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  1. The one of Spot is great - it's so animated.
  2. Nice job - it's frame worthy!
  3. I have a fairly large hollow ornament in my 26 gallon tank. I snake an airline tubing into it from the bottom and just let it bubble through the top (there are a couple of openings, one on top and one on the side). I have had this setup for over 4 years without a problem.
  4. I hand feed gel food by cutting a few strips that are easier to hold. I would start the meal by hand feeding, this way I know each fish has got a least a mouthful of food, then I just dump the rest of the food for them to gobble up.
  5. I also prefer a tank with gravel and never found it messy. The fish are kept occupied rummaging through the substrate.
  6. Just saw the pictures of your comets - what beautiful fish. How I wish I have the room to set up a tank outside and keep some big goldfish!
  7. Hope that beautiful fish pulls through. What an impressive deep body. I know you had been working hard on your broadtail line.
  8. I am afraid that if you try to scape an Amano style tank, your goldies will make short work of it. His tanks are extremely high maintenance and his tanks are set up to have only a few small fish (tetras, otos, rasboras, etc.) If you want a scaped goldfish tank, you may have more luck with a more 'natural' style tank where a few nibbles from your fish will be less noticeable. Although knowing our goldfish pets, it won't be nibbles, more like chunks of plants will be gobbled up!
  9. I add red peppers to the gel food I made and they actually make the gel food smell good!
  10. All goldfish belong to the same species any any breed of goldfish can breed with each other. The offsprings of different breeds are just goldfish, not hybrids, just like breeding different breed of dogs (e.g. laborador with poodle). By mixing breeds you can get characteristics from either parent or both.
  11. Jinyu_fan

    Baby Bottles?

    But how is feeding with a syringe or bottle more natural?
  12. I wouldn't worry about the pH since that is the way it comes from the tap. Just keep it stable and the fish should do fine. Fish are harmed more by a pH that swings up and down.
  13. Like Balashark, I have gravel in my tank. I have never had problems keeping my tank clean and I prefer the look of fine gravel over that of a bare bottom tank.
  14. Both your fish are beautiful. I love Pachinko's coloring, good find!
  15. When I feed Progold to the teeny fantail I just got (he is 1" not counting tail), I break up a pellet into small pieces for him. The big boys in the regular tank will just take it whatever they can chew.
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