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    Just wanted to introduce myself. Been keeping fish for many years. A little over 30yrs actually so im not new to the hobby. My first and foremost love is fancy goldfish, then koi, followed by everything else that lands here. I'm running quite a few tanks atm. 5- 125gallons, 1- 200gallon, 1- 150, 2- 40, 2- 80, 2-60, 4- 55, and 4- 5s. ....and this summer the hubby and I are doing a 1200gallon tank build (indoors not a pond). My garage has never had a car in it because its one big fish room lol. Currently I have 16 goldfish, 2 axolotl, 3 koi, 4 oscars, 1 bichir, and 30ish of a variety of rescued and unwanted fish. The number of rescues fluctuates because I do rehome healthy fish. I am a member of another forum and while I love the people there, they dont really get my love of gold. They're all about the monsters. Hoping to get to know some like minded goldfish nuts and learn some more. Because while I know quite a bit after all this time, there's still room to learn more. Thanks for having me!