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    Why yes. It's quiet refreshing lol Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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    The first two pics show my 3 goldfish and single Siamese Algae Eater lined up in a row, staring at their beautiful reflections. They might have an Adonis complex. The algae eater likes to hang out with the big boys. Its name is Ivan (the goldfish don’t have names yet), and I actually had this fish much longer than the goldfish. I’d say about a year, maybe more.
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    Were your friend's Daniel!!! If you need us were here to help you!!!!
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    WOWSers I agree 98F is way to hot I agree Yes you do, you have us
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    Its going pretty good. How is your day & how are you feeling? I did my water changes. Big Boy got mad at me for rearranging some his stuff so he nibbled on me to get away. IM glad he doesn't have big teeth up front!!! I found a new fish store and IM going this week!!!! Who knows what I might come home with!!!
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    @FishyMandy Again what a great photo Great Job Goldeen
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    Hi Ryan. Keeping Goldfish & Angelfish together is a BAD idea!!! They both have different needs. Temperature is different. Angelfish like it 75 or higher. Angelfish are AGGRESSIVE!!! They are part of the Cichlid family. They will prey on Goldfish. You need a VERY large aquarium for them because they both need ample space. They both eat a lot of the same foods but Angelfish need more protein and foods designed for them. I just don't see it working.
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    Had a box turtle at my door this morning. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone. Hope your having a good weekend!!!
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    Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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    No name for this girl yet, she's one of three black Orandas I currently have.
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    Pepper, this is one of my babies from the eggs I found in the pond. They haven't grown as much as I'd have liked but they seem happy and healthy, and this guy is one of my favourites and the only one of the double tails that survived .
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    So, it's the middle of summer and the temps outside are pretty close to triple digits and your fish are feeling the pinch, huh? Air conditioner not running right/at all? Not to worry. You can help battle the heat for your fish very easily. Evaporation will be your friend.... When you sweat and a breeze blows across your skin, it feels cool right? *goosebumps* Well, the same applies to your fishtanks. If you place a fan to blow across the surface of your tank, you can actually reduce the temperature up to 7-10 degrees, given the right circumstances. This also helps increase aeration by causing a ripple and the fact that at lower temps, oxygen is more available. The fans that work the best are the little clip on fans that ar made of mostly plastic. Make sure its VERY secure before you walk away. two on a 55 gallon tank would only pull 30 watts and should help reduce heat by at least 5 degrees F. You can use one for smaller tanks. The way this works: Tankwater is constantly trying to evaporate. If there is no wind to move evaporated water from near the surface, more water will not be able to evaporate. This is called stagnation. This stagnant, moist, airpocket actually acts like a greenhouse effect to trap in heat and can raise temps. If you set a fan to blow across the surface, the moist stagnant air near the surface is replaced with dryer air and allows for more, and constant, evaporation. As water is evaporating, the water left behind in the tank is left cooler. Just like when sweat evaporates from our skin...... Hope this helps someone this summer! Paul