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  1. how recently have you set up this tank? Was the tank cycled before you got them or are they cycling the tank?
  2. @Arctic Mama I think has built one. She might know. 👍
  3. Some ppl will paint the underside, but you don't need to. If your going to put gravel or sand in there. Mine isn't painted, just the clear glass. I'm not really bothered by it.
  4. If you can a photo of the tank will help. Also I don't know if you have seen our guidelines, it might help ya too.👍
  5. Okay I really didn't realize that was a water that always is out. We do the same thing here. Your ph is fine. If you really want to see what's going on is what AM said. I would get a test kit for gh and kh. This will tell you if you have hard watwr. I'm thinking you do and with it mixing in the tank it slowly goes up. I have the opposite problem. My water will slowly go down.
  6. I would have her in a shallow container and feed nothing but duckweed. That might help. 😁
  7. Does she ever flip upright? If not there isn't much you can do, but place the fish in a shallow container and feed duckweed only. It might help. If the bladder has deflated there isn't a way to fix it. 😣
  8. I Don't see why not. Tetra makes a goldfish version. As a snack I thick it would be fine.
  9. Do you have a tote you can use that is long but not tall? If you can I would put this fish there with low filtration. Then I would feed this fish, nothing but duckweed for a week. See if that will help. Your fish is a Ryukin. These fish are prone to flip overs. There swim bladder is compressed and it can either get a bacterial infection in it or some times it will get twisted or it might pop. 😳
  10. :👋 Well your on the right track. 24l is still on the small side on the long run. Also your going to want good filtration and do water changes every week. Do you have a test kit?
  11. It is one of the best books to have on hand.
  12. Dang! That is some wacky ph. Let's to a test.... Get a jug of water that you use for water changes. Test the water in the jug. Then let it set for 24 hours and test it. If you have a bubbler you can put in it, that would help, but it's not necessary. Report back. Let us know. I'm interested to see if the water goes up or something in the tank is doing it.
  13. If it was me I would feed this fish nothing but Duckweed for now. There really isn't any meds that help flip over. You could try antibiotics to see if it would help if it's an infection. If it's damaged inside, the air sacks, there isn'tt much you can do. 😳
  14. My family is from Ireland. I'm actually Dutch Welsh. 🙌
  15. Okay if it was me. The first thing I would do is get all of the ornaments out of the tank. It might be leaching into the water. Then I would do a water change. Then I would do a .1% salt in the tank for 3 days.
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