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    I have blue velvet neo cardinia in my 20gallon long with nano fish, the same one I posted before. They breed like crazy, but I let the shrimp establish themselves first before adding in most of my other nano fish. So it can work!
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    I love new setups, I hope you can pick up the bowfront at a good price. I'll just comment on fish/inverts I've had experience with. I like the idea of a big school of ember tetras, they are tiny for a tetra so a big school will make them feel much more secure and they will help draw out some of your more timid fish ie. CPD's. The type of dwarf corydoras makes a difference. I've had "pygmaeus" and "hasbrosus" corys. Habrosus are the shyer of the 2, usually hiding in the plants, so with a heavily planted tank, you may never see them unless it's feeding time. Their behaviour is typical corycat, usually hugging the bottom, but with the pygmeaus, I find them more outgoing and bottom/mid level swimmers. They love weaving through the plants and resting on leaves. I would choose those if you can find them. They're both cute, but the pygmeus face is more pointed, more "mouselike". Rams prefer warmer water, the cory's on the cooler side, so I'm not sure if they're will be a happy medium. For yellow maybe a Yellow/Gold neo cardinia shrimp? They should be able to breed in a densely planted tank. I'ts been years since I've had threadfins, IIRC they are top level swimmers so they may be ok with rams if you go with rams since they prefer the bottom half of the tank. I`m enjoying my nerites, good idea to stock them after your tank matures. Good luck!
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    I love that pic!! Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    He says Im going to get you
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