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    I was looking for that and didn’t see it! Thanks for finding the link 👍
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    Here is Lenny today. 5 weeks old. I'm not sure if he should be bigger by now but I'm feeding tons and doing tons of water changes
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    Hi! Welcome to Kokos Yep hat will be big enough! Sounds like a really nice size If you would like any more tips, check out our guidelines for healthy goldfish here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/121320-kokos-goldfish-forum-guidelines-for-healthy-goldfish/
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    Helen has a good video on how to syringe feed https://youtu.be/TAtUVFOlkfU
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    Oooh, I know which breeder you are referring to. I got a fish from them at a local fish show and it had a fish louse, plus some mystery virus that took down a chunk of my tank. Sigh. Looked healthy too, but needed more vigorous and longer quarantine than what I did. Okay, good on the tap water. Unless it’s above 8.6 or so I wouldn’t personally adjust it, but did you ever check the hardness or if the pH was stable from day to day? I only ask because sometimes a high pH can still be volatile and swing quite a bit, which could be a stress factor. This fish might need more days of metro, and possibly some additional treatment. Could you use your nail to lift his gill plate under bright light and tell me what color they are? Light pink like salmon, red like raw steak, or more maroon/brown?
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    hello and welcome to kokos. it may have been better to post this topic in the 'general goldfish discussion' forum since you're not seeking medical advice at the moment, and just requesting opinions from the community as to whether you should attempt to save this goldfish or not. in my opinion, and if it were me.- i wouldn't consider it. the fish seems to have a neglected wound. the wound seems to have created an infection that has grown beyond the eye and is now affecting part of it's head. in your position, i would try to assist their current owner in bettering their living conditions, ie, buy a much bigger tank with adequate filtration. help them through the cycle process to provide a proper living environment and start treating visible symptoms of each fish. the smaller tank they're currently living in can be used as a hospital tank. or.. direct them here and they can be helped with via the moderators, disease assistants and admin.
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    My 15g fry tank cracked today, all along the bottom. Thankfully it didn't go right through so it didn't leak. Don't know how it happened, it wasn't like that when I left for work this morning, got home to do their WC and saw the huge crack. I had a spare 15g so I set that up for them
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    Don't you just love the spell checker 😂
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    Btw, its meant to be hidy hole... not bidet. XD Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thats okay. I thought my fish years ago where too but young fish like to chance each other when it's good time. At least what I have noticed over the years.😊
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    I guess I was paranoid because it was right in the heat of when everyone else’s goldies were spawning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bruce Jr., or Sharky as I found myself calling him, will become a keeper I think lol
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    Guppies do fine without salt, since they so far removed from their wild counterparts. But mollies do better in brackish conditions, or at least very hard freshwater. Could try a school of shrimp, and see how they go? Any that happen to come across the goldies would make a good snack. Just try to have areas that the shrimp can get away from, like a small bidet hole or a nest of plants. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    They cutest little ugly ducklings! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thank you for your note. He is showing more activity. Fortunately, he has taken back up his favorite hobby: eating. The food that I put in for him is all vanishing. Evidently, the eating habits of my goldfish are a bit like the boiling habits of a watched pot.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    May we see a photo of the ranchu? I want to see to make sure it's nor dropies or fatty liver issue. Some fish do get large. I have a ranchu that is round as can be. I only feed home 2-3 times a day. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    Jaffa was doing a lot better today. As far as I could tel he was swimming all day. He got excited everytime we approached the tank. And has been eating. I am about to do today's water change
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    The only thing i would possibly add is a BN Pleco, even that is debateable as to whether they should be with goldies, although I haven't had any trouble with it. From what I understand Guppies and Mollies prefer bigger groups than just two, I generally wouldn't recommended adding anything other than goldfish with goldfish. Smaller fish can easily become targets and seen as snacks
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    Okay, I'll get a heater in there and add metro. Thanks so much for your help!
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    Hi there! You’re off to a good start, daily water changes and redosing the full amount is my preferred way of administering meds, since water quality is so important with a recovering fish. Can you post a picture of the ingredients in hex shield? If I recall it has metronidazole, but the dose also matters and we may need to add more to the water column to get things under control. Praziquantel is something we need to have on hand too. Can you also post pictures of each animal affected under bright light so we can see exactly what we are dealing with? Thanks!
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    Me either [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    He's getting big and on the Pond. My fish have backed off doing that since its only about 60F in the daytime
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    Those tails are just so lovely to see in the water, the flow of them WOW!
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    I moved Lenny to a 5g today. I hope continues growing at a good rate! Today was a waterchange day, Seven water changes all up! The Two fry tanks (Lenny and the younger ones), The Main Tank, Bedroom Tank, Tropical Tank and Both Ponds. Small pond is still full of eggs!
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    Good! My goldfish has been put into his new tank and looks very happy!
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    I know I don’t wanna get frisky when I’m cold 🤣 The fins are nice, and they have the transparent edge of Yoghurt. Since that’s mom I’m not terribly surprised but they’re looking great. Not huge, but still growing steadily.
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    I agree I was kinda sadden to get rid of them, but I just didn't have to heart to let them possibly freeze out there. I was just going to keep the 12 biggies but I had to have another batch of them and just didn't have anymore room. I did keep 3 that had really nice tails and 1 I know that has color in is tail fin. The other one was a single tail fish. So I think 5 of them in the 70 should be okay for the winter. We shall see what they look like in about 6 months Oh and I feed them a lot
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    They look so great! Really turned into pretty chubbers. Moving them to the fish store was a good idea, but man I always worry horrible people will buy them and mistreat them. Poor goldfish are probably the most abused pet of any type of animal. I keep hoping the internet and places like Kokos or the Solid Gold channel are slowly turning the tide toward proper care and keeping of such lovely animals though.
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    UPDATE! All issues in Sherlock and Watson were dealt with and they were added back to the main tank. Main tank finished cycling and the eight babies, Tony, and Natasha were introduced. Natasha did start shoeing some symptoms of off behavior after about a month, but with a little treatment and some time back in quarantine she is now doing great and has been back in the main tank for about a month. The babies are much bigger! Full juveniles now, about 2.5 inches of body length and three of the five have fully changed color. It’s kind of random which ones have changed, not necessarily the biggest. But they’ve done amazingly well and acclimated better to the main tank than the adults did! Tony, the Sakura Oranda, has had some floating issues lately. It seems to be the switch from blood worms over to repashy, but more testing is needed. Buoyancy after feeds aside, he is doing so well and actually chased Watson and we got a spray of eggs! So those two clearly like each other and the spawning behavior was amusing. I wasn’t able to capture the eggs before they got gobbled up but it’s a good sign for their overall health and happiness that they’re active and frisky and still growing. And now, PICTURES! Got everyone in one shot, except Watson! Note the five black juvies who haven’t changed color and the three orange and whites Natasha, the little ranchu, is being cute to the right of the filter. Sherlock (Calico oranda) is bottom right, and he is my only non-ECR goldie in this picture. Occasional floating Tony is off to the left. Haven’t the juvies grown?! Watson making a fish face in front. Now a confirmed female after the recent egg chase with her and Tony. Sherlock, Natasha, and some juvies Juveniles in various states of color change. Tony, Sherlock, and some juvenile friends. Tony the Sakura oranda is the one who has been having some floating issues off and on. He’s doing amazingly well otherwise, and is definitely interested in the ladies, as his breeding tubercules indicate That’s the updates for now!
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    Okay; threads merged over That little guy does look dropsied. I need to you obtain Kanaplex or Oxytetracycline from eBay or Amazon, they are gram negative antibiotics and exactly what we need to try sure begin treating your fish. They’re difficult to find locally as many fish stores have stopped carrying antibiotics, but if you have a small local fish store you may have luck there. Here are some links: https://angelsplus.com/collections/fish-flake-food/products/medicated-antibiotic-flakes You could feed the Antibiotic II food, because oxy powder is expensive, or pick up some of this water borne kanamycin: https://www.thatpetplace.com/kanaplex-02oz We will be treating both fish in a separate hospital tank though. A plastic storage bin will work just fine, but it can’t really be the main tank because a) that uses up way too much medication and b) all the organic matter in the substrate and filter can interfere with the medication’s efficacy. So a 10 gallon tank or plastic bin with a heater and an air stone is where we like to treat. Can you obtain all that and then check back in with me? Please use NO other medications in the meantime, just clean water in your main tank that has been buffered up with baking soda to make it a bit more stable and a bit higher pH.
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    Wait, did you entirely toss your old filter media? That is where your beneficial nitrifying bacteria are housed - it needs to be rinsed or literally whacked against a bucket or sink to shake loose the poo and mulm, but the actual filter floss or ceramic media or whatever needs to remain in the system and not tossed unless it is literally falling apart. The pads in my filters have been in there since I started used them, as an example That pH is still not great. This is experiment time - take a gallon of your tank water and begin adding baking soda by the teaspoon until you hit a pH you are happy with (7.2-7.4 should be a good start). Once you figure out how much baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) that took, multiply the amount times your full tank volume and slowly add it in over the next day or three. That should help improve the water chemistry, and every time you change the water just replace that amount of baking soda. Every three months do a 100% water change to get the excess sodium out of the system, though Adding some crushed coral or aragonite sand to your system will also increase the pH and help buffer it, but just keep an eye on the system to make sure the pH stays up because the calcium in those materials gets exhausted in the tank and need replenishing every once in awhile. @koko has used crushed coral, if I recall, and might be able to give you more specific instructions You made a new thread about new symptoms in your fish. I’m going to delete that and we will deal with it on here to keep the threads together and consistent. You say you’re seeing dropsy now?
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    Goldfish has been turning white for about a month. I think it looks really cool. I haven't had a fish turn white, I have had them turn gold like Zac but not white. Also all signs of tumors are gone.
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    Please read this article on using salt. To treat ich, you use 0.3% salt. That is 3 teaspoons of salt per gallon of water.
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    When you change water add the baking soda to the new water. Yes, do it every time.
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    Here's some new Photos of Lenny, he is 4 weeks old today
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    They should be fine. The chasing usually indicates eagerness to make a new friend.
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    ...nvm... I left it alone for a hour or so while I was looking it up. I randomly decided to try plugging it in again and it decides to just start working like nothing ever happened... (I think my aquarium hates me)
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    Draw a gallon of water from your tap. Read and record the pH. 1) Add a measured amount of baking soda, like 1 teaspoon. 2) Record the amount of baking soda you added. 3) When the baking soda is fully dissolved, read and record the pH. Repeat 1, 2, and 3 until the pH reaches the desired level. If you add up the amount of baking soda you put in the water, you will know how much baking soda you must add for each gallon of water in your tank.
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    I love the look of acrylic tanks, but there's not much love in return! I look at it funny and scratches magically appear.
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    I haven’t found the outside paint does much to cut glare but it is certainly better than just a straight mirror bottom! We have black foam interlocking mats under my tank. Those are also pretty matte (no pun intended) and distribute the weight a little to prevent pressure spots on the acrylic. Theoretically speaking, anyway.
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    And here are some of the younger fry, they are 11 days old. They are in a half filled 5g, I just added a small sponge filter today. 100% wc every 2 days (though I'm moving that up to every day now) and feed 4-5 times a day. Mostly frozen baby brine shrimp but also give them the other food as well
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    With my tanks with a thin layer of sand, I paint the outside bottom of the tank a flat black. When sand does get pushed aside, it still looks quite natural and without any glare too.
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    I would recommend Sand over actual gravel
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    Nope! Make sure to turn it off at night. They need to sleep, too I have a timer on my lights to mimic the sunrise and sunset where I am. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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