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  1. They don't exactly get rid of all muck, but rather dillutes it because the plants absorb alot of the detritus and algae that develops in the gravel. You will still need to clean the gravel as usual and do regular water changes, but your tank will be considerbly cleaner with less overall algae. Also, don't get Apple Snails. I know alot of people on this forum seem to really like them, but I had a hard time with them. After getting 2 apple snails in my tank, they multiplied quickly and started ravaging my plants. If I sent a new picture of how my tank looks compared to how it looks in the pictures I posted before it would scare most the people on this forum. The snails really did do a good job on algae and detritus in the gravel, but they also did a good job stripping my plants. The only plants in my tank that are still going strong are my Anacharis. Anyways, I've seen people that had better luck with apple snails but they didn't work out for me. Well, good luck on your planted tank adventure!
  2. If you want plants in your tank, what I have found works best is to over plant the tank because all your fish won't know which plant to try to eat, so they just leave all of them alone. I rarely catch my fish trying to eat my plants or uproot them cause they are just apart of the scenery now.
  3. I have spots in the tank where I can suck up detritus and such. With a fully planted tank, you don't need to clean the gravel everywhere. The plants are so good at neutralizing nitrates in the tank that sometimes when you use your gravel hose it sucks up no debris.
  4. Alot of patience, studying other tank setups, and buying alot of gravel.
  5. Well, it's been a long and expensive journey, but my tank is finally setup to where I want it. There is a total of 75 plants in the tank. Setup: 2 Marineland Penguin 350's, 1 Tetra Whisper 10 airpump, 1 Tetra Whisper 60 airpump, 1 Marineland Powerhead 155 (for surface agitation), 1 Aquaglo 48" 40 watt bulb (more lighting to come). Plants: 6 Anacharis 20 Sagittaria subulata "Tall" 6 Sagittaria chilensis 3 Ozelot Swords - Medium 3 Java Ferns 8 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red 25 Sagittaria subulata "Dwarf" Fish: 2 Fancy goldfish, 1 Oranda, 1 Pearscale, 1 Ryukin, 1 Applesnail Pictures: Tell me what you think! - Frusciante
  6. I'm also a graphic designer, but not much of an illustrator - I do mostly layout. I work at AT&T in their Advertising and Publishing Dept. I create those wonderful yellow page ad5 in your phone book. Anyway, you have probably been asked this many times, but would you be interested in creating a small goldfish design for me that I could use as a tattoo? I am trying to get pregnant right now, (I'm a surrogate mother), but after this is over, I want to get my first tattoo. I already have a concept, but I need someone to make it a little closer to what I had in mind. I found an image that I really love, but want to alter it (mostly to be sure no copyright infringment is made). So I have a look that you could start with, you wouldn't be starting from scratch. I would pay you, of course!!! I did freelance graphic design for several years before getting my degree and starting with Bellsouth. I know what it's like to be appreciated for your time. Let me know if you think that would be fun. No pressure! I saw the diagram you did in the Papers section, that was very good. I tried to PM you, but it is disabled!!! Hey there, Lola. I wouldn't mind at all working on a tattoo for you. In fact, I just finished a tattoo for a friend of mine and have been working on several designs for myself. So I'm very familiar with tattoo art. Also, I'm not allowed to send e-mails and messages through this forum for reasons unknown. However, I think it might be that I don't have enough posts on the forum. So I guess it's the seniority factor. You can e-mail me your ideas and photo references to this e-mail address (hopefully I don't get spammed by others when I post this): swkcookiemonster@yahoo.com Feel free to e-mail me anytime and I'll review what you have. Anyways, like to hear from you soon. - Frusciante (or Bryant, whatever)
  7. Thanks for your help. I'll find out the name of that plant on the left one of these days. That thing has been driving me crazy! I can't find the name of it anywhere! Oh well, at least it's pretty.
  8. I'm an illustration and graphic design major at Cal-State University Long Beach. I created the image for the research section doing illustrations of the anatomy of goldfish. Go by the research section to see my work. Also, quite a few people have mentioned my signature. So I think I might make a wallpaper style version of the oranda's I drew. I'm sure all the goldfish lover's here would appreciate it.
  9. This is my new plant setup in my 60 gallon tank. This is also the first time I've ever put plants in my tank and posted in the planted tank section. Hurray! Anyhoo, I wouldn't mind somebody giving me some information about these plants. The one on the right is, I'm pretty sure, a plant known as an Aluminium Plant (Pilea Cadierei), but I have no idea what the plant on the left is. Anybody recognize it? Also, I hear that Pilea Cadierei don't survive very long submerged under water. Is there any way I could prolong its life? ^^^ A close up of my mystery plant Also, the ryukin on the left of the picture is new. His name is Reginald. I hope you guys enjoy my setup as much as I do and could help me out with advice or filling me in on the mystery plant. Thanks, - Frusciante (or Bryant, whatever)
  10. Wow, really? I wouldn't have thought of that! Thanks, Fuzzy!
  11. Just a quick question: Where do I get a tub that big? I can't find them on the internet. Does a place like Home Depot have them?
  12. Just a quick question: Where can I purchase a huge tub like that? I've been wanting to start an outdoor tub like koi pond and I don't know where to go to find something that big. Would I find at a place like Home Depot? Thanks, - Frusciante
  13. Wait, my research was already approved! Yay! Thanks to whoever approved it.
  14. Thanks, I'm a graphic designer/illustrator and that's an illustration I did of an oranda. I'm thinking about posting a detailed illustration of goldfish anatomy that I worked on for a month or two. It's the most detailed illustration I've seen of just goldfish, so I feel it'd be really helpful for those identifying problems with their fishes fins or organs.
  15. So true, I could imagine just crashing on the floor and listening to some music. A great new tank and new fish - Beany is very cute. I love lionheads and I love bristle markings - Beany has both. Why did you call him/her Beany? I call him Beany (guessing that he's a he, not sure yet) because I thought he looked like a pinto-bean when I saw him. Also, Beany has a broken right pectoral fin, so he's under strict supervision as of right now. I saw him stuck to the side of one of my Penguin 350's and his pectoral is pink and sore. Poor little guy, I'll get him back into shape, though.
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