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  1. koko

    Pearlscale tail rot

    If you can please give us a photo of this tail. What kind of tank where they in before this?
  2. I got a suggestion for your power head. You can attach a sponge filter to it, then you have the power head pushing the water but the sponge as a filter. Thats great news to hear. Yeah I don't like the use meds but if it did the trick Im so glad
  3. koko

    What did you do today?

    Is that a high fin banded shark> that is such an interesting looking fish 👀? How sad, Im glad you where there to help her out, that was so kind of you. Need more of that I did a water change the other day. Replaced the motor and peller to my HOB Then Wiped all the glass down and man was that a messy tank after
  4. koko

    White Pimples on Tail Fin

    Fungus populates when people over feed and there's too much decaying matter in the filter and some clusters getting stuck in the walls or bottom of the tank. Fungus feeds on decaying matter. This is prevalent with people who feed with gel food. Residues dissolve in the water and organic mulm collects everywhere -- not just the filter. As for the ones who don't feed gelfood but is still seeing white nodules on their fish -- the need to do good maintenance of the filter media and never allow it to get clogged for too long. That was a suggestion for feeding the gel food. People have a tendency for feeding to much food and it will collect in filters and on the floor of the tank. Thats what that statement means. Meds aren't the answer to everything. I agree with this. But I have seen these white spots for years. Well thats your opinion I had asked a friend about this cause I kept seeing it over and over again. I wasn't saying poor maintenance. What I was trying to say and where I got the information from is trying to say is that over feeding and not cleaning out the filters can cause excess gunk in the filters causing fungus spores. yes if they are viral it will come back but if they are Fungus you can get it under control. I agree with going with something more milder, but I do worry about fish getting red streaks like this. Normally it indicates something not right with the fish. Im not saying Meds cure everything and Im not one to just use meds all the time. Also it was a suggestion, I always let others put there in put on D&D and Im always willing to learn new things from others. Its just an opinion and everyone has them
  5. koko

    White Pimples on Tail Fin

    From a good friend of mine that has seen this before and I had asked with another member. It does make a lot of since. Since i rinse my filter out every water change and only feed my fish 2 times a day I haven't seen this issue. Also I don't feed them gel food
  6. koko

    Open Chat :)

    how are you do my dear?
  7. koko

    Open Chat :)

    That is just awesome to hear Mikey Yeah I know that Yeah another upgrade
  8. *63 gallons running for a yearTank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 250gallonWhat is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? I got a question about your filter. Do you only have one filter that runs 250GPH also can you tell me the name of it? you need a filter or filters that do totally 630 GPH for the right filtration here. Also we are kinda pushing the tank size here. Goldfish need 20 gallon per fish to make them happy. With out giving them enough room sometimes they will peck at ones that at sick.
  9. @koko This is my Main Coon cat. He is now 6 years old and lucky on the lighter size of the breed. Bob T Cat
  10. @koko I believe I can Fly, I believe I can touch the sky @FishyMandy Spice
  11. Sorry guys, I got really busy at the house. Okay guys its anything you want to post as long as you took the photo. Have fun
  12. koko

    Our first baby ranchus!

    That is so cool to see and hear about! Great job
  13. koko


    If you can I would get a 10 gallon tote or a tank. I think we need to QT this fish and start there. Melafix is just tree oil but Im thinking salt would do better. and maybe if you can a little clearer photo the photo is kinda pixelated and hard to see what is going on there.
  14. koko


    You might have a cycle bump from replacing the filter floss. Next time just rinse it out with tank water, this keeps the Bio bugs alive. Your filter rate is a little on the low side but you make it up with the water changes If you can take a photo of the pond and fish for me. The worm might have been from to much debris in the tank. They are harmless to the fish.