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  1. Those are wen behind the head. Everytime i ordering fish from Thailand and talk with my breeder or supplier. Always asking for smoothly curve back. I mean the fish structure not just apperance. Most of them said maybe only 5-7 i can find in Thailand. They are very rare. Mostly you can find smooth curve back because of fat covering those bump. If you have some smoothly curve back ranchu, try to use your finger and see if it real smoothly... Well...it is just something i like personaly. Nobody really care about it anyway..
  2. This is a new member of my own collection. It is very very rare to find ranchu which have real smoothly curve back. This is one of two real smoothly curve i have in my collection. (Real Smoothly curve not judging by eyes but use finger) Give me some comment on this ranchu...Good is good, Bad are welcome. Thx
  3. congraz with your new job. I always want to work/own fish store.
  4. Once it working....next time you open this page. It will open fast... Take a vote for translate the song!!! Yeah!!??
  5. THis is a very good Thai Song of GOldfish with an excellent MV. Check it out you all.....The page need time to load..so wait for couple minute. THis is working page... http://www.tomyum.th.gs/web-t/omyum/platong04.swf P.S. after you watch the MV....Dont Cry!!!!
  6. To my knowledge from Thai Webboard. There are 3 different standard of ranchu. I think different country play different rules or standard. The standard are wen only thick on Fang and Forehead...and few on gill 100% are Japanese Top view ranchu Same as TVR or 100% but view back gotta be smoothly curvve 50% are Side view ranchu Mostly over the head on 25% are lionhead or lionchu or hybird or mixed (chinese ranchu/lionhead) I believe they are all the same fish just different standard. It's used to be my problem when understand fish word from different language.
  7. How the show on Saturday? See any nice fish? Any picture to share?
  8. Will anyone goin to the MAKC show this weekend in Maryland?
  9. Today i went to Patrick Buck County Koi. He got ton of large Japanese imported Koi like 30" or 40". Very good quality...have anyone bought a fish from him. i think he has a website but i cant remember. if i talk to him...i'll post them here.
  10. I am not using Username as Thai_boy as you were saying !!! Please understand....... My website is goldfishpassion.com and many goldfish lover knows and satisfied with all my fish i shipped it out!! If you in the states, you should know me because i carry decent quality goldfish~~~!! This post are not post as for advertising, but i just want DARYL as MOD to know that i am not using username as Thai_boy as you were saying in the last post!!! Paul Goldfishpassion.com
  11. Do you think this fish scale look kind of dry as see on the picture... Any comment...im planning to import her. Thx
  12. Here is the clear picture of my second ranchu
  13. I have a question. What is the most popular Goldfish in the US? Please state your idea as GF lover....What type of GF and body style that you prefer. Thx to all idea sharing P.S. I love Ranchu
  14. These ranchu are about 5 month old. The Back and wen still under development. And they are about 3-4" Thx for the comment
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