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    Hi guys. ECR is sponsoring this raffle for us. Its a great raffle and I hope you will join us. Thank you Cynthia! For every post you make you will get a chance in the random number generator drawing for .......... First prize Winner will receive ..... pair of Juvenile Orandas from ECR's (free shipping). They are the offspring of this fish Yogurt.. These are the fry so far. Also just for an UPDATE! ECR can only ship in the USA. Second Prize Winner will receive ........1 $50 gift certificate for a fish at ECR. Third Prize Winner will receive.....$25 gift certificate for a fish at ECR. Fourth Prize Winner will receive.....$25 gift certificates for a fish at ECR All winners will also get a KG T-shirt and @FishyMandy made goldfish sticker. All Gift Certificates have a year before they expire. So here's your chance to get some really good looking fish. This will End at the End of May!!!
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    How would rate flavor for fish food? I recently reviewed some fish food I got from Amazon. They asked me how many stars would I give the flavor of the fish food. To be honest I do not know what the fish food tastes like because I did not eat it. I gave it to my fish and they do not tell me how many stars to give the food. Either they liked it and want more or they hated it and wanted something else. My fish do not talk to me, but they ate the fish food. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    As long as it's not bothering him you don't have to remove it. If it does get to a point where it is bothering him and you choose to remove it, we can walk you through that process too.
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    Who the wha??? Who?? W-h-a-t?!?!? Huh? Is this a prank?!?! Shoot yeah I'll accept the gift card! It will be used for the aquaponic system I'm setting up! And I'll be sure to "play it forward" somehow! I'll also be sure to post up some photos when I get my 1st indoor aquaponic system set up! I hope you (FishMandy) are still getting the KG t-shirt, KG bumpersticker, and hand made fish globe/Yujin Gashapons Goldfish. You deserve it! But yes, if the gift card thing is real . . . THANKS!
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    I counted 13 Common Grackles, 1 American Crow, 7 House Finches, 8 House Sparrows, 1 Northern Cardinal, 2 Mourning Doves, 1 Dark Eyed Junco, 3 European Starlings, 1 American Robin, 2 Eurasian Collard Doves, 2 American Gold Finches, 1 Red Breasted Nuthatch, 1 White Breasted Nuthatch, 1 Red Bellied Woodpecker, 1 Hairy Woodpecker, 1 Downy Woodpecker, and then there were 6 Turkey Vultures flying up in circles in the sky.
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    I counted bird species for the Cornell Lab Of ornithology
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    Guess what? W h a t ? I'm getting some strawberry plants tomorrow!
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    The Ocellatus shellies are harem spawners, one dominant male and several females. They keep you on your toes because they're so aggressive. Neolamprologus Multifasciatus are IMO much more interesting and easier to get. They are colony spawners and the group dynamics are amazing. They can do ok in a 20g long, but in a larger tank, you can really see how the colony interacts together. This is a young pair of multies with new fry. I don't have a good enough camera to take pics of these fish - I think the parents were about 3/4" long.
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    Wishing Star hanging out with her Goldfish & Betta decoration friends
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    Would you like a bedroom like this, with your goldfish swimming underneath?
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    You keep reading the same "information" on various sites because the people posting them got their "information" from other similar sites, which got their information from other sites ad infinitum. You will not find information on these sites about the qualifications of of the author.
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    A pH lower than 7.5 may crash. Goldfish thrive in any stable pH from somewhat below 7.0 to over 9.0. Since a low pH can cost you your cycle, life is a lot easier if you maintain a higher pH. A natural pH in the 8s is very difficult to change.
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    Duplicate post thanks to dodgy internet 🙄
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    Happy Easter to everyone who celebrate it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ponds need water changes. An absolute minimum should be 10% changed weekly. 0.5 ppm is not a safe level of ammonia. Zero is a safe level. What kind of water additives or conditioners? Only ever pond weed treatment or medicine. If this means you are killing pond plants it may explain the ammonia, which you should never see in a healthy pond.
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    I agree. I like the clean aquatic look that it has! Although, I did like the last one, but this is a nice change. That's actually a thing . . . I imagine it would be salty like a dirty martini ??
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    I use one of those "pick up sticks" to reach the bottom of my tank
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    Yes indeed! Some of the best fish I’ve ever bought. Love her fish. Just don’t throw shade about my algae [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I feel like goldfish and a drink right now . . . I just love the "mood" of this photo. I'd like to set up something like that.
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    Wow, thank you Cynthia and Koko! Have always wanted orandas like that!! so beautiful....
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    Pair of cuties! Good luck to whoever wins, looks like some fine prizes Also, I'm loving the new forum layout.
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    Wow! What a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone.
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    Wow! Thanks for doing this raffle!
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    I'm sorry for your loss. What do you think of naming him New Charley? He'll have a different personality. Or Charlie Jr.? -Myss
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    Here is old Charley. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Of course it's real! You're welcome!
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    So, I find Amazon really hard to use, even though we have Amazon Australia now, a lot of things I want just dont ship to Australia! I don't want the Gift Card to go wasted! So I'm giving it away Another random draw was done from the raffle thread! Congratulations @Acro
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    Gulping at the surface occurs when a film of protein floats on the top. The fish slurps this up and swallows air in the process. In contrast, a fish eating duckweed or floating pellets grabs and dives, swallowing practically no air. Gel food and frozen bloodworms and the like produce the most surface film, followed by soaked sinking pellets and then unsoaked sinking pellets.
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    I can't buy duckweed locally either. Try these sources: https://www.pondexperts.ca/products-koi-pond/Duckweed-Floating-Pond-Plant-p3896710 https://www.amazon.ca/Exo-Terra-Water-Plant-Duckweed/dp/B0009YJ27E
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    Here we go... I hope to get another raffle together soon
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    I love it when they do that! I like the wood work you've got in there, soon it'll be covered in anubias!
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    I don't know anything about the "bubbles," but the white spot on the back of the fish may originate from some "partial dorsal fin" that sometimes appears in fish with no dorsal fin. More often, these appear as a spike or a "shark fin". It probably won't harm the fish, but also won't respond to any treatment.
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    Okay Update @Arctic Mama I took all my really big plants out of the tank, wiped everything down. Did a 80% water change. Then cleaned the filters. Goldfish's bubbles are going down. I think, if you think it will be a good, try General cure again in there. Also just to mention Goldfish did have about 3 red streaks in his tail fin last night. They are all gone now but I think your right some kind of bacterial infection going on. I think my plants where not getting enough circulation and so it built up a lot of gunk. When I took out my biggest plant there was alot of gunk under it.
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    Check out this unusual fish from this weeks Dandy Oranda's auction! It's a Red Eyed Fantail !!! I've only seen red eyes on albino fish.
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    They are Australian Finger Limes! They are also known as "Citrus Caviar" and the juice bits (non scientific term) are not attached (like other citrus) and will fall out like eggs when cut open. Did you know what they were . . . or did you look it up? Welcome to the raffle!
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    Caviar/Finger Limes! I haven't had one before. They sure look interesting and fun to play with LOL.
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    Uhhh...no addiction. I do enjoy my omega 3 infused ones though.
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    I stumbled upon this song and for some reason I love it. I should hate it, but I love it! It's just somehow adorable, I've almost got the thing memorized! See if you get addicted too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCEfZPhL-NU
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    Boom, got it covered. No, I don't know who she is . . . FishyMandy maybe?
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    @Sue they’re so cute! Obviously don’t disinfect your filter or media if they’re healthy, but for the tank itself I just use bleach cut with water, and rinse until I don’t smell chlorine anymore. Let it air dry in between if you’re worried, but it’s reliable and quite safe as long as you rinse thoroughly.
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    Moved my two Orandas into a 40B today. I want to clean and disenfect the tank they were in. Can you tell me what you use to disenfect a tank. No one was sick or anything
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    Dandy Orandas auction is on! Some lower priced fish are being offered, with starting bids are as low as $5! Yes, that's five bucks! Other starting bids are at $14, $25, and most are around $30 and $40 bucks! Who's getting one (or five)?!?! Of course, some have starting bids around $300 and $400 bucks too. If I was ready to throw some cash, and if I had a pond ready, and if I was still keeping fancies, I'd go for this "Massive White Longtail Eggfish"! Stunning!
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    I have a display tank of mixed strains of males. I love the colidiscope of colors. Starting a breeding project for a few show grade strains tho. I like the thai red dragons, japan blue mosaics, snows, and purple moscows.
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    Hope you got a lid for that tank, or some screen for that pond! Glad the fish is doing so much better, good job helping the fish heal. Please continue to post updates!
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    My girlfriend is going to try and make this embroidery: If she does, I'll post a photo of it!
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