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  1. Ohanyu

    How is he doing today?
  2. Open Chat :)

    If you lived closer you could have my bow front. Its still sitting out front
  3. Tetra 40breeder quality

    I got it online. https://www.thatpetplace.com/marineland-perfecto-glass-canopy-36in-18in I had bought the one at petco and it was to big then I got another one from an online store it was to big and came in broken. This place packed it very well and it fits very well too
  4. Tetra 40breeder quality

    Thats the one I have, if you have a problem finding a lid let me know I know where you can find them online
  5. Best filtration for 75 gallon

    How do you like it, I haven't had one of those yet
  6. 75 gallon upgrade from 55

    They are alittle expensive but you could use a Wondershell to help with this
  7. Open Chat :)

    Thats a really pretty tank. Looks like you got Sail fin Mollies and guppies Do you know what kind of birds? They are so neat
  8. My Monster Flowerhorn

    He says Im going to get you
  9. @aaronv801 What an awesome photo and fish No name for this girl yet, she's one of three black Orandas I currently have.
  10. One pic per personPlease include a description or a caption of the photo.This contest is limited to goldfish and Koi that you now or have owned only please.First 10 pics go into the poll.Good luck
  11. @aaronv801 Check out those chin freckles @Chris1251 Chris here... Sharing Pig Pen... Finally chased him down for a photo... showing me the stink eye... LOL!!! @FishyMandy Juliet making her forum debut. I've had her about 6 weeks now.
  12. Sharing some bad pics

    yeah sometimes they do that too if they aren't getting enough to eat, but I never liked the two together
  13. Share Your Gel Food Recipes For Floaters

    I don't see why not