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  1. I was so close!

    Well I think I would have gotten them too. That first one the Orange one is impressive. Those scales look like they belong to a Koi
  2. What is up with my Goldfish?

    I wanted to say though. Great call, I didn't even see the filter. Was focused on the PH. back @Mikey
  3. What is up with my Goldfish?

    What we really need is a Jug of water from your tap, fill that jug with Tap water. Then test it right away. Now let that jug of water sit out for 24 hours then test it again. This is important as we need to figure out why its going down. Not the tank Tap water in a Jug.
  4. What is up with my Goldfish?

    One more thing. Can you post a photo of the whole tank? Do you have ornaments or logs in the tank? I really need you to do a jug test. This isn't tank water its the tap water. We need to see if its adjusting by its self or if there is something in the tank changing the ph. Ph going down in a tank or pond can burn the fish. Ph should stay stable or slowly rise up not down.
  5. New Fish!

    Man they are almost big enough not to get eaten but not
  6. Upgrade Again

    Anyone see anything that needs to be fixed?
  7. Dragonfly Nymph?

    I love Dragonfly's just don't want them eating my fish once a I get a pond
  8. I still feel like that some days. Its hard, but just remember you got each other too (you and your wife). You got to be strong for each other.
  9. Thank you MJ that was a great Just shows you sometimes when we think everything is going wrong for us, there are ppl out there in far worse things or conditions.
  10. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Thats a Oh my your a Biggin Compliment
  11. Thats the hard part. There one day gone the next. She was very over weight, (almost 400 pounds). She had high blood pressure and when they found a blood clot in her leg they put her on blood thinners. She told me about the clot but she sounded like everything was under control ( She's had issues since my brother died) . Only to find out they had her on high blood pressure pills and blood thinners. Then a clot got to her lungs. From what my step father said she had complained of shortness of breath and passed out once. She went in and told her that her that everything is alright just her Diabiets 2. Then She told my step dad that she wasn't feeling well and passed out 4 hours latter she passed away. I had a hard time dealing with it, but going no not at all. I know that there are plans for me and I just keep going. No Im the only one. And it wasn't a pretty picture after that in my life. My mom was the only one in my life (family) that was 100% there for me when I needed her Now I kinda have a whole there but I just fill it with happy times Thats what friends are for. Plus I know the pain and the feelings around this and thought to give you a shoulder