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  1. even if i could get one of these how would i keep the pH THAT low.
  2. If someone wanted real high quality fish you would probalbly have to get it shipped. All of everyones fish here are shiped unless they because they need to get them to lfs. usually come alive in good health.
  3. NOOOOO!!!! If your brother did take sherlock that is like that is like the worst thing to take out of anything in your room!
  4. http://en.epochtimes.com/news/6-2-15/38219.html it says it lives in water with a ph of 3
  5. I used to microwave frozen peas, shell them and et them dry up and then they would be like sinking pellets.
  6. I love that the animal control didn't just leave the fish, or junk them - they're taking care of them. Kudo's to them for not thinking of them as "Just fish". Debbie me too!
  7. Blue orandas are not very common! If you Liked it when you saw it, don't try to convince yourself to not like it! Therefore, i think you should get it!
  8. they are good if you roll them in bread crumbs and deep fry them and dip them in barbicue sauce. LOL
  9. [quote name='daryl' date='Apr 25 2008, 04:17 AM' post='765118' YOu really cannot go too wrong with ammonia. Give it a try. he he he, i put in too much in my tank. I didn't know it was as strong as it is ( i tried to test it and the test came out wrong.). Now for all i know my amonia is up past 8 (my kit doesn't go any higher). Water changes can help that though. thank god there are no fish in that tank!
  10. I used pure amonia for my fish tank that i bought at the grocery store. Make sure it doesn't have any "soapy suds" or "lemony fresh". You can find the ingrediants on the back to see if it is pure amonia/ water and pure amonia. It is usualy really cheap. You might want to get some rubber gloves too because if that stuff gets on you hands it burns. and only use it in a well ventilated area and never leave the cap off the bottle!
  11. yes wen trimming is risky, It is probably best if you get a gold fish specialist with exsperiance or a vet that specializes in fish to do it. You should probably only have it done if your fish cant breath or it is having a really hard time doing anything.
  12. It was not to bad, the only places that the messed up on was the size of the tank and that you should change the filter pads once a month.
  13. It really depends on the fish's genetics if its wen can grow big enough to cover its eyes. I dont know much about wen trimming but Here is a link: http://thegab.org/Articles/SurgeryWen.html
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