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  1. Lynn


    Man, I though I would never find my way back. I lost my password and my computer missed up and when I got a new one, then the trouble really started. I have been working so much latey. :crp Two of my ponds almost went dry before I had a chance to stop it, but the fish are fine, just not much swiming room. All will be put right on Tuesday. I did have time to check the pumps and their are all right. Leak must be somewhere else. I will find it on Tuesday, when I am off and can sat and watch all day. I didn't want to do the lundry anyway. This is more important, then house work (I will just have the kids do it, they are out for Christmas vaction).
  2. Lynn


    I have four pond and six tanks. Each pond have one kind of GF and one for the Kois. I tried to breed in the tanks with no luck. I have great luck with the ponds. I check the ponds each morning and if they are sponning. I take out the plant and put in one of the tanks. I have two for fan tails and two for shubunkins eggs. When they are bigger they then go into the big tanks. I have a 75 gal for the fan tail and 55 gal for the shubunkins. I do not mix the eggs. If one of the fan tail baby are striagt tailed they are put in the gave away tank.
  3. The way I keep my kois out of my lillies is to have some plants for them to eat. I have the water celery and hornwart. They love to eat the fire out of them. I try to keep some growing some where to put back when they eat it all.
  4. Lynn

    Lotus Seeds

    Thanks alot, I will try to grow them next year. I think it is too late for this year.
  5. Can anyone tell what to do with the seeds I have? My daughter got some lotus seeds from this place and asked me to grow them for her. What should I do?
  6. Lynn


    Thanks for all the info. Her problen in now gone. What ever it was. I lost three of my shabunkin last week. I know same thing was wronge when they just sat on the bottom. When the frist one died it had a big wound on its chin. The other two I got out of the pond and put in a ten gal. They each had open wounds. One in it back and one on its side. I mean big holes. The rest of the shabunkin seem fine. I treated for parasites. Hoping for the best.
  7. Lynn

    Iam Back

    Thanks for posting my ponds Scott. I hope to be able to do it myself one day.
  8. Lynn


    she didn't say I will try to call her later and ask, but she is from the country and I am sure she knows what mosquitos are.
  9. I now have four ponds. Two are finish (Ya right) and two I am working on. The one you seen my daughter swining in is the butterfly koi and is not done yet. It got a leak and had to be relined. The other unfinished pond is the white sassase pond. I haven't had the time to work on it, because of the leak in the Butterfly koi pond. The fantails you seen are in the first pond I dug, last year. The fantails are the one who have two water falls. It is appox 8fx20f and 4f deep at the low end at the high end is about 2.5f. I am not sure how many are in it as I have bought more, gave some away, and traded some for Kois. The koi is approx. 12fx24f and the deepest is 4f and the lowest is 3f. I started with twevel baby, then I bought fifteen more,I gave some to my sister-in-law, then I got fifteen more so I could gave my other sister-in-law some too( for thier helping in with dig the ponds), then I got a few more in trade for my fantail, then I want to the pond shop and just had to have four grown butterfly Kois. Now, the white GF pond is 6fx10f and 4f to 3f deep. My hubbie got carryed away with the backhoe. I have about ten grown and two baby( I bought as feeder GF). The shabunkin pond is a store bought and I don't like it. It is a hundred gals. I can only have two are three in it. That maybe more info then you wanted, I just love my pond.
  10. Lynn


    She said that the fish are swining crazy. They keep bumping into the plants and rocks. She thinks it mybe fishlice. Dose anyone know about how to treat, where they come from, and are they dangrous to her fish? Sorry no pics. She lives in Al and no computer. She just calls me and ask if I can found out any thing.
  11. Lynn


    My sister-in-law asked me to try to find out what is this thing she found in her pond. She said it looks like a headlice, but with a really small head and a lot of short legs and a tail of a scorpion. It tail turns up like a fin on a car, the body get bigger as it get to the tail. Its size is about a .5" to a 1". She has had some of her fish to die. Could this thing be killing them. What can she do to get shade of them. She has seen alot of them in her pond. She said that the gill look red on the dead ones she got out of the pond.
  12. I am not sure what a lemonhead is? I just got what I liked. I have a pond full of fantails, one of butterfly kois and two of so called "common" GF. I'd don't like to use the C word, because I don't think any of my GF is "common" they are very speical to me. One of the GF pond is all white ones and the other is shabunkins. I love the colors of the shabunkins. After that I have no idea what there are. I do know the red and white one are call comets. I am learning about the fantails. No, wait I do have a without a fin on his back. I do know he is a Lionhead. Or I think is.
  13. It sound small. I have a 5gal bucket I use in my 100gal. I have alot of problems with it too. I have to keep an eye on it or it will not work very well. I have my filter on the out side. It makes it easyer the clean and monitor. I am tring to get my hubbie to make me a bigger one the the little pond. The first filter we made took about a week to make. The next one just a day and the last one was done in approx. two hours. I learn that the out going needs to be bigger the in coming. I was too later finding this out. I heard about it after I finished the last filter. I use PVC pipe and fitting as well. I think that you need to filter the water faster then the alge can grow. Small filter the longer it takes to filter. The bigger the quicker it can clean.
  14. Lachfa, how big is your filter. It maybe too small. Is your pond in the sun or shade. What are you using for filter. I use brand new buffer pads from Lowes. I also had to buy some of the filter stuff from the pond shop. I have lava rocks in the bottom too. My algea is all gone in the fantail pond and almost in the Kois, but I never had a problem in the Sassases pond. I have four pond in all. I am working on the two. The Koi pond got a leak in it and it took for ever to reline. My hubby would not let me drain it. I just put the new liner over the old liner. I have a low area so the water could drain out and it is almost all gone now. I would have had them done by now if not for having to redo the rock and reline. I am so glad you guys like my ponds. I don't get much housework done, but its summer so who cares. B) I am sure it will still be here when winter comes. I will do my spring cleaning then.
  15. My pond is new, olny two months old. I got some very young one that are growing so fast. I just got four the other day. The store owner thinks that I have two boy and two girls. They are old enough, but he said that here in TN, breeding season is over. Is that true. I am not sure if by the time they get use to the new home it maybe too late for any babys this year, but there is alway next. B) How are your kois. I hope they are better
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