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  1. Most white fish are culled due to the fact that in china and some other places as well...white means death.
  2. Locally they cost me 1.59 an ounce. Online they tend to sell by the pound @ approx 24 or 25 dollars a pound.
  3. Goldfish Fever causes you to see odd things.
  4. I feed mine bits of flake food,freeze dried foods and some live foods personally and they seem to thrive quite well.Feeding them a variety of things will help to make saure they thrive.
  5. About an Inch to an inch and a half depending on species.Ghost shrimp is a generic term describing several or more specific species.
  6. Blackworms need only about 1.5" deep of water and a good aerator with an airstone.You should really change the water daily also.Just carefully pour most of the water off and replace it.They should be left uncovered.Also Be sure to give them enough space so theyre not overcrowded.You can feed them fish pellets or flakes.Just add 1 or 2 to start and when it disappears add more.You'll get a feel for how much food they need and how often in time.
  7. Maybe a mod should make this a sticky post.It covers every kind of live food culture.
  8. This article covers just about everything I can think of except ghost shrimp. Culturing Live Foods This one has several articles on various live foods if you scroll down to the live foods section. Live Foods Articles and this one is a good article on culturing ghost shrimp. Culturing Ghost Shrimp
  9. I would say covered because if the blood worms were turning into flies and you didnt notice you'd have flies all over.But you need to give them air either by putting tiny holes in the lid or opening the container to let air in a couple times a day because bloodworms are are breathing larvae similar to mosquito larvae. I say fed a few at a time until they stop feeding or they stop feeding as quickly.
  10. I was wondering if koi can be sexed at 5 inches or so.Some websites say yes and some say no. And I mean sexed by looking at the vent and comparing it to a photo of a vent for that sex.
  11. No.The only parasites they would really carry is bacteria but blackworms in petshops are usually bought from reliable commerical companies who culture clean blackworms. Find a clean source and culture them if you can that way you know for sure theyre clean hands down.If not find a reliable petshop and/or company and try their live foods.If theyre clean and your fish dotn get sick then keep buying from those places and you'll be fine.Its mostly wild caught foods that are problematic. I buy blackworms from my local petshop because I can buy them in any quantity I need (in ounces or lbs) and it costs me about 25 dollars a pound which is the same as if Id order a pound online.I do culture blackworms but sometimes I tend to feed them faster than they reproduce.
  12. Flexibacter columnaris bacterium causes whats been called cotton fungus,cotton mouth,cotton-wool,wool fungus,mouth rot,flex....etc ALL the same thing.Flexibacter Columnaris bacteria.Personally I dont like jungle fungus eliminator but rather jungle fungus clear works much better...it treats both bacterial and fungal conditions.
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