants as I seem to have done ok so far! I'm leaning towards the Fluval as it's 200 litres and slightly cheaper (only ?20, but still cheaper). But it is only 20 litres bigger than the Juwel. The internal filter of the Juwel doesn't worry me as I have always used internal filters, so the filter isn't a factor in deciding. Anyway: Fluval GLO lighting unit One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 OR Juwel High Lite Light Unit Juwel High Lite Day, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts Juwel High Lite Nature, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts, T5 or T8? 30w or 45w? Which is better? Thanks.
  2. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/forum/57-goldfish-plants-how-to-set-up-a-planted-tank/
  3. Thanks for that link. I'm not sure it's quite what I'm looking for though, as I wanted one with a light fitting. I have a condensation tray on it already. I've actually bought some Arcadia Arc Pods to clip onto my tank rather than try to find a hood or luminaire. Thanks anyway!
  4. Just my luck, my tank is about 760mm, and NONE of their units will fit it. Shame, I really like the look of these.
  5. The problem I have with my tank is it is 30" long and didn't come with a hood. I have a condensation tray on it, and it gets lots of natural light as it's near a window (not direct sunlight) but now my tank is fully planted I want proper lights on it. They are growing and doing well, but still...they need light. I can't find a hood (an affordable one anyway) to fit my tank and I have seen these Over Tank Luminaire things which I like the look of. I found this one on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=200322776503 Am I missing something? Am I reading the listing wrong and it isn't the whole unit? As that seems very cheap to me. (Think it works out at about $90) The other issue is, I know these units are adjustable to an extent but would the 32" unit fit my 30" tank? The seller said it would, but he might just be after a sale (call me skeptical). Are these hoods worth the money?
  6. I know. I have kept them before. But some do get larger and have more needs than others, comparatively speaking, so I'm just checking which kind would be best for my size tank. Think I'm just going to go for a fantail, I've seen some pretty calicos. Need to find homes for my tropicals first anyway.
  7. I think orandas are really cute, and I know my lfs often has really interesting looking ones, but I worry because aren't they one of the kinds that get really big? Bigger than a fantail at least. But I love their chubby little faces! I guess a fantail would make the most sense for a 23 G though... Thanks for your help
  8. But too large, I think. I don't want to have to be upgrading my tank anytime soon, you see...
  9. I've a 23 gallon tank, just short of 3ft long. It's stocked with tropicals at the moment but I used to keep goldfish, and they gave me lots of fry, and quite frankly I miss their personality and presence in my life! I'm moving house soon and thinking it would be a good opportunity to change back to goldies (I know my lfs would take my tropicals back). The tank is cycled and planted. I've only ever had single tailed fish so which of the fancies are hardiest? I'd like just one fancy goldie (I presume just one would be ok in this tank?) but can't pick a variety. I'd like one that stays relatively small, compared to, for example, the deep body of a ryukin (the tank's too small for one of those anyway...) I quite like ranchus, but maybe I'd be best starting with a fantail or something...or a black moor...I don't know!
  10. Ooh in that case I might get some hornwort too eventually. Thanks for your help guys
  11. I like the look of cabomba and I love saying the name reading a bit more about hornwort has put me off - it's not the rapid growth that bothers me (snip snip!) but apparently it sheds a lot and clogs up filters? Anyway, I think I'm going to give java moss and cabomba a try. I think my platys are pregnant so maybe one or two the fry will be able to hide in it successfully
  12. Hello I tried to keep plants in my goldie tank a year or so ago, but not too surprisingly I didn't have much luck - they ate everything but the java ferns. Then the java ferns died anyway. Now I want to try again in my tropical tank. I like the silk plants I have in there, they look quite natural, but I still prefer real plants in other people's tanks. So I'm giving it another go. This tank gets absolutely loads of natural light all day as it is right near a window, and some sunlight first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. I like the bushy looking plants and mosses, rather than the plants with broad leaves. So I thought I'd try with hornwort and java moss first and see how I get on. I've also seen 'moss balls' for sale but I don't know what variety they are? What I'm worried about is gravel vacs, etc. It must be quite hard to get rootless plants like this to attach at all, without disturbing them once a week by rooting around in the gravel. I thought bunching thehornwort with plant weights would work, but what about the moss? Also how long should I QT them? I don't want to use any snail treatments as I have shrimp in my tank. Any advice? Thanks.
  13. My two hillstreams have never even hinted at trying to get out of the tank. I have a ten gallon with 2 loaches and a few white clouds, all very happy.
  14. These loaches are fully grown, never bothered my commons and the commons never bothered them. They're also ridiculously fast so I doubt a fantail could catch them! Same with the minnows - they'd easily outswim a fantail, especially a baby one. Of course I'd keep an eye on them anyway, I could always put them back in the 10G. I hear what you're saying about the fast current. I was sold the loaches from somewhere that called them Chinese Catfish and said they didn't need feeding, so that should tell you how much accurate information they could give me about them. I've managed to come up with compromises - I usually have a mini filter at the bottom of the tank so that I can create an area of agitated water for them. Of course it hasn't been a problem while they're with the minnows. I can create resting areas for the goldie too, I had to when I had fry in that tank. My main worry was that the tank may be overstocked but if that isn't a problem then hopefully I can get going on it and have goldies again (well one anyway!)
  15. I had this problem, it got so bad at one point that I even took the bullying fish out and fed them seperately for a few days as I was worried the other fish wasn't getting enough to eat. Eventually it stopped, I presume they were just establishing some sort of pecking order, if such a thing exists in the fish world. If it was happening all the time and not just at feeding times I would be more worried. This was taking place while my fish were in a smaller tank, so Artemis may think there is not enough room for both of them and not enough food to go round? Of course, others may have more insightful advice for you and know what is happening
  16. Thanks. I'm glad they can all go in together! The minnows are about 1.5", they'll probably be the same size as whatever goldfish I get! I can't believe the loaches might live that long though, I was told 2 years :| good thing I'm so attached to them, cute little things!
  17. Hi I don't have any goldfish at the moment as they've all gone into a pond, and all their fry...I miss them! I have wanted to have a fancy goldfish for a long time though so I am planning for that now. The tank I am planning on using is 30"x15"x12" - around 88 litres - I think that's around 24US gallons? Correct me if I'm wrong though. So I was planning on making it a nice home for one fantail. I also have another small tank, just over 10G, that houses a small shoal of 6 white cloud mountain minnows, and 2 hillstream loaches. They've lived in there quite happily for a couple of years now, and one of the loaches I have had for over 4 years, he used to live with my commons and comets before they got too big (how long do these loaches live by the way?!) My question is, to save space and maintenance, and to create a more varied tank, would it work if I put the wcmms, loaches and one fancy in that tank together? I am presuming that as the minnows and loaches dont live as long as goldfish, by the time the goldfish gets larger, I will have lost the minnows and loaches anyway, but for the time being that it would be ok? I know fancies/minnows/hillstreams can all live together normally, but do you think that tank is large enough for the time being?
  18. I got my common and comet from a cheap pet store, I think they cost me ?5 (about $8-$10 I think?). They went from living in an 8 litre uncycled, unfiltered bowl (pre-Koko's...) to a 90 litre tank with a cheap pet store shubunkin too (largest I could afford) and have now been transferred to a pond, along with the 70 babies they had whilst living in the large tank. Of all the fish and furry critters I've had, those two cheap goldfish were the best pets I've ever had and were happy and healthy, whatever their pretty miserable start in a poor quality pet store! Try and liberate two feeder fish!
  19. Well it's been two months since I last posted here but my fry are continuing to grow. They're just over 7 months now. I have just over 20 left I think. They're going in my neighbour's pond with their parents soon - but I'm going to keep two of them for now, while they're small, in a 10 gallon. They're my two favourites and I can't let them go just yet!
  20. You're welcome. Here's my 'diary', of sorts: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66328, and later: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...c=69173&hl= I have never culled a single one of my babies. I considered it, some people told me I should because they would die eventually anyway, but a few months later and some of the ones that I almost culled are amongst my biggest and strongest fish. But my fish are just mutts and not even fancies, they're destined for the same pond their parents are going in tomorrow. Not until next summer though. Anyway, I had no idea what i was doing either and asked some very dumb sounding questions, so don't worry about asking
  21. I had mine in a 2 gallon in the same water for well over a week before I did anything to the tank, and no filter at all for some time. I wouldn't advise adding a filter for a while because any water movement and swirling can damage their development and give them twisted backs. They certainly shouldn't be moved to another tank until they are older and stronger. After I was sure all the viable eggs had hatched I started doing water changes of simply one cupful per day, replacing it with clean water very, very, very slowly. I removed waste and any uneaten food with a pipette that came with some meds. I raised mine on liquifry and hikari first bites but later changed to the powder liquifry instead of the hikari. They'll be fine with these foods for now - I would've gone with the brine shrimp had I been able to get some, as that is the best thing to feed them. Once they are a bit bigger you could maybe add a filter, but as long as you keep removing the waste and changing a small amount of water every other day or so (that's what I did anyway) they will be ok for now. Likewise I only had the tank about 6 inches full, until they were older, then for every cup of water I removed I added two to gradually raise the water level over a week or so. I must've done something right because I've got 25 left out of 100 or so and they are all turning out very pretty and strong
  22. At some point over the weekend 3 little brown snails appeared in my minnow tank. One of those fishy mysteries, given that I've had the plants weeks and came from a friend whose tank doesn't have snails...apparently So I have to get rid of them, obviously, which I think I'll just do by picking them out as I see them. My goldfish fry are all at least an inch, some over an inch long. Do you think they'd be ok eating them? Do they suck out the snail or swallow them whole? I don't want to end up with snails breeding in my fry tank! I don't know whether to just plop them in with the adult goldies...although I slightly worry that the snails are just abit too small and envision choking.
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