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  1. This is a link to a video of an advancement into the area of communication and intelligence - feeling pain and pleasure, and their ability to communicate across fish to man, This area- for fish- is grey at best. the link is The fish is "Punch". What you will see is not trick photography or illusion by computer mastery. Since we first acquired Punch; I have made every attempt not to scare, accidentally hit - or startle. In working on Punche's tank one day Punch came right up against my hand and starts an intermittent high speed vibration similar to the vibration from electric hair clippers. Contact was made. Since then ; I have come to some fundamental understanding that fish, in fact, "feel"; both as pleasure and of pain, and that of actual affection and their ability to show a sense of common-bonding with a animal unlike itself. The trust is so real that - often- in positioning him to- say- scratch his chin- which he loves- I need to flip him around end for end- which he simply goes into a mode of total relaxation and allows my efforts. If you look close when I am holding him and scratching his chin; you will see that my thumb is not touching the body. It is long past that he has learned that a few simple movements of his tail gives him instant release. Now; the flicks of the tail,. I have found, are not for escapoing, but for repositioning himself. In fact; as he is being "massaged, he actually allows part of his red crown to move up and cover most of his eye, as if in signifying his trust and confidence that no harm will come of him. When swimming around my hand- especially the back of the hand, he comes up against my hand and gives spitts of vibrations. I am confident these are a form of affection and acceptance. I have tested how far I may go with his trust. While in a "sleep coma" I inserted my hand into the tank and gently placed my hand around his body. Normal reactions for most fish would be a dart for the other side of the tank. However; he simply stays in my hand as he comes out of the coma without regard to danger of any kind. So he is aware of the surroundings during sleep and ios clearly able to control his natural instinct to "flee" and escape. This was important to me in that it is a clearer understanding that they can control, if they desire, their natural reactions to certain situations, and have a sense of being. This experience, over time, gives me serious belief that fish have feeling and, in their own standards, have a unique intelligence which, as in my case, they are capable of communicating their desires and "feelings" as well, and are able to "bond" with fish, of course, but humans as well; that has yet to be explored. Understand; what you see in the video is just a small part of the play time. I assure you; I tire out before he wishes to finish or shows any sign of being over the contact and communication. This needs to be better understood. Eric
  2. i know some of my fish use to do stuff like play in the bubbles from my bubble disk... so i think they do play. but to answer your other question, i guess it depends on how you feed them. some people interact with their goldfish more than others. we have quite a few members here who can handfeed their goldies. i however am usually in so much of a rush, that after presoaking, i just feed them and watch them for a little bit then have to scamper off to finish work. but one thing i tend to do is i talk to my goldies when i feed them, and i also feed them pro-gold (which happens to be in a silver baggie) so i think they recognize the silver baggie and perhaps my voice. they usually know when the tank lid is being opened it's feeding time. i'm not sure if they necessarily know that it's me. it takes time for them to get to know you though, just like it takes time to get to know the personality of your goldie. YES so true about the bubbles - and YES they know you - they know you by sight- Mine will only play with me and not my other half- hoiwever our play is a little more advanced - you may enjoy seeing it Eric
  3. You have asked a loaded question- they will go far beyond that- all they need is the assurance that you will never harm them and they will do amazing things. this is my video location of my Oranda "playing" with me; I kid you not- and this can go on for hours- this was never forced- it simply happened one day whgen he started to come up against my hand in the tank and proceeded to do high intensity viobrations- now seen as some form of affection and acceptance. He is Punch. Eric
  4. No one can imagine the personallity that evolves from fish such as these- your family- nor my friends understand the unique character s these enolve into - Mine is "Punch" always greeting me, and crazier still, always wants me to make contact and pet him and caress him under the chin- he lays in my hand and closes his eyes- so I fear I would be all that you are now in feelings and memories- as I well up in tyears witrh the thought, and at the same time understand your feelings that are only genuine to another purest form of life- I am sorry your fish passed away and hope you retian all the good memories of good times. Eric
  5. you are absolutely correct in saying "lovely personality, very greedy (aren't they all?! ) but very inquisitive and great fun too." Great Pics. yes - just be careful not to spoil them as I have done "Punch". This fish desires constant human attention and refuses to allow me to manipulate plants or anything without being massaged- so I distract him while my other half does the maint. You have never seen an Oranda angry at being ignored when trying to fix thjings in the tank. They splash quite a lot . Hope they come out of quarintine well- remember the "pea a day to keep an Oranda happy " - no kidding.
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