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    Just wanted to Share Roo, her hump as developed a lot lately! When looking for Photos of when I got her I realized I've had for three years! So here's photos from when I got her And here she is today! (just a phone photo because I need to charge camera lol)
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    I just realized I need to quarantine this new fish. Will get my 20 gallon set up for her arrival.
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    I decided not to wait and I was able to connect with a fish breeder to get another large goldfish. Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting 8 to 10 inch female tricolored shubunkin to go with my male shubunkin. I’m really super excited. And I’m also really super nervous About putting a new fish into the tank with him. I’m assuming that I have to let the bag with the new fish float in the water on the top for about half an hour to acclimate the water to the right temperature. Do I need to be aware of anything else to introduce the new fish into my tank?
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    I’ll definitely be spending more time with him now. He loves peas so I’ll make him some peas tonight. Maybe I can connect with a local breeder who has some mature fish.
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    Great idea, never thought about doing the towel thing. [emoji106] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    I've made mistakes that lead to the death of fish, it feels horrible, i know. But the best thing you can do is take it as a learning experience, as JJ said
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    Ah. I feel your pain, had similar experiences. Looking back on them, they arevgreat learning tools! You mentioned he is about 12inch? I'd try and source one at least 4 inches, but I know that larger fish can be pricey... I'd ideally look around the 6 - 10 inch mark to ensure the new one can hold its own. (Most of the time, i like to introduce new fish in pairs or more, to help disperse any interest onto one fish... but an 80g is a little tight for a trio of single tailed goldies IMO, and I'm sure you dont feel like upgrading. Haha) Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Im sorry to hear! Consider next time using a spare towel soaked in water? Its a lot easier to grip the fish, and since they are covered with a towel, less likely to spazz out? Goldies are social fish, so I would reccomend getting another. Of course, you're ultimately the caregiver, so you should really get a goldie once you're ready. But just watch for signs of your single goldie, they known to be a lot more reclusive and not as active. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    That will be fine we generally recommend for HOBs to have 10x the flow rate of the tank capacity
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    If it was still powdered I’d use it, but I’m not sure the liquid wouldn’t lose efficacy - prazi pro is remarkably finicky.
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    I personally wouldn't, I'm not sure if it would be harmful but I don't think it would be effective. Someone else might know more than me though
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    The Ultra Colloidal Silver just arrived!
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    Those sort of tail calcification aren’t that unusual, it’s combining it with the streaking and fraying that isn’t great. Hugs. Here is a not great picture of Watson, you can see some of the tail weirdness here too, with a little bit of fraying on several fins. Like I said I’m going to be trying the same treatment that worked before, but can’t say definitively by symptoms or pathology why it keeps working and also why symptoms keep popping back up - if it was viral the antibiotics shouldn’t kick it. If it was parasitic it shouldn’t take so long between outbreaks, nor should it survive a tank nuke and quarantined treatments with no cross contamination among tank components. But if it is bacterial it’s not one I’m familiar with, either, but that would explain why it responds to antibiotics. Sigh. Confusion. Many conditions are easy to treat, this one has been an issue on and off for me for ages. It might even be different than the hexamita like condition I managed in my tank before, but the symptoms seem extremely similar. I wish I could offer better advice, but some diagnostic stuff is just tricky, and that may be what you are dealing with too. Especially if you haven’t had any new livestock in months, that makes it even harder to figure out a vector for however it got into the system. You can try the kanaplex, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I’d reach for. I’m sorry about that filter drama too! Filter failures and hose kinks were part of what sparked this in my tank too, slightly wonky chemistry causing stress.
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    I’ve made symptoms abate before with metro and furan-2, which is why I’m not sure this is viral. I really can’t advise beyond that because like I said, it’s something we see on here occasionally and something I’ve seen in my own tanks but I’m not sure I have an answer for what it is. I nuked my system and treated all my fish and quarantined for months and it still came back so....?
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    Honestly I’ve been having something similar in my own tank and am experimenting with treatments right now. It seemed to come about after a higher nitrate week and a prazi round, so stress seems to have precipitated whatever it is. If I can find time I wanted to take microscope scraping and verify it isn’t protozoan. Anyway, not a lot of recs from me right now, but I’d be surprised if the silver made a huge difference because it behaves more virally. Can’t hurt to try though, at least to clean up some of the bioload uh the system.
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    What what? She supposed to be little! Man time flys. Hey everyone [emoji112] hope you are all doing well. Here a couple of pics of my Kid lol Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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    red fins white dots like that remind me of a bacterial problem to me. When the power came on did you take the water out of the filters? If not that could be part of the problem. The water didn't go bad, but it might have started to and if the water isn't dumped out, it went into the tank. I know this might sound weird but it worked for me. My fish Zac got something very closing looking to your fish. It started when I ran out of her Wondershell and I didn't clean my sponge filter out when I should have. So my tank was getting out of balance. I had did the salt route and and my prime but she still had white smears like dots on her belly fins and starting to get red streaks on her tail fin. Once my Wondershells came a week later, I placed it in the tank and had also cleaned my sponge filter and other filters.......then with in about 48 hours her spots where gone and with in a week the red streak was gone too. So I may suggest a Wondershell also colloidal silver you can find it in the health area in the stores now. It seems to me that your ph drops a little and you might have some bacterial problems. the colloidal silver will kill that off but it won't hurt the fish at all. add about a 1/2 dropper if it in the tank.
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