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  1. Remember that foods high in fat can make them fat. Also sometimes its all in the genetics of a fish.
  2. I find that moss balls give them something to do in my tank
  3. Rustic

    WOW getting bigger all the time
  4. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Did a water change on my tank while they where laying eggs again for the second time this week and for the fourth time this month. Can they please give me a break. Tank gets so messy when they do this. I have seen some fry but about a day later they are all gone So I bought them some wisteria to float on the top of the tank. Maybe that will help
  5. Open Chat :)

    Man not again I managed not to get Justine's cough this time but I did hurt my back again. That sucks. I can't even go shopping
  6. One pic per personPlease include a description or a caption of the photo.This contest is limited to goldfish and Koi that you now or have owned only please.First 10 pics go into the poll.Good luck
  7. 1. @adnan 2. @aaronv801 “” 3. @FishyMandy “Roo”
  8. @aaronv801 Congrats what a great photo and good looking fish 3. @aaronv801“My grumpy girl TATA”
  9. Well testing the water will help you know what is going on in the tanks.
  10. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks

    So true and then you get to watch them breed to if they are happy. Mine have done this three times this last month
  11. You could use that filter or do a 100% water change every day.
  12. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks

    and Please do read what Shakaho has posted. Its a good way to keep your fish healthy. If you have questions please ask, the only dumb one is the one not asked
  13. My Monster Flowerhorn

    DUDE! What size tank is that? He seems so big in it.