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  1. <shameless advertisement> The Fishie Zoo also has a free gallery especially for fish pictures. You have to create an account just like you do here but after that you can do whatever and use the photos from other sites. Unless I use too much bandwidth (I can use 5 gigs a day so I doubt that'll happen) this won't change anytime soon. There are message boards there too, but for goldfish they are not nearly as good as here </shameless advertisement>
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have room for such tubs. I may be moving this summer and am looking for a house with a heated/finished basement or a concrete pad so I can have some bigger tanks. The goldfish do fine and most of them are even growing well with 2-3 water changes a week. I'm more worried about my poor jack dempsey cichlid which is stuck in a 10ga tank (he should have a 55ga tank to himself ideally). Jim
  3. They're actually stock tanks that they make for feeding cows and horses and such. You can order them through most feed stores for around $200 I think. They come with a neat little drainage hole near the bottom that you can hitch an external filter to Jim
  4. Hi there, A month or two ago, I mentioned that I had ended up with 19 common/comet goldfish (their tails are somewhere in between the two) in a 29 ga tank to save them. You'll be glad to know that 6 of them are now living in a tank with my girlfriend. The tank is only 10ga, but the ones she took were all 1-1.5 inches long while some of the ones that were left were closer to 3 or 4 inches. I think these must have had their growth stunted while they were in the pond the kept getting filled with chlorinated water. They never grew when I had them. They seemed very happy. If their fins got any more erect, they would tear off :-) The 13 remaining fish in the 29ga tank were a bit morose at first. I think they missed their tankmates, but at least now I dont have to clean them every other day.. now it's more like every 3 :-p I know they're still overcrowded, but well.. it's a little better I was looking at 300ga rubbermaid stock tanks the other day and drooling. I wish I had a place for one for these fish to live in Jim
  5. Hi There, No, you should NOT let your orandas die! That's just cruelty to the fish! The person at the pet store is an idiot. Feel free to tell them I said that too If you ordered bio spira, you really don't have to worry about whether or not water changes will kill your cycle (which it wont btw). Just keep doing water changes until it gets there. Once you put in the bio spira, don't change the water for a couple of days to give the bacteria time to settle into the gravel and filter and get established. Your tank will be all set then. Until it gets there, keep doing water changes every day to keep the nitrogen product levels down. I also have to say thank you for getting a second opinion before letting what will surely be beautiful fish die a horrible death! Jim
  6. Greetings, Salt is good for for ridding your fish of parasites and stress reduction as long as you use the right kind and only in small amounts. Too much salt in your tank will make it hard for your fish to "breath" though. Any amount slows down this process, but too much can exhaust the fish and kill them. I wrote this article about it a while back. It explains how fish breath and how dissolved solids in the water affect it. It also answers the age old question of whether or not fish pee Jim
  7. Talk to the manager. If it's a chain, send a letter to their HQ. It helps sometimes.
  8. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but having clams or mussels in your aquarium helps a whole lot with filtration if they are kept at the right temperature. I know zebra mussels have to be under 70F from old biology studies, but I have no idea on the kind sold in stores. If you keep them too warm they actually tax your bio-load quite a bit. Jim
  9. PS. Don't use salt if you have snails. They will die. Anyone who has ever salted a garden to keep slugs out probably knows what a horrible death it is
  10. Putting salt in a tank continually still reduces the positive effects when a fish is sick or breeding the same as most antibiotics only work with us for a certain amount of time. Yes, goldfish are freshwater animals. Many freshwater fish are tolerant to salt. I think that article says a teaspoon per gallon will increase dissolved solids by 2400 ppm or something like that. If I remember right, seawater averages around 33000 or so depending on where you are. I'm not saying salt is evil. I add it to my own tanks from time to time when adding new fish or when fish are sick. I don't keep it in the tanks constantly because my plecos tend to get sick from it and it makes the goldfish "yawn" more often. Jim
  11. You all have excellent advice. The reason you have to be careful with adding things like salt or excess water conditioners is that the more dissolved particles you have in your water, the lower the osmotic pressure is in your fish tank. That means your fish don't absorb as much water as they normally would. Here's an article I wrote on osmotic pressure and why it is important. It includes a section on salt and how much of a difference it makes. http://fishiezoo.com/articles/osmoticpressure.html If the article is useful to you, please vote for the site on aquarank. It seems to be slipping as of late. If you think the article is useless, vote anyway! hehe, just kidding. Well, sort of. Ciao, Jim
  12. You can find zebra mussels in most northern waterways in the US, especially those around the great lakes and St Lawrence waterways where they are a plague. They're tiny but they're great little filters. Lake Eerie was all sorts of nasty and then these guys moved in and the water cleared up. Of course, they cover everything and clog intake and outputs and really agrivate people, but oh well. There's also larger freshwater mussels in most rivers and lakes. Just poke around in sandy shallow areas and you'll find some. And yes, plecos will "play" with them. Jim
  13. You can just dunk the whole thing (vacuum and tube and all) underwater to get all the air out, put your finger over the end of the hose and move it out to the bucket or whatever you want the water to go into. The water will stay there as long as your finger prevents air from getting in. When you let got he air will start pouring out assuming it's lower than the other end. Some vacuums have a one way valve that let water up the tube and not back. This kind is even easier since you can just move it back and forth in the tank til the tube is full of water then put the tub in the bucket, wiggle and have flowing water!
  14. I've kept white clouds with comets. As long as the white clouds stay healthy, the comets cannot catch them. If they slow down, their tails may get a little chewed up, but they will probably live. If they're close to dead, the goldfish will eat them but heck, the goldfish will eat each other then too. Jim
  15. Hi there, My roommate bought a 10ga tank and had a goldfish for it so it needed to be cycled quickly. I filled a filter bag with gravel from my tank instead of the normal media and put it in. The tank has yet to show any ammonia. There was a bit of nitrite for a while but that went away soon too. Jim
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