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    Speaking of hair, I got sick of mine and removed it. Before and now... I don't think it makes much of a difference.
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    Found this little guy in my workshop today... Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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    Went out to check on the pondies and cover them up for the night and Uma (tosakin) was GONE. I mean, she's white, the pond liner is black, and I was shining a flashlight in and she was nowhere to be seen. Oh, finally, there she is under the Pothos all tangled up in the stems. And she's just sitting there like "Well, ok. I guess this is just my life now. It's cool." Temp dropped recently and then warmed back up so I bet Sweeney was chasing her and she ended up there. BOYS.
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    That source has a lot of misinformation. I wonder what chemical reaction they propose for salt removing oxygen from the water. I'm sure hydrogen peroxide will kill algae, and your nitrifiers as well. The rotting dead algae will remove oxygen from the water. You can use hydrogen peroxide to swab a infected area once. Repeated use irritates the lesion. You can follow up the peroxide with daily swabs with iodine, preferably betadine, which doesn't sting at all.
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    I thought of y’all because I went to Tommy’s yesterday and was thinking about the time I went with Alex and we just nerded out and Tommy was so irritated with us for not buying anything. I uh made up for that. And when I got home I was telling my husband about this ranchu I REALLY wanted but was good and left it there. He said “aww, if it makes you happy you should get it?” So today I snatched it in the auction and am having him ship it to me [emoji23][emoji23] omg what have I done. Three fancy fishies [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A handful of humps... And I've got some genders now! All fish labeled male had confirmed stars. There was some chasing too. Their pond has a severe algae problem but I detected nothing but 0 all through their water tests so I have no idea why it's so bad. Star - male Tercey - male Bayana - male Whisper - unknown Josla - unknown Rustic - male Shrimp - unknown
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    This is Mr. Magoo, he's kinda chubby in the facial area.
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    Chris here.... I Just wanted to share what happened to my Amoonklein baby after two years of love 💕... Nautilus is a big boy now...
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    Hi! My oldest daughter is turning 12 next month My younger daughter will be 11 in July! Wow, time does pass quickly.... Lots of flowers here -
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    My Turbo snail has been hard at work.
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    This is my 55g planted with ONE single drama fish, some Buenos Aires tetras, some rainbow fish, and a neon dwarf gourami. All easy low-maintenance plants. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My broad tail moore, Gunnar. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
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    I have baby red and white Ryukins. I really love them. My favorites are calicos... And I had several but lost them all to a Costia attack. Here's the largest one. I think Ryukins are the best ever.
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    Two of my goldies, Comet (Black) and Cosmo (Calico)
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    Miso my little wiggly ranchu Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    I asked my husband yesterday what he would do if he came home and there was a 75 gallon (biggest tank we have now is a 40), he said 'I'd ask you why you settled and didn't get the 125 you really want'....and that's how I knew it was true love [emoji14] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Y'all are so silly... I like.... Big.... HUMPS and I cannot lie!!!! You utha owners can't deny... When a fish swims in with itty bitty fins and a round thing in your face you get.... SPRUNG... XD
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    Just wanted to add his new photo here as well. He's loaded with breeding stars. It's a boy.
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    MJ got humps!!! LOL!!! They look great!!!!
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    Hello JAPAN ORNAMENTAL FISH FAIR is being held in Tokyo now. I went to the competitive show and took some videos. Today, I would like to know how those color of goldfish called in ENGLISH. And I would like to know whether you distinguish following two type of Goldfish or not. One is Ao Ranchu in Japanese. Ao means Blue. another one is called Gingyo. Gin means silver. Ginyo is categorized as Common type not Ranchu even though Gingyo also doesn't have dosal fin. Their shape are longer than Ao Ranchu. Ao Ranchu was developed by Fukami-san, one of famous japanese breeder , by corossbreeding normal Ranchu and Seibun Oranda. I'm also not sure how Seibun Oranda is called in ENGLISH. On the other hands, Gingyo is from China and No one know the beginning. Unfortunately Gingyo doesn't exist in China now. Long long ago, Japan imported Gingyo and taken over. Sorry my ENGLISH is alwasy broken.
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    Thanks - I built out a strawberry "tower" last year that I will try to use in this setup. The box in the pictures with the clay pebbles is intended for herbs I think but I still have a few more weeks to figure it all out. The blue Lowe's buckets will get the tomatoes and eggplant (there are currently 4 buckets) and will overflow back into the pond through tubing once the back part of the decking is finished. The strawberry tower will just hang over the side of the pond and drip back into it. The only thing that will not be directly "fed" by the pond water and fish waste will be the lettuce which I will setup on floating rafts in an aquarium behind the black box. Did a little more decking work today. I think with another 5 boards and some decent weather this week, I should be finished the build by this weekend! Really hoping this all comes together as planned.
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    Well, I just put Comet back into the main tank today because all traces of the bump and discoloration are gone! Thanks for your help!!
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    Not sure if the older Kokonuts will remember Lucy, but she was seriously my favorite fishy ever. She was always having issues with floating and pineconeing and eventually I couldn't save her. Here's the reference pic I gave the artist and her watercolor painting. She's going to do the background blue and then I'll frame it and hang it over my 100 g tank.
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    The case of the missing ranchu! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful fish... But on a more serious note, the fish beneath him in the second photo has what appears to be pretty bad dropsy.
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    UPDATE one year fish baby now are one year and are doing fine. I think about 200 -250 plus the 50 I took into home aquariums. As is normal some grow very fast and most are not too interesting. But there are a few that are beautiful with all the colours and markings that we seek. As has passed a year my back is recovered but the pain is still there and I dare not attempt to clean the ponds solo. ( I have a guy to do that work now). This time I jammed my finger when catching a cock for Easter dinner.(we have nice chicken house) I hope this recovers soon as it really impeads things I do with hand (and hurts). pictures are of the year old koi.
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    He looks pretty good. He still has a tiny little faint white patch where the bump was, but it keeps getting more faint as the days go by.
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    They're healing so well. Their fin rot has healed almost all the way. Their tank ran at 88° for a few days but is back down to normal now. I am not going to add another fish. These two in this tank is fine. I did take 4 sponges from the front for them when I put them here. I figured they already had disease anyway and it would be worth it trying to bump their cycle. Seems to have worked. There are already high nitrites showing. I got it down. They're at high concentrations of salt so they seem totally unaffected. Once they finish this last round of treatment, I can begin treating them for Gill flukes which I believe they have since I didn't see body flukes when looking for Costia. They're still a tad twitchy and they're a bit slow to eat their pellet food so I think it's Gill flukes. But they're acting WAY better, are way more active, have awesome appetites, their black burns have all healed, and they're all I have left of my back pond. Shembje has always been my favorite so I'm happy to see her doing so much better.
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    @FishyMandy Awesome Pond. 1.FishyMandy“450g Pond”
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    Your suppose to be wearing your glasses Koko????
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    Pics of when they first arrived in the mail: Looking a little raggedy after shipment. Broken dorsal eventually heals up bent. I don’t mind it. It immediately started bullying the Hibuna as soon as it was dropped in. Thankfully, it has more or less stopped.The other one came out of the bag in perfect condition. And now after about a month: Meet the school bully:
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    Hibuna Sandwich. The three are actually sharing an algae wafer.The really short body makes these fish look like floating heads when the lights are off. They almost look painted to.Top viewClear shot of my Hibuna. I actually purchased it as spur of the moment. Color is not the most vivid, but body comformation seemed pretty good for its size compared to many of its peers. I prefer proportionality to color, at least for non fancy varieties.
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    My friend and I went to plaster funhouse today, where you can buy plaster ornaments and then paint and decorate them. I did a fish one so thought Id share I also did a turtle and a panda, and bought two more fish to paint at home
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    Yeah, we are terrible too.
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    I don’t think it was costia, I’m still not sure. They were behaving like a parasite was there but not the right kind of symptoms for costia. Either way I was treating everyone for ectoparasites, flukes, and secondary bacterial infections in quarantine after my black moors started shredding fins and floating, and things were fine until this morning. They went from okay last night and pretty much on the end of the medication to poisoned. I am still not sure what did it! Very sad, but I’m trying to console myself with it being an excuse to go see Gary’s operation and pick new fish. Sigh. He said he has mostly ranchus right now, along with ryukin and veiltals and such. Pretty much everything but the blacks I had before. I’m getting excited! It’s distracting me from grief.
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    It happens. I usually don’t post about my own disease stuff here but I realized awhile back that it can look like experienced fishkeepers don’t have issues. One thing I love about Cynthia’s page on ECR’s site is that in her beginner guide she straight up contradicts that, indicating that ongoing problem solving and learning are hallmarks of an experienced fishkeeper. It’s not perfection, but good husbandry practices and care in solving things when they DO come up. This was a total out of rhe blue accident. I’ve been wracking my brain and inquiring among the other household occupants as to what could have happened, but still no answer makes sense outside of some random chemical overdose or accidental wrong product use. I’m human, it’s possible. But either way accidents DO happen and whole tanks get wiped out from pathogens and parasites (like what happened with SolidGold ) and sometimes life just happens and goldfish need to go away for a season (which I know you totally understand). But sharing those parts, good and bad, makes the community stronger. Not a one of us is immune to tragedy with our pets, and it’s just part of the process. It sucks, but it’s part of the deal.
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    I got back on the horse and emailed Gary Hater - I now live within less than an hour of him, so getting new ‘friends’ should be easier than shipping to Alaska. I’m still totally devastated but I won’t be defeated! Tonight have to fight off the hoards at Costco to buy Easter dinner foodstuffs. My FIL is coming tomorrow afternoon for a week and the aunties are driving down Tuesday, so I’m still frantically trying to clean and get beds ready for all of them. Costco and our new temp house (which will house the aunties) are only five minutes away, though. So I’m going to hit two birds with one stone tonight and do those errands together.
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    In the typical aquarium, you can control the build up of nitrate by changing 50% of the water weekly, assuming you provide at least 20 gallons per fish. By changing this water, you also control the build up of: various minerals, some of which may be high in your tap water, organic compounds, which can be harmful to the fish, but which feed bacteria using up a lot of oxygen. Some of these bacteria can begin to feed on the fish if the population gets so high they are competing for organics. nutrients leached from fish food -- particularly sinking foods and gel foods -- which can create a biofilm on top of the water dust, leaves, and other stuff that gets blown into the pond by the wind. Topping off increases the concentration of all dissolved materials. Suppose you put a glass of tap water on the kitchen counter. When half of the water has evaporated, you top off the glass with more tap water, and repeat this several times. would you drink the water in the glass?
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    You never know when roving kitchen bandits will attack [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This little puppy wanted to say hi Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    The snow fort was massive. 38 feet by 45 feet. 2 25 foot long slides, 2 open top rooms, one cave, and a fire pit. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    These are my newbies. Names are (white Tosakin) Uma and (Oranda) Sweeney. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also? That’s why I married that dude. [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ugh FACEBOOK. Worse, Reddit lol. The goldfish forum there is super judgy and kind of ridiculous (minimum 75 gallons for one fancy? Okay moneybags.) What’s up everyone? I got divorced and remarried and I went to Tommy’s yesterday to pick up a fish and somehow a second one jumped in my bag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thai micro crab Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thnx for all the sweet comments [emoji177][emoji177] checkout more great shots of the Mochie monster on my instagram page @communal_goldfish_bowl [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk