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  1. congrats on the new additions.....great looking bunch!
  2. Congrats on the new tank! I look forward to seeing it set up. I think it's a great way to spend money!!
  3. sweet! it's like Christmas! very nice.....loved the video
  4. love them! I actually picked out one of the bunch that I want, he's to the right of the first photo, orange with some black, he looks like he's laying on top of the rest of them.....he's awesome looking!
  5. nice, I'm a giant fan of the comet! Are you cleaning the pond or upgrading or just have them out to check them out?
  6. welcome! great looking fish, with any luck your girls will want to be involved with the fish again. You have come to the right place for questions and people who love goldfish.
  7. great colors on everyone. Nice pick, I loved the story to go with the photos!
  8. I totally can relate....maybe you need a velvet rope around your tank!
  9. this made me laugh, simply because I just bought the same tub from Walmart to grow duckweed on my front porch! I also have a tub like this in case I need a hospital room for a fish from my main tank. Those tubs come in handy, wonder if the makers really know how much goldfish fans love them.
  10. Cwillis82

    Fresh Foods.

    duckweed is a good treat for them and you can grow it yourself.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about Dexter, I know all to well the heartache of losing fish, I get very attached to mine. Sad
  12. http://www.mrsaltwatertank.com/mr-saltwater-tank-interviews-brett-raymer-star-of-animal-planets-tanked/ I think most hobbyist rolled their eyes at the "ramp tank" if not the noise what about the sudden flash of something in the fishes face? I hated it. I like the show but I think they have a chance to make people aware of what is good and bad for fish. I saw an interview with one of the guys from the show and he said we are here to entertain if you want to be educated then viewers should Goggle and teach themselves what to do and what not to do......REALLY?? Comments like that can really turn your viewers away. He sounded like he was on the hot seat to me.
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