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  1. I can get either a Juwel 180 or a Fluval 200 soon, I'm just wondering which is the better lighting, as it isn't something I'm really clued up about. I have plants that do grow really well considering I only have clip on lights, but my current tank does get a fair bit of natural light. I'd really like to experiment with more plants as I seem to have done ok so far! I'm leaning towards the Fluval as it's 200 litres and slightly cheaper (only ?20, but still cheaper). But it is only 20 litres bigger than the Juwel. The internal filter of the Juwel doesn't worry me as I have always used internal filters, so the filter isn't a factor in deciding. Anyway: Fluval GLO lighting unit One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 OR Juwel High Lite Light Unit Juwel High Lite Day, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts Juwel High Lite Nature, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts, T5 or T8? 30w or 45w? Which is better? Thanks.
  2. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/forum/57-goldfish-plants-how-to-set-up-a-planted-tank/
  3. Thanks for that link. I'm not sure it's quite what I'm looking for though, as I wanted one with a light fitting. I have a condensation tray on it already. I've actually bought some Arcadia Arc Pods to clip onto my tank rather than try to find a hood or luminaire. Thanks anyway!
  4. Just my luck, my tank is about 760mm, and NONE of their units will fit it. Shame, I really like the look of these.
  5. The problem I have with my tank is it is 30" long and didn't come with a hood. I have a condensation tray on it, and it gets lots of natural light as it's near a window (not direct sunlight) but now my tank is fully planted I want proper lights on it. They are growing and doing well, but still...they need light. I can't find a hood (an affordable one anyway) to fit my tank and I have seen these Over Tank Luminaire things which I like the look of. I found this one on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=200322776503 Am I missing something? Am I reading the listing wrong and it isn't the whole unit? As that seems very cheap to me. (Think it works out at about $90) The other issue is, I know these units are adjustable to an extent but would the 32" unit fit my 30" tank? The seller said it would, but he might just be after a sale (call me skeptical). Are these hoods worth the money?
  6. I know. I have kept them before. But some do get larger and have more needs than others, comparatively speaking, so I'm just checking which kind would be best for my size tank. Think I'm just going to go for a fantail, I've seen some pretty calicos. Need to find homes for my tropicals first anyway.
  7. I think orandas are really cute, and I know my lfs often has really interesting looking ones, but I worry because aren't they one of the kinds that get really big? Bigger than a fantail at least. But I love their chubby little faces! I guess a fantail would make the most sense for a 23 G though... Thanks for your help
  8. But too large, I think. I don't want to have to be upgrading my tank anytime soon, you see...
  9. I've a 23 gallon tank, just short of 3ft long. It's stocked with tropicals at the moment but I used to keep goldfish, and they gave me lots of fry, and quite frankly I miss their personality and presence in my life! I'm moving house soon and thinking it would be a good opportunity to change back to goldies (I know my lfs would take my tropicals back). The tank is cycled and planted. I've only ever had single tailed fish so which of the fancies are hardiest? I'd like just one fancy goldie (I presume just one would be ok in this tank?) but can't pick a variety. I'd like one that stays relatively small, compared to, for example, the deep body of a ryukin (the tank's too small for one of those anyway...) I quite like ranchus, but maybe I'd be best starting with a fantail or something...or a black moor...I don't know!
  10. Ooh in that case I might get some hornwort too eventually. Thanks for your help guys
  11. I like the look of cabomba and I love saying the name reading a bit more about hornwort has put me off - it's not the rapid growth that bothers me (snip snip!) but apparently it sheds a lot and clogs up filters? Anyway, I think I'm going to give java moss and cabomba a try. I think my platys are pregnant so maybe one or two the fry will be able to hide in it successfully
  12. Hello I tried to keep plants in my goldie tank a year or so ago, but not too surprisingly I didn't have much luck - they ate everything but the java ferns. Then the java ferns died anyway. Now I want to try again in my tropical tank. I like the silk plants I have in there, they look quite natural, but I still prefer real plants in other people's tanks. So I'm giving it another go. This tank gets absolutely loads of natural light all day as it is right near a window, and some sunlight first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. I like the bushy looking plants and mosses, rather than the plants with broad leaves. So I thought I'd try with hornwort and java moss first and see how I get on. I've also seen 'moss balls' for sale but I don't know what variety they are? What I'm worried about is gravel vacs, etc. It must be quite hard to get rootless plants like this to attach at all, without disturbing them once a week by rooting around in the gravel. I thought bunching thehornwort with plant weights would work, but what about the moss? Also how long should I QT them? I don't want to use any snail treatments as I have shrimp in my tank. Any advice? Thanks.
  13. My two hillstreams have never even hinted at trying to get out of the tank. I have a ten gallon with 2 loaches and a few white clouds, all very happy.
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