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  1. XSV

    New Betta Tank

    nice set up glad he enjoys it
  2. It's really quite sad http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33088053/ns/us_news-weird_news/
  3. well u found the right place
  4. They look great.. good luck on the upgrade
  5. how many gallons for each of them? do they really need gravel? they sound like a great fish
  6. she sure has a wonderful home
  7. My brother has a whisper 20-40 that does that..thinking of throwing it away Glad yours stoped making noise. I hate it when they do it
  8. The tanks looks fantastic. Are you going to be upgrading soon?
  9. XSV

    Meet My New Ct

    What a neat betta
  10. Nice fish..you have so many..i wish i could have a big tank like that
  11. XSV

    Betta Pics...

    side note my little sis overfed the betta... ahhh so we had to clean it...and feed some food to the goldies
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