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  1. I used to have three fish, don't worry, they didn't die, I just moved country and now they're being cared for by a friend's boyfriend who is also into fishkeeping and knows a lot. Takes care of arowana, too. My fish were: Hyper (redcap), Active (redcap), and Othello (balck moor)
  2. Ughh... that's terrible.. I can remember you telling everybody about the nightmare.. What an awful thing to happen, I can't imagine the chaos going on in there, you must have gotten such a shock! But I guess all's well that ends well.
  3. (Wynkin: Lovely tank. ) I had a bubble curtain too but it had a tendency to float to the top of the tank, and lose air after many hours in water. I stuck to airstones.
  4. Mine chomped through the entire population of mozzies in the house *lickslips*
  5. Orandas are cute, orandas are fun. Get an oranda!
  6. Going by the gallon-per-inch rule, you could bung in some small tetras and a loach or two. Or you could start a colony of snails (the things breed like crazy, from what I've heard)
  7. Ugh.. three weeks... My oldest fish is Hyper, he is four years old, soon to be five in January. But three weeks as an average practically breaks my heart Gullible parents and their effing spoilt little kids who demand 'A nemo fish' as soon as they pass by the pet shop, the airhead teenage petstore employees who preach "They are just fine in bowls".. Why won't they just listen? Gah... vases are for flowers, bowls are for soup, tanks are for fish, sea monkeys are for kids. Can't remember where I heard that but it is most excellent advice.
  8. Really, how big is your tank? Sounds like you are way overstocked though. Anyway, DON'T buy it. Ask the shopkeeper if you can reserve the fish for you a week or so..
  9. Go tropical! With a big tank like that you could have 45 tetras and 10 minnows or.. something.. *droolz*
  10. I don't understand why people flush their fish.. How can they not realize that all drains lead to the ocean is a bad thing, noot good? I say it's Finding Nemo's fault. Actually, Finding Nemo is probably responsible for the deaths of lots of small kids goldfish and clownfish. "I want a Nemo" comes first, then after a week or so, "I want a proper Nemo fish" comes second. <_<
  11. Don't give away your Orandas, orandas are lovely fish, they are just a little bit tougher than others. I started off with two Orandas (Hyper and Active) in an uncycled 15 gallon and they were fine for two months, then I changed to a 30gal. I'm not sure what is wrong with your tank, maybe you could sterilise and take out all decorations and wash before putting more fish in, because dropping a fish into an unsterilised tank that another fish died in recently isn't very good. You could always post your test kit readings here as well and have some of the kind goldies here have a look at them.
  12. Whenever a child begs for a pet with a cat/dog/hamster in mind, they usually end up getting a poor goldfish in a bowl instead, as most parents think it is 'good pet training' and 'if it dies you just get another one'. I believe children under 13 should not have pets unless they are sure they know what they are doing and if they want the pet that much, they should support it with their own money!
  13. Wow.. Some people must really be that gullible to think that a living creature could survive without oxygen circling their blood. I also hate when people consider goldfish as throwaway pets, what can make them think that? Even though a fish is slimy and lives in water and doesn't interact much it still makes a wonderful, fun, and long-living pet. (providing you take the right care of it!) When I tell people I have had goldfish grow to very large sizies and live for years and years and they are still alive and well, they actually seem amazed that 'dumb goldfish' can live that long. They often reply "Mine only lived five hours and I was doing everything the instructions asked."
  14. Ah! No! Don't flush your fish, especially if it is still living.. It's cruel, the stuff in the water would slowly poison the fish, if not, it could end up in a river poisoning other fish, or if it lived to get out to the sea (INCREDIBLY unlikely, it would have to travel through the sewer works and rivers, down to the estuaries, then flop into the sea) it would painfully die through salt poisoning. Freezer or clove and tankwater (no alcohol, it causes fish pain) is the way your fish should go. I had to freeze my little babyrange oranda Ick who had swimbladder and ich all in one (he was too small to cope, the poor thing) and here's how I did it: Get a jug or container big enough to hold your fish, and carefully scoop them out of water. Then place the container in a brown paper bag so the fish cannot see your packets of instant lasagna and get freaked out. Pop the bag and jug into freezer and shut door. Check on the fish every hour or two, when it has stopped moving for an hour or so, carefully give it a soft poke with a finger. If it does not move in the next minute, then it is probably dead. Pray for it, then bury it.
  15. Wow.. So many replies! I payed another visit to the pet shop today. And guess what? The same man, back again in the shop. He was talking to the lady in the shop again. I eavesdropped quietly, this is what he said: "Two of the fish are dead, and the water is all murky. What should I do? I just put in some water, and added the fish. What do you think I did wrong?" I nearly exploded. :angry: Then, five seconds later the woman in the shop replied: "Umm.. I don't know what's wrong.. Maybe you should try feeding them more?" To this I felt genuinely sick. I aproached the employee and said "Maybe you could've read up on the subject of keeping fancy goldfish before you spilt innocent goldfish blood and took advantage of impulse shoppers. Maybe you could've given him a proper lecture on the importance of tank size and water chemistry. But you'd rather make a quick sale of ten feeders and a bowl, wouldn't you?" and left the shop. I won't be going in there again. I was angry at myself for letting all my feelings out all over the employee, but I felt I had to.
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