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  1. Hey guys, Fluffy gets a bit better every day. She seems to feel fine in spite of the hole in her back. Her dorsal still looks awful, but it will heal in time. I couldn't even look at her until yesterday. It just made me so sad. Anyone want an albino pleco?
  2. Okay, I've got a blanket over the QT and the heat turned up. I'll add salt tonight and wait on the antibiotics. Keep using the Melafix?
  3. I'm so mad because he's not a common pleco. I went out of my way to avoid them. I still think it's him, though, the little @#$%! But anywho, I can give the pleco to my dad, who has a tank in his science classroom. I just need to figure out what to do w/ the antibiotics. Someone, PLEASE clarify so I can (or don't) dose her in the AM.
  4. Should I give her antibiotics? I'm wondering if it will do her more harm than good. It's an albino pleco. Water quality is good in that tank, and none of the other fish are showing signs of stress. She's stressed because the moor is in love with her, but that shouldn't create the wound. There are no rocks capable of giving her a wound like that, and even then, it wouldn't explain the dorsal fin.
  5. There is an enormous, deep sore on Fluffy the ryukin's back. Her dorsal fin is nothing but spines practially. It happened overnight. I suspect that the pleco is eating her alive. Is it possible? I couldn't even deal with it when I saw what had happened to her. DH transferred her to QT and dosed her w/ Melafix. He's bringing home antibiotics tonight. What else should we do? Salt? I'm so scared I'm going to lose her, but I can't even bear to look at her.
  6. I'm too far to help you out, Chris, but you're doing a good thing. If you don't find any takers, would it be possible for you to set up a larger tank? Good luck.
  7. So sorry to hear of your loss, Alex.
  8. Thanks, guys. How soon til I should try putting them back together again? *snort* Mister Dahnuh just suggested I get Fluffy a can of mace. LOL!
  9. I have a good-sized ryukin, Fluffy. I believe her to be female. She has a very long butterfly tail. She's been with me for nearly two years now. I brought home a new fish; he's a little black moor named Frankie. As he sat in quarantine, he started to develop those little gill spots, the telltale sign of a male. The spots have increased in number dramatically since adding him to Fluffy's tank yesterday. Frankie will not leave Fluffy alone. He goes right up through her tail (which is so long that it envelops him from end to end) and up to her butt. She tries to swim away but he's faster and just attaches himself to her behind. Soon, she's stressed and exhausted. He also just swims around her entire body and kind of mouths at her. Fluffy's tail is already showing signs of distress (a little bit more red veining than normal and a frayed tail spine thing). I don't know what to do. Should I move *her* to quarantine? Will Frankie ever stop? Help!
  10. Gah! Fuggedaboudit. I'm gonna buy some progold instead.
  11. Okay, I found a better link to the nutrition info for the Spectrum Goldie food I mentioned above. Now we know what's in it. Comments? Thoughts?
  12. I've used a feeder before w/ success. Make sure it's not set up directly above filter output, a bubbler, or anything else that could cause splashing. I'd be particularly inclined to try it since your friend can check on things.
  13. Saw this food here while placing an order for a new heater. I wouldn't mind trying it, but I'd like your input first! Thanks guys!
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