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  1. Sorry i haven't checked in for a while but I've been super busy and I've barely been home at all! I just wanted to let everyone who helped me out know that all my fish are doing great...Sophie got her metromeds because she was still a little bloated and she has been completely back to normal for about 4 days now. The tank got dosed with prazi and everyone is just fine. -- Thank you everyone for all of your help, esp. sunshinegurl for the metromeds. Couldn't do it without ya
  2. Thanks sunshinegurl! I got the metromeds Sophie is totally back to normal after her five days of maracyn II and epsom salts *knocks on wood* so I returned her to the main tank and she is doing great. I have been separating her once a day for her metromeds but I couldn't keep her QT'd anymore because I am out of town this weekend. The prazi should b getting here soon so that I can treat the whole tank for flukes so hopefully the three of them will be ok over the weekend until I get back. -Again I cannot thank all of you enough for your help and support
  3. thanks sunshinegurl! she looks much better already, I think she might seem a little bloated but the popeye is gone, she doesn't seem dropsied, and she is acting and eating totally normal. hopefully she will b ok in the end*knocks on wood*
  4. Pixiefish - of course your posts are always helpful Ok i have the prazi on the way so I will treat with that when I am done treating with the maracyn II. The reason why we were trying to find an alternative to the metromeds is because it won't be able to get to me for another 5-7 days if she mails it to me. But I will ask her to mail them to me anyways if you really don't think I will be able to find an effective alternative in that time. At any rate, Sophie (my fish) is much better. She seems back to normal in fact but I still plan to run the full course of maracynII, metromeds, and then prazi to be sure. The others also seem normal so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! -- Thanks for everyone's input, I can't say enough that you have all been a big help to me! EDIT: just to clarify, I am currently treating the sick fish separately, I will treat her with the full course of Maracyn II (5 days I believe so I have 2 days left), then I will discontinue that and feed her the metromeds for however long that takes for a full course of treatment, all the while keeping her in pristine water. Then I will return her to the main tank and treat the whole thing for flukes (which I have done before so I know how to erradicate the flukes)
  5. Pixiefish - hmm, I have PC tabs but I feel like that stuff combined with the maracyn II would b a lot for my fish to handle, right? I ordered the 1oz Prazipro from bigalsonline, what is the dosage like? Will that be enough and can I use it with the Maracyn II? Also, I'm not sure but is there a gel food with those ingredients that I can find at a petstore? Hmm.. on second thought, the main active ingredient of metromeds is metronidazole right? Could I just make a gel food with metronidazole in it in the correct dosage and feed that to my fish? What would be the correct dosage if i were to do that?
  6. Really? I haven't been able to find prazi in any stores around here what stores have you found it in? I tried the parasite tabs from Jungle once a long time ago but there is something in there that really damages the fish, the poor thing died from the meds instead of the parasites. Ya I am always thankful to have kokos members to help me out at times like this
  7. Yes I am going to set up a QT today as soon as I get home from work. As far as the behavior is concerned, they are all acting normal. She is eating and there are no signs of clamped fins or flashing. she is the slightest bit more listless but is still acting perky O and I meant that i do water changes of 50% once or twice per week, generally a total of 100% per week, not 50% per 2 weeks I cannot afford prazi because it is VERY expensive, last time I had to use it I ended up spending about $200, but I will try to get the metromeds from sunshinegurl as soon as possible. Last time I dealt with dropsy, it was due to an internal infestation of flukes but I don't feel that is the case this time because the other two fish in the tank seem wholly unphased and the sick one doesn't seem to even be dropsied at this point
  8. How do I pm u? lol sorry I'm not on here a lot anymore and I don't remember how to do it
  9. I'm sorry about ur job pretty much everyone is having money issues these days so trust me I totally understand, I'm holding down two jobs and I'm still barely making it If u can send it by regular mail that would be great tho so I can have the meds just in case. If she hasn't gotten better in the next week then I can use them. U can pm me so we can work out the details if u would be willing to mail me the meds
  10. Ya I have seen some improvement so hopefully that will be enough. And I think that is a good idea with the metromeds, I can only hope that things don't get worse within the next week -Again thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it
  11. Thats a good idea, I wonder if there is a way to overnight it or something ???
  12. Ya Marysville is right next to Yuba City... any chance I could make it where? sorry i got confused, do u mean Chico, Yuba City, or the South bay area?
  13. Omg That would be awesome! But I'm not in SF I'm in Marysville, about 2-3 hours drive from SF. Could u maybe meet me somewhere in between?
  14. No worries, I know how it is... 2 jobs and full time student Ya it seems that the popeye has gone down, its almost not noticeable. Like I said, since she is a pearlscale it is impossible for me to tell if she is dropsied at all at this point but she certainly hasn't gotten any worse. They are acting normal, and eating just fine, so I don't think the meds and epsom salts have done too much damage but I will set the QT up again tomorrow when I can get ahold of another filter. Unfortunately, there is just no way I can get ahold of the metromeds as much as I would like to Is there another brand that I can buy in the store that would be effective? Is it a lost cause without the use of medicated food? - Thanks
  15. Like I said I already had the tank treated about a day ago, notice the post where I said I was treating with epsom salt was last night at about 10 pm... no worries tho I'm not trying to blame u for the post being late or anything I was just pointing out my own stupidity at having already treated the whole tank. I have a 10 gallon but I will have to get a filter or an air stone tomorrow to set it up, (would go tonight but I live 40 mins out of town). In the mean time, how damaging are the epsom salts to the healthy fish? How much damage will the salts have already done and how much more damage will be done leaving them in the treated tank overnight? In terms of medicated food, what brand should I get? I don't have the money to order metromeds, trust me if I physically had the money my fish would b top priority but there is no way I can afford it... what other options do I have? -Again, thanks for all ur help sorry I'm asking so many questions!
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