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  1. Open Chat :)

    Good on ya MJ. Man if you hadn't found them they would have been dead soon. Sad that Walmart does this. Im lucky the one here doesn't sell fish at all
  2. I have been to a lot of them but I have never shown mine
  3. Im sure one of them will win
  4. I have the same set up. I only clean on at a time. This is so I don't get a cycle bump. I don't have any gravel in my tank to keep the bb's going if I do do both at the same time. If you do have gravel you might be able to get away with cleaning both, but I find it better to just clean one filter at a time
  5. New Fish!

    How are these guys doing now Mandy? I have been keeping my eye out for updates
  6. Should I crossbreed?

    How did it go?
  7. How hard is it to breed goldfish?

    How is the fish doing?
  8. I got to do the whole tank tomorrow. Water change, clean filter and scrub the front glass. I have night time sun that hits the back of the tank and makes tons of Algae. I let it grow everywhere but the front glass..
  9. Open Chat :)

    The rain, where is it. Do you have it?
  10. That was me with the canisters. I always made a big mess out of it. My HOB not so much I do drip little bit of water but not like half the tank
  11. Shrimp and Star

    Very nice MJ I should get photos of mine.