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  1. One of my oldest fishes, a red cap (although she is orange) called Penny. Out of the blue over the last 2 days she has developed a lump on her left side. The lump is causing her to float in all osrts of strange directions. She has gotten slow and looks chubby now. The other fish are starting to butt her around at feeding time. I'm not sure whether it is plain old swim bladder or something more sinister. I COULD move her but it would be into a small tank with no filter system. I must admit I have only had time to feed them in the last 2 weeks and only did 1 water change in this time (usually do 3 a week). I haven;t got the water readings as I am at work, but could someone come up with an emergency plan of action to sort this one out? Cheers
  2. That's all cool but if this is fin rot or fungus how do I cure it? Also - When a fish loses scales - What does the healing process look like? Black patches like we get scabs? Should I trim the plant roots to prevent further scale removal?
  3. I had 5 fish, one died before xmas, now have 4. Anyway I still feed them as much and as regular as I always did but for some reason in the last week or so they seem...ravernous! When I feed they almost all fight over the pickings, pushing and shoving, searching for more even when its all gone. Is this a bad sign?
  4. Sorry my bad. That'll be the Nitrites that are 0. I don't have a Nitrate testing kit - Hard to find in my area for some reason. I can check the pH tonight. I have a tank I can put him in on his own but it is VERY tiny.
  5. I have a great Common Goldfish that I won at a fair over a year ago and since then he has gotten really big and lives happily ever after with 3 other fish (was 4 but one died of apparently nothing nasty before christmas - Think it got hurt when the filter in my tank fell off). Anyway the other day I noticed he had some scales missing. Not sure how this was caused. Nipping is the most likely I guess but has never happened before. The other option is a plant I added to the tank before xmas sits just above the gravel with hard roots sticking out - Could he have done it on there? (Quick side question on the subject of plants - These ones came with the led strip to weigh them down wrapped around some foam - The shop man said I can keep this foam on but should I?). Anyway in the last few days he is darting round the tank like crazy some times when I approach the tank. Where his scales went missing it has started to darken, and now on the top of his back he has a black smudge. Could this be fin rot or fungus kicked in due to the missing scales? I can't answer all the normal questions as I am away for 2 days but I would like to help cure him/make him better at the weekend. Any tips? Ammonia Level? (When I checked late 2004 it was 0) Nitrite Level? Not Sure. Nitrate level? Last I checked (Late 2004) it was also 0? Sound right? Ph Level? Not sure. Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 30 Gallons - Running since March 2004. What kind of Filtration? Fluval 3600? How often do you change the water and how much? 10% 2 times a week. Sometimes 20% depending on tank odour What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Aqua Plus?? Maybe. Any Medications add to the tank? Not yet... How many fish in the tank and there size? 4. All about an inch in length. Sick fish is probably 2 inches. Add any new fish to the tank? Not since March. One died before xmas though. What do you feed your fish? Flakes in the morning. Flakes or Tetra Jelly foods in the evening. Once a week Frozen peas, Frozen bloodworms or Frozen Brine Shrimp. For xmas they had Frozen Prawns. Any unusual findings on the fish? Read Above. Any unusual behavior? Read above. If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? N/A. Also if anyone would like to shed light on why my Red Cap died. He was just sitting at the bottom of the tank under the skull ornament all the time but coming over for food. Then one day he was in the same spot at the bottom but on his side dead. He started doing it since the filter fell from the side of the tank (god knows how if lifted out of the sucker cups) and spilled its contents slightly into the tank. No markings on the fish to suggest disease.
  6. I'm starting to wonder about burying in water now. The water would dry up soon surely so pretty pointless?
  7. I've wrapped the cup he is in in clingfilm and will bury it with a sentimental sticker "R.I.P The King".
  8. I don't think I have any water nearby like that. I am near to the Thames in london but I guess that wouldn't be any good
  9. When your fish dies what do you do with them? I buried one in a matchbox, another went back to the shop. Can't decide on what to do with this one - Burial, or "Out to sea" i.e. Putting him down the toilet but at least he is buried in his habitat of water that way. I hate the thouht of the toilet but maybe its the way for him to go? Out of interest - At the moment I am keeping him in a cup of water - The water has a tint of orange now - Is that a sign of his cause of death? EDIT: Just noticed the water also now seems to have a small amount of shite gunk in it and his scales has a black spot sticking out that wasn't there before death. He was a red cap for anyone that didn't read the other topic.
  10. They seem ok at the moment. Typically I'm off work ill and didn't wake up will 12 so they missed their usual 7am feed! I'm gonna give them peas tonight and a water change and just keep an eye on them and the water.
  11. Also there is a small white spot on his forehead. I don't remember that being there ever.
  12. He died I came home after 2 days away and he was lying in that spot of his but on his side. The other 4 fish seem fine and the water seems perfect. However, once removing him from the water it was clear he had orange colouring on his fans. Also, in the white pot I have put him in for now a load of black dirt or bits has floated off of him. I wonder if when my filter fell off the other week it either injured him or the gunk that came out poisoned him. RIP The King
  13. Reminds me of a pic I had of my late cockatiel with a cat spying on him from outside in the garden!
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