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    Good afternoon all! I’m home finally and getting settled into trying to figure out one legged/mostly immobile living (it sucks). I hope everyone is staying warm this week - it’s a cold one here!
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    No, it won't. You can't feed anything better for their digestion than duckweed.
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    Some more pictures of Maggie, i think she is already starting to look a tiny bit plumper
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    Trying to upload a picture again
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    She is skinny and needs beefing up, but she is beautiful. Fell in love with her on my lfs fb page
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    Thats just how I did mine twice. Didn't seem to have an issue at all
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    Haha!! Well I did go with your initial suggestion and treated entire tank (drained tank to half ) with the sponges in. Fingers crossed 🤞 Just waiting to finish the course by Thursday evening & I am planning to fill the tank back to full and resume with water changes 75% on Sat as usual. Hope thats fine?!😊
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    I got a beautiful pair of calico fantails from Walmart a year and a half ago and put them and a couple of home-grown orange youngsters in my indoor aquaponics system. I think they are least great and maybe great-great grandparents now. I try to avoid checking out the fish at Walmart, since I certainly don't need more.
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    Yea, definitely something wonky there. Thankfully she eats well and it doesn't seem to be affecting her for now. Hopefully it will stay that way.
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    They’re so cuuuute! I love me some calicos.
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    New additions! Congrats, they look very pretty! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    They are beautiful. I love the shubie
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    I went to Walmart to fetch pecans for a dish for Thanksgiving... And though I couldn't get the white fish I saw last time (I knew it)... I saw two cute babies. I KNOW I shouldn't have gotten them but I couldn't resist. The fantail... Omg he's so cute... And I saw a pretty but very skinny little London Shubunkin. I rarely see them and figured to take her. I do like her and I want single tails for the outdoor experiment. I see a TINY outtie vent so I suspect female. I have to makeshift a QT for them for a while. I only have one 200 watt heater which won't make the water WARM but they should be fine. Definitely not buying anymore. I am not overstocked and want to keep it that way.
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    I hope you find someone. Sure looks like a very nice pond fish
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    I use the Wondershells to keep it balanced. For some ppl it doesn't work if the KH is very low. The reason it will dissolve to fast for some. Mine I only need to put the pond size in my 40B tank about every three weeks. I have yet to have a problem with my PH (knock on wood) since I started to use them. I have the same problem with supersaturation too. For this I do two water changes a week and only us 95% cold water, thats the other reason I do smaller changes cause the water is so cold right now.
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    So sorry to hear, especially this time of the season. Prayers and well wishes sent!
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    That is sounding so much better. Yes keep up on the water changes but keep an eye on that Ph while we go into rainy season I know mine will change little bit
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    Oh my that guy is so handsome. Where do you live
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    I'm really bad at estimating size but I'd say probably around 3 inches SL I'll probably keep her in QT for quite a while past the 4 weeks minimum I normally do, just until I'm satisfied she has put on enough weight. I was calling her Ninja to start with but that has since changed to Maggie
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    Yes I tried that last summer. I guess I would need to take the fish out of the pond and put them in a tub with the mops. But I tried that and they just didn't seem interested in spawning anymore. The spawning mops WOULD NOT SINK in the pond even soaking wet so idk what was going on. I did get a few eggs from the pond, but none were fertilized and all went fungus. The fish ate everything else. Even though I had 6 boys chasing one girl, the boys mostly fired blanks I suppose lol. I always have had TONS of boys and not many girls. I have 4 yearling Ryukins. All from the same spawn, siblings. There are 2 girls and 2 boys. Both the boys are pretty nice and one even won at the show. The girls are fairly crap as far as quality goes. One is decent, the other is junk. And I also have two feeder Comets. 1 girl and 1 boy. So my ratios are actually pretty good for once. If all goes well, I can get a spawn this spring/summer. If the eggs are laid by the Comet girl, I don't want them. I don't want a batch of guaranteed regular goldfish. If the eggs are laid by a Ryukin, I will get them. There is a Comet boy but there are two Ryukin boys, so hopefully I would get some Ryukins.
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    Oranda no. 2 decided to make an appearance! Kind of. I’m convinced wens develop so much better when they’re outside. I’ve been sold so many orandas that have spent their entire lives looking like fantails. Also bought a tiny little red cap, only one I’ve ever found in a pet shop. He’s fattening up and will be overwintering and growing out in the house as I’m pretty sure my old fantail could fit him in his mouth.
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    Koko I suck at breeding. I rarely get spawns and I don't keep plants in my ponds and so the fish always eat everything. I SWEAR I am going to raise some babies next year. I MUST. Mandy makes me jealous.
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    They're doing a little better, I've finished the Epsom salt treatment but they're poop is now a very light brown- it looks almost clear sometimes but can be seen on the white sand. I have to separate them when feeding because my fantail is a bully so I don't know if it could be due to a little stress because that and my filter. My black moor has a deformed anal fin and my fantail's upper lobes on its caudal fin are a little fused, giving him a butterfly tail - he seems to handle the flow of the filter much better though.
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    Live Plants -vs- Plastic! Info On Low Tech, Low Light, Non Co2 How to Disinfect your plants. Truly Aquatic Plants List List Of Plants So You Want To Plant Your Goldfish Tank