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  1. My Hygro's do that all the time. I let them go until they get big, then trim off the "babies" and either toss them or replant them, depending on how healthy the parent plant looks.
  2. Most craft store sell vinyl now that you can stick on the back. I have a brother that made vinyl signs/clings (like the car-wrap kind) professionally, I've always wanted to ask if he could do aquarium backgrounds...
  3. I'd go for the glass, it's sturdier and will last for years. It still scratches, but you need something super sharp and really put effort into doing it. And once it's scratched, it's there. I have a scratch on my 55g and haven't been able to even cover it up :-( I've had too many acrylic tanks crack and break over the years, they warp from heaters, they warp more than glass from water pressure, they just seem too fragile for what they're used for.
  4. I just took tweezers to him and pulled SOMETHING out of his mouth. I have no idea what it is, and I am SO GROSSED OUT RIGHT NOW. Going to treat for infection, he's pretty red under the chin but hopefully he can tough it out a bit longer.
  5. Snowed in since yesterday and tomorrow isn't looking good either. He's still holding on.
  6. I opened up my SunSun canister to clean it, took out all the media trays, and there were THOUSANDS of snails living in it. Teeny tiny black snails. I scraped them all out and flushed them. Manual removal is the best. Luckily it sounds like you have large snails, so you can see them, I can't see mine in the tank to remove them :-( There are "Snail Traps" but I don't know how reliable they are. Loaches only do so much, if the snails are too small they aren't going to bother.
  7. He has a little bit of red last week, but we've had other fish get red spots that go away after a few days, so we just did a wait-and-see. Now he's got little stringy bits and that brown gunk. Could it be a stuck food pellet? I don't really want to hurt him with tweezers if it ends up not being that :-( It's not anchor worm, I went through my parents' fish pond one summer and was pulling those things off all their goldfish, mosquito fish, and plecos.
  8. I'll answer what I can at the moment, I'm running out tonight to get some salt and some different meds that can cover parasite/bacteria/infection.
  9. It looks more than a little fused :-( I have T.C. Tetracycline and Lifeguard
  10. Lethargic. He's not on his side, that was just the camera angle in the iso unit. He's able to move around, just very slowly.
  11. I think euthanasia is the only option at this point. I have no clue...There's red under the chin, little "legs" sticking out from the bottom jaw, brown gunk on the mouth...He's a royal mess. He can't open his mouth at all. It's like he swallowed a larva and it's growing in his mouth. I'm going to go check the other gold barbs and fish now, I don't think they've gotten sick but the female gold barb has been pretty cozy with this guy for a while now. No test kit, sorry. I ran out a long time ago. I'll have to put it on the list next time I need to go to the pet store :/
  12. I won't be able to ship it out again, one of my cats was just diagnosed with a tumor, so I'm saving everything I have for her treatment.
  13. Tammy, please contact me, your plants were returned today with an "unable to forward return to sender" sticker.
  14. Tammy, please contact me, your plants were returned today with an "unable to forward return to sender" sticker.
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