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  1. Hey everyone - I'm an older memeber who has been gone for a while. I have two ponds and one has a major leak so we had to move everyone to the other pond and my hubby decided to tear the leaking one apart - I've got to stop leaving him home alone! Anyway he wants to make it bigger but I am not sure what to use for a liner. I have always used the heavy duty tarps and they last for years. If we make it bigger, the tarps won't work because I can't find them bigger than what I have used in the past. The largest liner Lowes carries is for a 13x20x18 and is $128. I might go this route, but I am not sure how big he wants to go. What have others used for their ponds?
  2. The pond can not freeze solid and can only be froze on top for a short time. Gases can build up under the ice. I use a stock tank heater in my ponds when the temps do not get above freezing for more than a few days. I do not keep the heaters running all the time because I want the fish to go dormate. Do not feed the fish in the winter as they can not digest food and it will rot in their stomachs. Also, keeping a pump running year round keeps the top from freezing solid if it does not get too cold. Keeping a 100 gallon pond inside should be just like an tank.
  3. if she does have flukes and was in the pond with other fish it is very likely they have them too....and they are in the pond....I am not sure where you are located and what the weather is.....does anyone know if the cold will kill the flukes off?
  4. Yep, both of my ponds I did myself and I used heavey duty tarps as the liner.
  5. Treat her with the prazi, alot of people use it when they get new fish so they don't spread it to their other fish. You can bring a lot of nasty in from the pet store. To treat the bacterial infection feed her the medicated food when you get it. Mine get that now and then and seem to heal up quickly. I have been watching my fish close after losing Angel and one of them had the thin white poo and it cleared up in a few days but I am still feeding medicated food. Keep me posted. Glad I can help.
  6. Prazi - not Plazi Do you know how long it will take to get the meds? Where are you located, maybe someone can get you some before then. The poo sounds like a bacterial infection. See the poop link: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/GoldfishPoop.html
  7. Good question. I notice as my fish are growing they are producing much more waste and I need to do something with it. What? well i am not sure..... The frogs keep it stirred up too and it keeps the pond very murky. I am considering pumping all of the water out and putting some of it back in after I clean the bottom really well and hopefully not lose my cycle. I hate doing that....... And since I no longer have horses I don't have the stock tanks to store the fish in when I do this....
  8. I would be careful not to over medicate, just my opinion. The salt dips aren't that big of a deal, i freaked a little when I had to do my first one, but it was nothing. She sounds like she is doing better, hopefully you have comforted her. I did the bucket method, it was so much easier to do and I didn't lose my cycle (but it sounds like you don't have one yet). Since the tank is cycling that might be some added stress since she is already ill.
  9. Also, just making sure, you are not using table salt correct? Don't forget to add salt when you do water changes also. How is she doing?
  10. That is beautiful Loz - congratulations! I build my first pond about 7-8 years ago and they never get old. As you may know I put a new smaller one in this past year for my fry.....I want so bad to go bigger, but I just have so much other I need to get done right now, but I will get to it one of these days!
  11. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...=15885&hl=Angel Read this - it's really long, but should cover everything if that is what is wrong with her. Sad to say I lost Angel this past weekend - she was pineconeing and I assume had dropsey.
  12. She could have brought them from the fish store. Let me find the link to my thread when I had them......off to search
  13. I give mine all floating pellets and have never had problems.
  14. Sounds like she could very well have flukes - they are a pain in the butt, but curable. I cured two of my fish with the help of Toothless and Errrika and some prazi. Here is the link to diseases: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/disease.html or you can do a search and read old threads on the subject. Good luck.
  15. How long have you had this fish? The black could be healing ammonia burns. You should do water changed until you get the ammonia down to 0. My fish did the flashing and eratic swimming when they had fluckes - this is a possibility. You would know if she were pineconeing - her scales would really be sticking out and she would look bigger than normal. Afraid I can't help much more than that - someone will be along before long who can. Good luck. Also, I've been gone for a while, but best I can remember the long light colored poo could be a bacterial infection.
  16. :angry: both of my cats went for a swim this morning in the pond :angry: The older one, the one I thought knew better, snuck right up beside me while I was feeding and I booted him right in. Did you know cats can walk on water? The other one ran off but I got him later and SPLASH he went. Both were very POed at me this morning! but they didn't go near the pond.
  17. Not to mention he could drowned or get electrocuted or turn the tank over. What about putting a pastic bag on top of the tank?
  18. milk and cookies I always worry at my daughter's parties (she is turning 14 next week) about the kids playing "jokes" with my fish. I try to keep the room off limits, but I also have 2 ponds to worry about. At her age it's hard to keep an eye on them - it's not like they all stay together and play games any more.
  19. Rather than spraying him with the mist - turn the nozzle so it shots the water in a stream - and blast him in the face! Bad kitty. My younger cat his been caught at the pond a few times recently, there is not booting him in, he's too fast. But the older one just sits back and watches - I hear him saying "oh man are you in trouble if she comes out and catches you!" I just yell at him and he takes off running - BAD KITTY!
  20. In my 500 gallon I have 3 koi - the largest is about 12 inches. I am already thinking of finding him a new home....but am having a hard time letting go.
  21. Hey Debi - my ponds have been keeping me busy too. My bigger one was starting to clear up, but it turned to pea soup on me and stinks. The tadpole have hatched and the frogs and koi keep the sludge stirred up. I am thinking about a big old water change....but I hate doing that. I battled string algae in the new smaller pond but "think" I have that under control. I am off at lunch to get some floaters, my other plants seem to be coming up well. I'll try to get some pictures soon.
  22. Oh I am not saying they can't be - mine is in a 10 gallon. But only because I had one and I wanted his tank cycled. I have had them in a lot of things - even a 1 gallon, but I changed the water 2-3 times a week.
  23. Betta's don't need 10 gallons - most prefer much less. But they do like to hide - so plants and something to hide in like a small terra cotta pot would be nice.
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