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  1. Of course! I will definitely introduce you guys all to my beautifuls once I get my camera in working order !
  2. And where are the fish? :rofl In their aquarium, swimming around peacefully while my cat watches them with an intense gaze.
  3. :3 Thank you! I was on here 2003 to 2006, which is wow, first of all, where did the last six years of my life go and 2006 is when you joined, so perhaps I wasn't around at that time or not for long any way. I'm happy to be back though! Looking forward to new friendships!
  4. 11:35 PM is hardly late, Alex. jk. lolz. Are the bumps white or the same color as your fish? It could be a possible number of things; mating, fungus, etc.
  5. I, GoldfishGoddess *strikes diva pose* love the new banner. It makes the place more..I don't know...Underwatery? If that is a word!
  6. I would just think it would be eaiser to tape a background to the back of the tank
  7. Oh poor Gomer. I have never seen a cockroach and I hope I never do, especcilly not in my goldfish's throat. It's so good you got it out, I would never have been that brave!
  8. OMG! Look at all those fish cramped together, especcilly the ones near the top (they look squashed) but Ranchugirl is right.
  9. You know alot about fish, dayrl. I always wondered why some petstores did that. Thank you
  10. yes it's very sad and every time I go to a petstore like that I feel really bad for the poor fish that live there , but remember that petstores are in the buisness of marketing not losing money, they won't spend money on one tank per fish. They'd be spending more money than they make. I wish that petstores wouldn't only think about the money but the fact that fish lives are in their hands, but i don't very many petstores think that way at the momment.
  11. The freshwater lake which I live right by has a lot of beautiful seaweeds, so my question to anyone who could help even in a little way is would that be okay to put in my aquarium (with quarintine of course)? My other question is (question... more like questionS!) are there seaweeds that are bad for goldfish? also read this link Premature Aging of Lake do you think that would effect the plants? would I just be safer and better off if I bought them from a pet store? Thanks in advance.
  12. You want the most surface area you can get, the smaller the surface area the smaller number of fish you can get.
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