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    Sebastian may not be the most exotic of fish but he sure is handsome !
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    Chris here.... Finally came up with a name for my baby pearlscale.... Butter Ball!!!
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    Hi to everyone! Maybe some of you remember me, but for these ones who don’t know me just a brief introducing- my name is Adnan, regionally from Bulgaria but living in Northern Ireland. Well, my intention is in time I would like to share my goldfish adventure with all of you who like these beautiful creatures named goldfish I personally like and interested of all types of goldfish but my favourite top breeds are torpedo shape ones, like shubunkins, comets, wakins, jikins..... especially the long fancy tail ones. Since 3 weeks I have 5 golden-red comets, at the moment their size is 2,5-3 inches long without the tails. All in my 75 gallon tank. I bought them from England, probably local breed. I assume that they are approximately 1 year old, still teenagers, 3 girls and 2 boys. So far I didn’t notice something wrong with their condition, very healthy and active fish, excellent coloured. Regarding the tank interior I’m still thinking about it. The current interior is temporary. Probably the new one will be with artificial plants imitation of Cabomba plant, plus drift woods and small rocks. Simple, stylish design but the most importantly comfortable for its inhabitants. Hopefully in time their tails will be growing as long as their bodies. Couple of pictures of the current situation.
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    Yea that goes around a lot, but isn't true. I know years ago my mum dumped in a massive amount of food, my tank was a mess and it took me ages to clean up, but no fish ate themselves to death.
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    I have never once heard of a fancy goldfish dying right after a huge accidental meal. I've heard of them floating after such a meal but not dying.
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    No. They will eat a lot, but they won't be damaged by that in the short run. If you keep on overfeeding, they will become obese, which isn't any better for them than for us. The only time they die from overfeeding comes from the uneaten food rotting, releasing toxic ammonia and excess carbon dioxide. The bacteria that decompose the food also use up much of the oxygen in the water.
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    "But duckweed would encourage him to gulp at the surface..." No it won't. Gulping at the surface occurs when the tank has a tasty film of protein and other organics on the surface. This film comes from uneaten food which is releasing it's components. Gel food and soaked pellets produce this film rapidly. Live duckweed doesn't release anything. The fish grabs it, dives to the bottom, chews, swallows and repeats. Unless you overfeed, floating pellets get grabbed before they have a chance to release any nutrients.
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    The thing about poor water quality is that it doesn't usually kill quickly. Especially not with these very hardy single tail goldfish. The fish are usually totally fine until SOMETHING makes them vulnerable. Stress, especially poor water quality, etc. Then bacteria and fungus or whatnot can attack them when their immune systems are lowered. We ask that advice not be mixed. It can complicate things. If you wish to follow the pet stores advice, by all means do so, but that means that we are unable to help. I don't see fungus and you never posted clear photos of fungus. I DO see shedding slime, but that could have been caused by the salt. ANY medicine that claims to be a sort of cure all usually does little to no actual good. I can't recommend that medication you're using without knowing what's in it. After two years of the fish being totally healthy and there being no problems, might I ask what prompted you to change tanks?
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    IT is an attachment that keeps your fish from being sucked in while siphoning water out with a Python Gravel Vacuum Siphon (0r whatever "brand" you have.) Early on when I got my Python I had finished vacuuming I was still removing water but was not WATCHING the intake tube closely and a goldie was pulled in and killed. It was awful! I researched and found the Lee's Ultimate Gravel Cleaning Claw. (Another fact is that I always hooked it to the sink removing & adding water. Later I realized it didn't need to be hooked up to the faucet to remove water & vacuum as there was plenty of "pull" to clean with!) So I only hook it up when adding water.)
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    My baby all grown up.
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    @aaronv801 Congrats what a great photo and good looking fish 3. @aaronv801“My grumpy girl TATA”
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    @aaronv801 Congrats what a wonderful looking fish and great photo
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    Here she is next to our 4"+ ranchu Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Cool! I was browsing thru some older posts & ran across yours! So cool that you had recently updated to a current photo!!!
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    They look great and I love the tank!
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    It's been a week and it hasn't changed much, maybe a teeny tiny bit. Cosmo is still eating well, but he doesn't like that I'm feeding him lightly during his QT time. He's always begging for more pellets When Cosmo is resting his tail is floating halfway up and his nose down so he is at an angle like he is going down an imaginary slide, that is not how he usually looks while resting/sleeping. Otherwise he swims horizontally like normal. Should I be concerned with this now?
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    I find that moss balls give them something to do in my tank
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    Been awhile since I have uploaded. The kids sort of run the place so sorry for the mess haha.
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    Just wanted to add his new photo here as well. He's loaded with breeding stars. It's a boy.