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  2. That's so cute! I've seen that not long before they hatched
  3. Lucky you! How big is the pond?
  4. Wishing Star hanging out with her Goldfish & Betta decoration friends
  5. 😜 lol. Yeah my never sit still enough for me unless I feed them rofl
  6. The only thing you could do is surgery😷
  7. koko

    Eggs anyone

    I just saw one twitching in the egg... I haven't seen that before😯
  8. Aww I love that stage where you can see the little babies in there
  9. Yesterday
  10. It's that time of the season. I actually saw one move.
  11. Amazing guess! Bali it is! Have you been to Bali? Glass. There is glass on the floor so sheets (and people) don't fall through.
  12. Is it just my fish or do all fish not like to cooperate when photographed? I want to take a picture of all three goldfish together, but they rather swim near each other when my camera app is not open. I did get this photo Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Here are photos in aquarium Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. The fish that she thought were angelfish Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. What keeps the sheets and blankets from going into the aquarium? Not really Interested in floor aquarium, but maybe a wall aquarium instead? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. That’s SUPER cool! Looks like it’s in Bali or something.
  17. Would you like a bedroom like this, with your goldfish swimming underneath?
  18. These are both fantastic! And I love bugs! I can't decide right now! I have to come back and vote later . . .
  19. I just lost my cycle and couldn't figure out why it wasn't cycling fast enough. Low and behold, my ph was 7.2 out of the tap but the tank was 7.0 my KH is 0 so I had to put some crushed coral in the tank and now the ph is staying at 7.5
  20. @Fish Of Gold Marbled Orb Weaver Spider @koko You can't see me
  21. I asked one of my housemates if she knew what kind of fish was the fry. She said it was an angel fish. However she did not mean the fry but the big black fish. I looked at my black moor and wondered how she got the wrong classification of fish. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Goldfish Goldfish Goldfish. Okay so its all about goldfish this week. Anything goes goldfish wise Lets have some fun
  23. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! @Fish Of Gold Congrats! Please Pm me your addy so I can ship the sticker off to you My pleco Woodstock
  24. Softer, mineral depleted water needs a little bit more attention than our harder water friends. IME, generic crushed coral did very little to buffer my water to bring up my KH levels. Think of your water as a solvent, so certain materials will react differently at different pH levels. A goldfish breeder taught me that "generic" crushed coral or oyster shells are mostly Calcium Calcites, not very water soluable and will only begin to dissolve (adding to KH) at pH of 7.2 or less. Florida Crushed Coral and the Aragonite substrates sold by Caribsea are actually Aragonite/Oolitic Gravel/sand (sold in different sizes from sugar sand to crushed 2-5 mm pieces) and begins to dissolve at pH levels of 8.2 or less. Baking soda will bring up your pH to about 8.2 - I prefer using baking soda because I do larger water changes, up to 100% so the fish aren't subject to pH swings and the baking soda adjusts the pH very rapidly as I fill up their tank. I do throw in some aragonite sand just as another layer of insurance and the fish enjoy sifting through it. If you do smaller partial water changes, I think the Aragonite sand may be all you need for buffering. Either used on it's own or several pounds mixed in with your sand of choice - my tub is 50 gallons. Or if you're going bare bottom or don't like the look of Aragonite sand, the Caribsea Florida Crushed Coral would work fine in your filter. With the new water, the Aragonite sand will start working right away, but I would experiment to see how it reacts to your water supply. I gave up chasing pH years ago. Adjust the level of KH you need/like and let the pH adjust to that level of KH. As long as the pH doesn't drift between water changes, that should be fine.
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