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    I tried out a different hair dye. WAY redder than I wanted but tbh it's beginning to grow on me. I like red after all.
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    Haha Thanks! I had to go buy a new filter for my tropical tank because the one I had decided to die, and while I was at the pet shop i wandered over and looked at the fish, they had a tank full of nymphs, mostly black moor types but a few that were like fantails with single tails, some of the black moors had partial bits of the double tail but this one had a perfect single tail so I just had to have him lol and then I saw the little calico looking at me from another tank and asked for him to be bagged him too
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    Got a new mate coming for Pixel that is in quarantine now !
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    This is Zen : Brutus : Freekie : Pixel : Big Pixel begging for food while Freekie cools his hat !
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    Just confirmed this week my guy is building my stand is using cherry for the wood. It’s going to be really nice.
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    It isn't the doggies fault!!! Unfortunately, the dog suffers because they think its mean and they want them put down.
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    @Chris1251 Chris here... Sharing Pig Pen... Finally chased him down for a photo... showing me the stink eye... LOL!!!
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    That light might work for those plants. Ferns and Anubias don't need a whole lot of light. If it was me and your going to upgrade, I would see how the plants go for now, then invest in a light for the 40B tank
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    Wow waiting four weeks seemed to take forever, but we finally put our two new goldfish into the 125G tank to keep our Ryukin “Ranger” company.
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    I decided to turn my 55 into Cichlid tank. I have an Electric Bue Acara, 3 Red Rainbow Cichlids, 2 German Blue Rams & 5 Swordtails.
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    After losing 7 pearlscales in Q.T. in a period of 5 months, I decided to bite the bullet and get ones from Dandy Orandas. This is their 11th day in quarantine. They got their first dose of Praziquantel powder last Friday. I do 25% water change every day or every other day. Fingers crossed that they make it.
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    Lol it's sorta funny seeing the Ryukins next to the Comets like this. The Ryukins look like such SHRIMPS.
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    Just droping some pics. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    Goldfish eat anchovies? That's interesting. Well, technically I'm not doing anything with my current tank but I am cleaning up this used 125g! I'll be making a diy stand for this one as well. Fishies need some new digs. It's going to need a reseal as well. Doh! I have my work cut out for me with this one. It should be fun tho.
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    My new piggy waiting to be released from quarantine into the big tank .
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    Koi and goldfish playing ‘chase the orange’
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    Old and new lol
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    Rustic is getting to be a big fella. I have to spread my fingers out wider to hold him like this lol. He's the king. Tough boy. Fast too. Still the hardest to catch though the biggest.
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    I would hope they would go the extra mile to make me happy I worked there for almost a year
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    Got a tattoo today. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    Still some ich on a couple so still medicating. Everyone is alive and they are still eating. I've changed the way I'm doing WCs to a 50% every other day and that seems to have helped them be less stressed. The plants are starting to grow and I think I got too many now lol. But I'll let them grow and then move some to the bigger tank once it's ready. Also thinking once the driftwood comes (they had to send a new order because the other got lost in the mail) I may add a sand cap to the substrate. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    I prefer a 10g for QT, though if its a large fish I will use bigger. It's easy to work out the amount of meds needed, easier to do daily WCs and uses less meds
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    He look great! As Myra said, it's nice to see someone care about their fish so much
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    He looks much better! It is nice to see someone care so much about their fishy and follow advice.
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    Lowering the nitrite level will speed up the growth of nitrite oxidizers. Change enough water to get the nitrite down to 2 ppm or lower.
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    Here he is. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    These two were gotten as part of an experiment I was conducting with baby single tailed fish. After the experiment was over, I kept them. I had a large pond that they could have stayed in, but of course it was ravaged by disease and I ended up closing it down. So they ended up in the porch pond, which they are trying to outgrow. Hopefully I can keep them here. They were exposed to the disease and so if I end up with no room for them, I will put them down. I'm not risking passing any weird diseases by giving them away. And these are the baby Ryukins now. Is cute? Is cute. Whisper has nearly caught his brother in size now. Crazy.
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    Against my better judgment, I replaced Novae the Crowntail Betta with another Crowntail very similar. This is Verdistis... I saw him and snatched his cup instantly as some other woman was pondering over him. I think she wanted him too. Filthy cup of course. I acclimated him and put him into the tank. It's really new to me to see a Betta swimming around like a normal fish. Novae hadn't swam much in a long time and eventually could no longer swim up and basically suffocated at the bottom one night. This one will probably die on me too... But for some reason, I just really wanted him.
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    I may have found a 120gal. 60" tank and stand near me for a good price. I've emailed the owner. I've offered $250. But it depends how it looks in person. It's dirty. But if it's just dirty I can clean it. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    Water changes also help to replace lost minerals as well, which the fish use. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Most will recommend once a week anyway. But if you want to be sure and get yourself a freshwater Master Test Kit by API. Then you can keep an eye on the water toxicity levels and that will let you know when you need to change the water. After you get a few data point and find out how fast your tank is becoming toxic that will allow you to do water changes without necessarily having to test the water every time. Most try to keep the NO3 levels around 20ppm but as long as you keep it below 40ppm you should be ok. live plants will help with this particularly top water plants for NO3 absorption. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    New pics of Mary today. The scale number got caught in the flash by accident but Mary is 16 grams now. She's got a bit of black on her, which will go away in time and is fairly normal for Blood Parrots. She's my little baby.
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    Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    You can put the old filter media into whatever filter you get for the new tank
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    You have a cycled filter in the 5 gallon tank. It contains all the bacteria needed to handle the ammonia produced by your fish. If you move that to the 20 gallon along with the new larger filter and clean water, you can move the fish into the new tank now.
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    Pond is a porch pond. 70 gallons. With 6 fishies. Overstocked. The Comets were really not supposed to be there at all, and I ended up with more Ryukin babies than I wanted too... But I couldn't just get rid of them so I kept them since they were tiny and it wasn't an issue. Then I wanted to get rid of a few of them, but my large pond was swept by massive and mystery disease that destroyed every single fish in it and this pond was exposed to a fish that was in that pond for a short time... So I no longer felt it was ethical to try and give any of these fish away. So here they all are. They are beginning to get big though. I still won't give any of them away. I gave away some from the other pond that looked totally healthy to a member of this forum and they brought the disease they had to someone else's tank. I had no idea and I'll never EVER risk it again. If I feel like my pond can't handle it's fish load and water quality begins to take a hit, I will have to put down some fish. The Comets will have to go. This pond can sustain 4 Ryukins just fine. But so far everyone is doing well and there aren't any water quality issues that I have spotted. Lol that bright orange fish in the last photo was this little thing when I put her in last November. Her name is Shrimp.
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    I will take some pictures of Lili tomorrow for Justine!!!
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    Here is some rare pics of my baby platies. I have three but just in case out. And one of just the tank. Ignore the algae. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    Hi Daniel. Angelfish are Cichlids. They can be sensitive to a different PH. It is best to do a drip acclimation when you get them. Kens has great food for Angels. Mine did so well on it.
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    I remember the time of not understanding water parameters. My poor fish would go months without a waterchange because it still looked clean lol. Then I would ditch all the filter sponges, wash everything in tap water and do a 100% Waterchange. So glad those days are gone! I hope your angels do well!
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    Got my hair cut today. Got about 6 inches cut off
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    Tough choice, I've done/doing both and both are good ideas. Angelfish for their personality and interaction with you or nanos for lots of action and splashes of different colours. Maybe a hybrid of the 2, just 1 single Angel, and selected nano fish that may not fall prey to the angel when it is bigger?
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    I got Three Albino Bristlenose Plecos that will end up living with my goldies (I had plecos with them a few years ago but they passed away and I've been wanting them again ever since :P) Two will go in my main tank, and One in my bedroom tank. I also got 11 neon tetras, Was meant to be 10 but they gave me an extra, two Peppered Corys, and an Emerald Cory. They will join the threadfins and corys currently in my little tropical tank. I'm also hoping to upgrade that tank, not too big but bigger than what I have since I will be overstocked. Right now though the water parameters are staying great, even when I was sick for 3 weeks and didn't do a wc on it they stayed good Ok I'm rambling, here we go, the photos you came for!
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    Here is my guys right now. Can you all spot the Betta? Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    I've had the green water all summer. And as usual... It always clears up on its own. It's not totally clear but it's begun to clear up. The fish don't truly care one way or the other lol
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    Hopefully you don't die of cuteness... I almost did. These are some SILLY birds. They're getting too scrunched in their nest and so they have decided to use the entire planter as a nest.
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    At least the plants are doing nice lol Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk