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    So I decided to change my hair again. November 2 is the first photo... And then the second one is today. Idk. I just can't leave it alone lol
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    These guys are incredibly hard to photograph, but, baby cories!
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    She is skinny and needs beefing up, but she is beautiful. Fell in love with her on my lfs fb page
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    what you're flicking off your suckers is biofilm. normal. biofilm is natural to any water source (biofilm even settles on our teeth and we brush it off twice a day!) and can simply be wiped off during every waterchange/tank maintenance routine you have going each week. i am confident that this is not the cause of the problems. moving along. you have added 2 new fish and now there is a fin issue. it does not look like rot to me. rot usually has white corroded edges. this looks like it's parasites and most likely flukes. you will need to treat the whole tank with Praziquantel and salt. given the amount of fin that is affected, i would also recommend salt dips before starting prazi treatment. this will strip away the slime coat off your fish so that the Prazi has a better chance of working as quickly as possible. good luck!
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    Cories. I moved them to a different tank yesterday, I noticed they were having to spend too much time travelling to find food so I moved them to a smaller tank for now until they put on some more size. I counted them while moving, I have 25. They seem to be a mixture of Peppered and Albino
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    From Coast Gem USA. Got them for $25 each and only $15 USPS two days shipping. Enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here’s two pictures of my father in law’s Wakins.
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    My pond fish spawn a lot. There is so much hornwort and plant roots in there that it's near impossible for them to eat all the eggs. Not raising any goldies this year though but since I havent raised Cory's before I thought I'd give it a go
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    Lol trying to do that
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    So Sunday...was feeling very emotional after suddenly losing Junior on Saturday night. I went to the local markets to look around to get out of the house. Someone had a stall and was selling goldfish...I think you can see where this is going. I said I wasn't going to buy any more goldies unless I saw a ranchu or oranda I really liked...these are neither. I blame the emotions I was going through persuading me I needed them. I love them though and it was nice to have a distraction. Bruce is the calico....nymph? Shubunkin? I think Nymph..he looks too short bodied too be a Shubie. he has a deformed dorsal which I think looks like a birth defect, I think it adds character, he looks like a shark so is named after the shark in finding nemo. Calvin is the Orange Telenymph. She is quite clumsy and the name Calvin just came to me for her (or him, I'm not sure yet, I'm learning towards her)
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    Thanks koko. I keep beating myself up with what its...even though the vet even recommended euthanasia over treatment and that it was one of those things you cant really pick up until it's too late:( I keep dreaming about him too. At night when I've finished everything for the day it really gets to me. Heres another baby cory pic
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    Actually, almost all of my fancies have wens as do some of my long-bodied fish. All of my current fish are pond mutts and all of the fancies (and many of the others) are descendants of my late crown pearlscale, Pearls, mother of multitudes. Many of them are as round bodied as Pearls was, and have "top hat" wens like Pearls, which fortunately do not grow over the eyes. Sadly, none of them have pearl scales. All the pellets get ground up in the throat so the size of the pieces will be pretty much all the same as they go on through the gut.
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    Haha I love when the fat little fancies are working their tails off to get the girl
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    Here's Mary and her 6 Barbies today. All is well here. Mary is a little sweet heart. Blood Parrots are really awesome. @koko you really have to get one lol
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    Everyone was feeling a bit shy today. Here’s my one oranda when I bought him and him today. I’m loving how his colours are changing. His oranges are much more vibrant since he’s been outside. 😍
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    I use the Wondershells to keep it balanced. For some ppl it doesn't work if the KH is very low. The reason it will dissolve to fast for some. Mine I only need to put the pond size in my 40B tank about every three weeks. I have yet to have a problem with my PH (knock on wood) since I started to use them. I have the same problem with supersaturation too. For this I do two water changes a week and only us 95% cold water, thats the other reason I do smaller changes cause the water is so cold right now.
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    I'm really bad at estimating size but I'd say probably around 3 inches SL I'll probably keep her in QT for quite a while past the 4 weeks minimum I normally do, just until I'm satisfied she has put on enough weight. I was calling her Ninja to start with but that has since changed to Maggie
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    I have no idea what it is. But I am determined to raise some babies next year somehow.
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    Oh now that is cool. Okay now I understand The suggestion I have for you then is to get that power head off the glass, so it doesn't collect the bio film. You can do this by putting a sponge filter on the end of it. This will give your cycle more BB's too in the long run.
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    @aussieJJDude Happy birthday !
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    you don't need to clean the air lines. Like Helen said its just bio film on the lines. When I mean is just dump the water out of the Filters. Every time you change your water since it builds up in the bottom of the filter. I would not clean clean the tank if you do that you could loose your cycle. You don't clean all your filter media in all your filters on the same day do you? If you do you can cause a slight Cycle bump again. When I do a water change, I dump the water out of my filters and only clean one filters Media every time. This way the other filter has all the BB's in it to keep the cycle stable Im not bothered by algae, in fact mine will try and nibble at it during the day ITs good for them to eat. Just like they would do in a pond. I did read up on Paraguard and it says it will kill Flukes. I my self haven't used it since I can get Prazi. Can you see if you can get something like General Cure?
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    Thank you. I did have a problem with the second one I like it, It looks great on you Funny how we can type something and it sounds different when we are thinking about it Me too. My hair has been getting really thin since I had Justine. You can see my scalp now
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    So hard to lose a dear pet, my condolences. But cheering hard for your cory fry! I hope they grow out nice and strong. I'll probably get a breeding setup going in January - prime breeding season around then.
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    Koko I suck at breeding. I rarely get spawns and I don't keep plants in my ponds and so the fish always eat everything. I SWEAR I am going to raise some babies next year. I MUST. Mandy makes me jealous.
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    Wow thats pretty
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    Aww he is so cute
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    Here are the tropicals today. Finally cleaned all the brown algae. You really couldn't see anything at all... The tank was so covered in brown algae. But it's clean now. There's still SOME brown algae but much less. Had to install their heater as well. Not warm outside anymore. All is well here. I love these buggers. So much easier to maintain than goldfish. Mary and all 6 of her barbies are doing just fine.
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    Okay we have about one fish to many in this tank But with extra water changes you can keep it up The internal filter is a big problem with goldfish. It cant deal with the Bio load that the goldfish make. It builds up to much bad bacteria in the filter pads making the water bad for them. SO the first thing I would do is take that filter out. I would also do a 50-60% water change today then another one tomorrow. Also I would like you to find "KanaPlex" and "MetroPlex" for treatment You might have to order it online
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    That was my same thought. I have only seen in the USA fin-less Bubble eye fish. WOW I love thed last one too
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    I really like them all, Booshka is my favourite though and Common reminds me of my little commons, they are half way orange now
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    I'll keep one or two. Don't have a big enough tank to keep them all sadly.
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    Oh Wakins I just love those fish. I really want a pond with them
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    WOW they are great looking fish. Very nice I think I would have gotten them too if I had room and was looking for some fish
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    Here is my favourite of my new goldies just out of quarantine today! The white baby ryukin behind is also pretty cute, but I love orandas. Especially the giant-brain looking red caps! The tank still needs to be decorated properly - the little bits and pieces at the moment are purely there while I decide on the final design and get my plants in.
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    WoW!! I like the Blue one!! They are all gorgeous!!
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    Your orange and white chu. 😍💕
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    I been feeding mine the Fluval Bug bites since it first came out. Also frozen blood worms. I do really like the Bug bites. So do they
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    Me too. Well its rainy season here now. Im enjoying it for now but I bet in about a month I will be tired if it again
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    Try Super Green. It's likely that Super Gold will cause issues if Soilent Green does. I have prefilter sponges on my filters. This prevents food from ever getting sucked into the filters. With tiny food for fish like Tiger Barbs, it was necessary.
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    You definitely have to get one Koko!!!
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    Now becareful with the Repashy food, cause some veggies will make them get gas too. Like broccoli and bell peppers. Also when you feed gel foods, make sure you turn off the filter for atleast 5 mins so that the fish can eat and the food doesn't get sucked up in the filter.
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    Hey look at that the Blood parrot twins That just awesome you got one too. I have always loved those guys
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    I’m sorry he passed, but he was already so weakened and you gave it your best shot. That’s all we can do, really.
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    Sorry you lost him You did well trying
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    They are such GREAT fish!!!! I just LOVE him!!!!
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    Awesome!! What Luck, I didn't think I would actually win! Thanks!!