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    Speaking of hair, I got sick of mine and removed it. Before and now... I don't think it makes much of a difference.
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    Found this little guy in my workshop today... Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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    Another one from the pond... Chocolate!!
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    Lets just say I’m not quitting my day job to become a YouTube star. I am a horrible videographer!
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    Went out to check on the pondies and cover them up for the night and Uma (tosakin) was GONE. I mean, she's white, the pond liner is black, and I was shining a flashlight in and she was nowhere to be seen. Oh, finally, there she is under the Pothos all tangled up in the stems. And she's just sitting there like "Well, ok. I guess this is just my life now. It's cool." Temp dropped recently and then warmed back up so I bet Sweeney was chasing her and she ended up there. BOYS.
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    That source has a lot of misinformation. I wonder what chemical reaction they propose for salt removing oxygen from the water. I'm sure hydrogen peroxide will kill algae, and your nitrifiers as well. The rotting dead algae will remove oxygen from the water. You can use hydrogen peroxide to swab a infected area once. Repeated use irritates the lesion. You can follow up the peroxide with daily swabs with iodine, preferably betadine, which doesn't sting at all.
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    I thought of y’all because I went to Tommy’s yesterday and was thinking about the time I went with Alex and we just nerded out and Tommy was so irritated with us for not buying anything. I uh made up for that. And when I got home I was telling my husband about this ranchu I REALLY wanted but was good and left it there. He said “aww, if it makes you happy you should get it?” So today I snatched it in the auction and am having him ship it to me [emoji23][emoji23] omg what have I done. Three fancy fishies [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi all - My name is Mikayla, I’m from Cape Town SA, I have been in the fancy goldfish hobby for just over 3 years now. The fish I’m submitting is my red and white long tail ryukin.As you can see she’s got really pretty long fins and a beautiful coloration. Pretty sure Gem is a female... she was imported all the way from mainland China! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just gonna leave this here
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    Hi! Chris here... Here is the finished layout of the tank... I’m sure it will evolve over time, but for now this is as good as it gets.... My boys think they are interior decorators... every time I turn around the are rearranging glass pebbles and plants...I guess they think they have a better idea... Enjoy! 😉
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    Let's make this a real contest with lots of entry's!!!.......let's just hope people vote!!!! This was Adolf!!
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    Chris here.... This is Buster.... but we discovering that his true name should be “TROUBLE “..... 🤪
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    I have baby red and white Ryukins. I really love them. My favorites are calicos... And I had several but lost them all to a Costia attack. Here's the largest one. I think Ryukins are the best ever.
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    These are two of my Orandas. The orange one is the one that survived the tank crash of a couple of weeks ago. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Everyone! Newbie here! I rescued my little comet, Darwin in March of 2017. My husband and I are bank contractors and someone left this poor little guy when they moved to another state. He was in pretty rough shape when we found him. His 5 gallon tank was only a little over half full and overpopulated with fake plants, decor and algae. We weren't even sure there was life in there until he poked his cute little face out from behind the cluster of fake, algae covered plants. We had no idea how long he had gone without eating (I estimate 3 weeks) and he quickly gobbled everything up the moment he was fed. We weren't allowed to remove him from site until after approval so we went back frequently to check on him and feed him. The day we received approval to remove everything in the home, I rushed over to pick him up. He survived his 30 mile trip home, likely with a little stress and emotional trauma and right to our house where he has thrived ever since. Never having owned a fish before, I had no idea what he needed at first, but with a little research, we secured him new digs with plenty of food. We have since upgraded his tank to a 10 gallon (I know this is still inadequate but due to limited space, this is only what we can provide for him now) new clean substrate, Marimo balls, and limited decorations. He is a feisty little eater and is constantly hounding for food, which I hear is normal behavior for a goldfish. He's grown a solid 1.5" since we have upgraded his tank and I know he has the potential to grow even more. Right now he is at 3.75" Not sure if he is in fact a he, as I have no idea how to sex a comet.. but Darwin seems to be a gender neutral name. I deep clean his tank every 30-45 days, replace water every 10-14 days and spot clean every other day or when algae appears, add supplements, water treatment to new water and balancing agents every 7-10 days and sometimes a teaspoon of aquarium salt. I also check the temps daily (regulating 72-74 F) and pH every few days (average of 5.0-6.0). He eats tropical flakes 3 times a day with some peas at least once per week. He did have a problem with his swim bladder about three or four months ago which was an issue with the food we had him on (gold fish pellets). This is when I discovered that goldfish like fresh veggies and that peas will help regulate a healthy swim bladder. No swim bladder issues since! I know I am doing pretty much everything I can to keep him comfortable and happy. But there are always those lingering questions... What else should I be doing? Is he lonely? Could he be happier? Is he eating enough? Too much? Is he a boy or a girl? Why is he tearing apart the Marimo balls but not eating them!? Is he bored? Does he need more decorations or places to hide? etc. etc. etc. I never thought I would ever love a fish like I love Darwin. Never even considered getting one, just because "what if I kill it and it suffers due to my lack of knowledge?" I find myself watching him for extended periods of time, just swimming around being crazy, gobbling rocks and spitting them out, even pooping. Yes, as much as it embarrasses me to admit this, I watch him poop. Mostly so I can get it out right away, but also to make sure he's eating okay. I am his biggest fan. Geez now I sound like I have no life. haha My biggest concern is that he needs a friend. I am super hesitant to purchase another comet from my local pet store because I am very familiar with bacteria and diseases that are passed from new fish to existing fish. I know I would need to quarantine it for at least 3 weeks. I made it my mission to keep Darwin alive and have done well so far and I don't want to add any stress to his life or potentially kill him with any new additions. I am looking for honest opinions and accept all constructive criticism and any advice! Is my 10 gallon tank too small for two comets? Will they even get along, knowing that Darwin is so feisty and destructive? Will an addition of another comet restrict his growth, that is if his tank isn't already restricting his growth? What is Darwin's sex? A big thank you to all who read my novel and made it through before scrolling away out of sheer boredom. lol! Being a fish mom is so exciting and rewarding. I just want to make sure this guy never has to feel the pain of hunger, abandonment, overcrowding or confusion ever again. Happy fish parenting to everyone! Darwin's Mom.
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    Just FYI......I have a 50 ft Python......when I am removing water & gravel cleaning I NEVER hook it to the faucet. I get plenty of suction to get the job well done. When I have finished gravel cleaning & removing however much water THEN I hook it to the faucet & refill. (Always be watchful goldies are curious & can get pulled in A N D when refilling it is easy to get distracted & OVERFILL!! I (embarrassingly) have done both of the years! But my Python is a much appreciated tool I would NOT do without!!! (Note: I always keep THE CLAW on when cleaning to make sure nosey Goldies can't get pulled in!!!)