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  1. Felix needs a new home....

    I hope you find someone. Sure looks like a very nice pond fish
  2. Babies

    MJ when I lived in CA I couldn't get my goldfish to breed for the life of me. But for some reason living up here in OR I get them doing it all spring and summer. I hope they will do something for you
  3. I use the Wondershells to keep it balanced. For some ppl it doesn't work if the KH is very low. The reason it will dissolve to fast for some. Mine I only need to put the pond size in my 40B tank about every three weeks. I have yet to have a problem with my PH (knock on wood) since I started to use them. I have the same problem with supersaturation too. For this I do two water changes a week and only us 95% cold water, thats the other reason I do smaller changes cause the water is so cold right now.
  4. That is sounding so much better. Yes keep up on the water changes but keep an eye on that Ph while we go into rainy season I know mine will change little bit
  5. I had some of those when I lived in CA. It seemed to happen to me in my filters. I never did figure mine out. Do you have a cover over the filter?
  6. WOW! Now where is @Helen and her photos
  7. New fish

    Oh my that guy is so handsome. Where do you live
  8. @koko View from my Dad's living room
  9. @FishyMandy Pascal @koko Pharaoh
  10. Okay this week is anything goes. Enter a photo as long as you took it and it can be of anything Have fun guys
  11. Open Chat :)

    What did you do? Hope it was fun
  12. Oh now that is cool. Okay now I understand The suggestion I have for you then is to get that power head off the glass, so it doesn't collect the bio film. You can do this by putting a sponge filter on the end of it. This will give your cycle more BB's too in the long run.
  13. Not at all. I have a bare bottom tank. I have a Sponge filter in there and a HOB. As long as I only clean one filter with every water change. I dont have a cycle bump
  14. Open Chat :)

    @aussieJJDude Happy birthday !