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  1. I just have a scattering of gravel in my goldy tank. I think it looks better than barebottom cause it hides the poop. I have seen my gf suck it up and spit it out but no choking in all the years I've had them. I have sand in my trop tank cause the cory cats love it and it's more natural for them. My betta tank just has flat bottomed glass marbles. That would also be an option for the goldfish as they couldn't fit that in their mouths at all!
  2. He is soooo pretty--wow. I never heard of bee shrimp but I like! What a wonderful story with a happy ending.
  3. I got a 40 gal breeder tank at that sale a few years ago and I love it!! By saving so much money I was able to afford a glass top to go with it too. It was only the tanks on sale and not the stands or anything. But I don't know about this new sale--maybe different now?? Anyway it is a good deal!
  4. I thought it was gonna be a real one--but this is awesome too--love it!!
  5. Sounds like those neons got a good Christmas present this year!! Glad it worked out--awesome!
  6. His eyes look huge--what a little doll! Sure hope he does ok for you.
  7. Your story sounds all too familiar. I lost a number of goldies and could never seem to keep them longer than a year--usually less. And other than a couple fantails they were all comets/commons and I still had them pass too soon! So I gave up on them for awhile and concentrated on my tropicals. The trops are fun and rewarding but my fishy life just didn't feel complete until I finally got another gf. Again I went for a cheap feeder as I hate to invest in something that won't last. But to my total surpise he thrived in his 30 gal hexagon tank that others had died in. Even when I didn't do regular water changes and even though all I fed him was flake food!! I don't recommend that of course but that is what happened at the time. And I not only have passed the year mark but have now had him for 4 years and he has grown and changed into a stunning white comet with a gorgeous long, flowing tail. He now resides in a 40 gal breeder with 3 tankmates that I've had for 3 years. Lots of water changes is always a must but it's working out. So my gf keeping has totally turned around and is going great. I am not sure why but even my tropical losses have become almost nonexistant with most dying of old age now instead of some illness or unexplained event. I wish I knew what the secret was so I could share it but all I know is don't give up. Odds are you will end up with stronger fish sooner or later and they will do well for you too.
  8. I would be glad to do that! I just fed broccoli the other day so I won't feed anymore until the brown algae appears and then go from there.
  9. I feed my gf broccoli once in awhile but only give them small, bite size pieces that I cut off for them. They eat it all pretty quick except for tiny bits of the stalk they can't chew very well. So there is hardly any smell. The benefit I found from broccoli is it controls the brown algae problem I had. I proved it several times now when the brown stuff appeared. I cleaned the tank off, changed about half the water and fed broccoli. Then the algae didn't come back for ages--otherwise it came back by the next week.
  10. Guess this is an older thread but I wanted to add something--I had leftover Betta Bites food from when my betta passed away. So I fed some to my goldfish mixed with their other food just to use it up. The gf loved it but my lionhead started to get floaty after that. She never was before so I think it was the betta food.
  11. At my boyfriends house. I currently have a five gal in the kitchen housing a betta. A 20 gal is in his dining room with subtropicals and the 40 gal goldy tank is in one of his spare bedrooms. I wasn't using my 30, 29 and 10 gal tanks so he took them for his golf ball collection--has them filled with almost 1500 balls so far!
  12. You can wash with a natural soap like Seventh Generation--it's non toxic. I use it all the time before I clean my fish and they are fine. Had same gf for 3-4 years and same trops for even longer so obviously it doesn't hurt them! :)
  13. If you have already run charcoal in your filter for a day or two then you can take it out now. It's good to use it sometimes in order to remove any poisons that might be in your water. http://www.ehow.com/facts_5615455_charcoal-filter-remove-water_.html The beneficial bacteria will live in the Bio Max rings in your media trays. Some live in the gravel too so you can gradually reduce the gravel in order to let the BB's have time to get established on the rings.
  14. I just saw this thread--welcome and I'm so sorry about your fish! I see someone already mentioned this but it is very IMPORTANT--did you take out your underwater filter??? They are NOT good because it's hard to completely clean out from underneath and it traps toxins down there. It will continue to adversely affect your water until it is removed. Also consider removing most of your decor--ornaments, fake plants and gravel as these take up swimming room and may also trap bacteria. I will pray for you and your fishies--I feel your pain. It does hurt to lose our fish babies, I know. Hope it gets better soon!
  15. That is really sad--thanks for sharing an important lesson as a reminder we all can use. I put my dechlorinator next to the dish soap a couple times while I was cleaning tanks and almost added the soap by mistake!! So another warning would be to always keep the bottle in a separate place and stay focused on the task at hand.
  16. I got my 40 gal breeder at the petco sale a couple years ago. Forty dollars for the tank AND $30 for the tank lid!!! So it was still kinda spendy.
  17. That looks great--both fish and colors--I like!
  18. They so cuuute!!! Really remind me of my lionhead girl Silly Putty--she's a little bigger than this now too
  19. I love loooong fins--what a beauty you have there!!
  20. Oh wow--what a nice change too--he's lovely.
  21. When I was younger I fell in love with my aunts goldie she kept in a 2 gal bowl. Auntie gave her to me and I had bowlfish for a number of years before giving it up. Fast forward to about 6 years ago. My bf and I were going fishing quite a bit and I wanted to catch and release but he wanted to eat them all. So I asked him if I could get some fish to keep alive at his house. He said sure so I got a couple feeder gf cause they are cheap. I totally fell back in love with goldfish then and got bigger and bigger tanks and more fish!!
  22. I have found a number of great looking fish at petsmart--not surprised you found Cookie there. What a lil doll! So sorry for your loss.
  23. Just want to share my experience with a hexagon tank and goldfish. I had a 30 gal hex for them (1 to 3 at a time) but had trouble getting any to live past a year--usually much shorter than that. Only the last gf I had in there did make it past the year mark but ended up having his fins deteriorate pretty bad--I wasn't changing water every week either. I think you having live plants in yours does help matters--I didn't have them in mine. I now have had 5 goldies in a 40 gal breeder tank for 2 years and they are doing great--especially since I change the water once or twice a week. The one gf from the 30 gal has almost all his fins back and looks good. So you don't HAVE to have a monster tank but keeping it clean is vital. If you really want low maintenence then it's best to stick with tropicals like your 55 gal. They can take it better in the long run than goldfish. I currently have a 20 gal with trops and sometimes only change water once a month and they are fine--so I agree with you on that working ok. I also still have fish that I've had for years (cory cats for 3 and 4 years +) so it proves they can deal with that situation. I'm sure cleaning more often would be a good idea in general however.
  24. Hey those are some fabulous pictures of beautiful fish! Just want to mention that I had a fish pass away after eating dried bloodworms too. He started swimming weird within minutes of eating them--spiraled all around out of control then ended up flat on the bottom. He was dead in about 1/2 hour! I was devastated as this was a favorite fish. I am thinking it was some kind of allergic reaction since the other gf in there with him was fine--just like yours. Anyway, I don't ever feed that to any of my gf now--not worth the risk.
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