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    Yoshi - my orange oranda. I got her recently. She has a really beautiful tail and a magnificent wen which covers her entire head. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I only have two goldfish in the tank right now. Spice and Bows. The other two are in the pond. To green to see right now. lol Also one of the dojo's. The other two look just like it.
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    WOW very nice! 9 more spots guys
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    Hi to everyone! Maybe some of you remember me, but for these ones who don’t know me just a brief introducing- my name is Adnan, regionally from Bulgaria but living in Northern Ireland. Well, my intention is in time I would like to share my goldfish adventure with all of you who like these beautiful creatures named goldfish I personally like and interested of all types of goldfish but my favourite top breeds are torpedo shape ones, like shubunkins, comets, wakins, jikins..... especially the long fancy tail ones. Since 3 weeks I have 5 golden-red comets, at the moment their size is 2,5-3 inches long without the tails. All in my 75 gallon tank. I bought them from England, probably local breed. I assume that they are approximately 1 year old, still teenagers, 3 girls and 2 boys. So far I didn’t notice something wrong with their condition, very healthy and active fish, excellent coloured. Regarding the tank interior I’m still thinking about it. The current interior is temporary. Probably the new one will be with artificial plants imitation of Cabomba plant, plus drift woods and small rocks. Simple, stylish design but the most importantly comfortable for its inhabitants. Hopefully in time their tails will be growing as long as their bodies. Couple of pictures of the current situation.
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    Just fresh update. Still considering to add couple of bigger rocks and smaller size artificial cabomba plant.
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    Congrats!! What a perfect picture
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    Pm me your addy. I have a test kit that Im not using. I tested mine and I don't have any so if you would like it I can send it to ya
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    That is one pretty fish I tell ya
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    He 's beautiful Myra!! LOVE his colors!!!
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    Asteroid... Female Comet thingy. Through her stages... February - 14 grams November - 100 grams She's my only single tail. These things grow fast... Seriously.