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    I use the Wondershells to keep it balanced. For some ppl it doesn't work if the KH is very low. The reason it will dissolve to fast for some. Mine I only need to put the pond size in my 40B tank about every three weeks. I have yet to have a problem with my PH (knock on wood) since I started to use them. I have the same problem with supersaturation too. For this I do two water changes a week and only us 95% cold water, thats the other reason I do smaller changes cause the water is so cold right now.
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    That is sounding so much better. Yes keep up on the water changes but keep an eye on that Ph while we go into rainy season I know mine will change little bit
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    Pelican Landing, took this on my trip to kangaroo Island last year
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    I have no idea what it is. But I am determined to raise some babies next year somehow.