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    DUDE you have been busy. We miss ya around here Me too, so much one time I was putting into my salad and well I almost dumped the whole jar in. I did try and eat my salad and smelled like garlic and breathed garlic for a week YEAH Missed you to Well I wouldn't know about heroin but I can say they are like Pringles. Just can't have one chip
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    It's just little but it us one lol Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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    Oops I forgot to get the butterfly koi pics.... Sorry! I had a pic of my pond from 4 years ago come up in my Facebook memories. I thought it was interesting how it has changed. Photos are from same day but 4 years apart. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    His name is Darwin
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    Usually the single tail goldfish aren’t very popular among goldfish keepers, especially the single colour ones but for me they are one of the best. This is one of my red comets.......so meet Ferrari
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    Fishymandy, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Daniel, I hope you are recovering well! Mjfromga, I like the little bit longer, fluffier hair too I've been doing some gardening, & have more flower pics:
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    To dispel the sad around here, some of my kids decided to make a peasant shanty town with dress up in their room. And no, I’m not kidding, that’s how they described it to me.
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    As I say to Justine. "that will happen" Thats no fun My cat Odie used to do that all the time, even inspect the new fish that I would get.
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    LOL!! I know a Kiki....Kiki is my cat's name, she is the "official fish tank examiner" for any new tank coming into the house. As you can see she has to inspect it the very second you walk in the door after bringing it home from the pet store. She takes her job seriously
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    Kiki Thats a new one
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    Oh.... PREETTTY. Very nice car Mikey
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    IM GETTING A NEW CAR IM SO HAPPY OMG. My 6 month headache will gone in the next couple of weeks!!!!
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    Time for me to head to bed! I gotta be up early for work I will say, these hours are so much better than my last job. My other job was 3:30-close (9pm-12am) depending on how busy it was at the dealer. This job is Monday 8:30-5:00 and Tuesday-Friday 9-5:30. Then I work sundays at my local pet store still for 5.5 hours. My only day off is a Saturday which hey, that’s isn’t bad!!
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    They had the common with an Oscar!!!! Big mistake!!! My Oscar Big Boy is 4 and about 15 inches. Moon is going to be 5 or 6??? WOW!!! 55 Gallon Angelfish tank
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    I need to start coming back daily!!
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    Don't go away for so long!!!! Were still CRAZY!!!!
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    She’s adorable!!!!!
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    You’d better hide in that well, mister! Long time, no see!
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    These are my male & female GBR'S.
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    Kind of, the LOTP threads weren't really active enough anymore so we just have an open Chat now
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    Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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    I mad bread for the first time
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    Hi Guys! It's been a long time and quite a bit has happened in my life between last January (has it really been that long?) I have since lost both my goldie and my precious Betta. My goldie did not acclimate well after a move and my beautiful grey Betta made it to a ripe old age... he is sleeping now both eternally and peacefully! Well - I have since moved three more times, however the last time it was due to a new man in my life. We moved in to a home together last December and we have gradually been making it more 'homey'. Goldfish and ponds have come up in conversation quite a bit. We have a relatively large backyard (larger than I'm accustomed to, having only rented rooms and bachelor apartments prior to this relationship) that could use a raised pond - but not to get too ahead of ourselves in terms of work and planning, a compromise was made for an aquarium! I still have my 5.5 gallon Fluval Betta tank, however I was thinking about a planted shrimp tank for this one. I have yet to come across a Betta as beautiful as my late one, and would now prefer to have small crustaceans in a tank that size. As fate would have it, I came across a gorgeous 75-gallon aquarium in the classifieds on an oak stand at a reasonable price. I immediately sent it to my partner saying, "Uhm, I might jump on this...", and he was for it! (We might have to secure some beams downstairs with some house jacks - but lucky me to have found a handy man!!) So ladies and gents of Koko's.... it looks like goldfish might be on the nearish horizon for me, assuming all goes well with this aquarium. I am seeing it on Saturday and bringing the pickup truck just in case I already have grand plans for a planted bare-bottom tank with at least one or two goldies. It has been so long for me.
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    All he could think of were cookies
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    This big head still has some visibility left believe it or not and check out that cute chin / chins!
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    And here he is today... Now rust free
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    Hi to everyone! Maybe some of you remember me, but for these ones who don’t know me just a brief introducing- my name is Adnan, regionally from Bulgaria but living in Northern Ireland. Well, my intention is in time I would like to share my goldfish adventure with all of you who like these beautiful creatures named goldfish I personally like and interested of all types of goldfish but my favourite top breeds are torpedo shape ones, like shubunkins, comets, wakins, jikins..... especially the long fancy tail ones. Since 3 weeks I have 5 golden-red comets, at the moment their size is 2,5-3 inches long without the tails. All in my 75 gallon tank. I bought them from England, probably local breed. I assume that they are approximately 1 year old, still teenagers, 3 girls and 2 boys. So far I didn’t notice something wrong with their condition, very healthy and active fish, excellent coloured. Regarding the tank interior I’m still thinking about it. The current interior is temporary. Probably the new one will be with artificial plants imitation of Cabomba plant, plus drift woods and small rocks. Simple, stylish design but the most importantly comfortable for its inhabitants. Hopefully in time their tails will be growing as long as their bodies. Couple of pictures of the current situation.
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    My face is big and I think a little extra suits me better too. Not TOO much but a little bit.
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    The fish is an Oranda. Judging by its vent, it's a female Oranda. Anchor worm isn't a huge deal. If you've removed it, the fish will probably be totally fine.
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    I told Sebastian that he is the goldfish of the week winner. Sebastian was disinterested and just ignored me.
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    Ok, as I promised a picture of one of the adult shrimps. I tryed to take a picture as realistic as passible to show their real colour.
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    3. @DawnMichele “55 gallon Angelfish tank”
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    4. @Butterfly “Thai micro crab”
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    Chris here.... Finally came up with a name for my baby pearlscale.... Butter Ball!!!
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    Sebastian may not be the most exotic of fish but he sure is handsome !
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    He’s pretty enormous! I’m impressed
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    No name for this girl yet, she's one of three black Orandas I currently have.
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    Awe, the pictures aren’t showing for me, some server error. Congratulations on a new fish though! I’ve heard Blood Parrots are lovely.
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    Yeah, I kinda figured it would kill the beneficial bacteria. The pineconing had all but disapeared on the fish after the first round of Kanaplex. Soon after starting the second round it has returned on one side and is now faintly starting on the other. I was optimistic and had hopes that it would recover but it doesn't look like it will now. I'm disappointed but not surprised. The fish is still very active and showing no other symptoms for now. I guess all I can do for now is try and keep it comfortable.
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    So I ordered a new Ranchu thru my lfs yesterday it’ll arrive Tuesday,I’m pretty excited the tank feels so empty without Peanut in it
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    Oh wow. Is that Amoonkleins Ryukin? He looks great now! Where's Hindenburg?
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    I'll try to get my hands on some duckweed. Thanks!