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  2. Im doing well.....you have a seven year old little girl? WOW.....thats amazing!! with me well......gosh, I guess my prime here was right around 2000-2003 with a few comeback along the way. My son was about two years old when I had all my fish, hes now 18! Hes grown up to be a great young man. One of the best high school basketball players in our state, will be going to college for it after his senior year. I have a daughter now, she just turned 12. Shes a handful lol. I havent really kept fish in that timeframe, I made an attempt about ten years ago, but some unfortunate water conditions for our town happened and I lost all of them and gave it up. Im engaged to just about the most wonderful human being on the planet. Wanna hear something funny? Her and I both manage two Petco stores. I know thats usually frowned upon but we do good with our stores and we make sure people are trained properly on how to care for and instruct proper goldfish care. So I guess even though I havent had tanks really since I was in my prime here, I have been at petco 11 years so technically I have had TON of tanks lol. Anyway, thats my story for now, we got a huge frameless tank and have cycled it properly. We are waiting for our ranchu from china to arrive late next week and it feels like we are getting a new family member. Hes a beaut, will post pics when its time. Ill be around again, I promise Tony
  3. LOL yeah....it is an old thread, brought back memories........i would love to see those old photos again just for the memories.....god those times were great
  4. Koko, are there any members left from that period? I remember us, faye, j, moochie, and then a few more
  5. Last week
  6. I've never seen Anubias barteri var. 'Ghost'. I might have read about it years ago, but it does not seem to have taken hold in the "hobby". Some anubias appear for a while then vanish for one reason or another. Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Stardust’ has mostly vanished too. It was all the rage for a while, but almost everyone who bought one, had it shrink and eventually die over a period of years to months. It does well when grown emerged (think terrarium), but submerged (as in an aquarium) it slowly shrinks and eventually dies. It is pretty impossible to find a Stardust and if you do, it's likely to be super tiny (and on it's way out). For some reason, there aren't many who grow it emerged either. The only big strong ones seem to come from Europe or (normally) Asia.
  7. Oh sure the levels are important. And its possible to keep a really clear water tank. Ive heard it described as "air tank" becuase the fish look like theyre flying in air. Im basing this newfound knowledge on this guys youtubes video. I found it quite excellent. Here is the video i saw explaining that. I should have put this in the last post. Lately, im trying to get some agea going and i just decided to order full spectrum led lights. I think i had zooplankton or something becuase my water is kinda milky colored. So im removing my fish doimg 100% water change including water in canister filters. Amd going to try to go with the new lights. My old current USA lights didnt seem to be doing it. Its a bummer becuase i had invested some money into those lights. Those lights just had white and blue leds. My new lights will have whites, blues, reds, and a couple green leds. Oh yea, catskill is known for a lot of resorts and stuff. Im unfamiliar with that resort becuase ive never visited but i live near it. Theres neat stuff to do for sure.
  8. Perfect thank you! I'll go get my hands on some metroplex. And yes I know, it went by quick! 🙂
  9. Alright will definitely pick it up: I’m doing alright, not allowed to work during this mess because of having crohns and the meds I’m on for it. So looks like I’m back in the hobby! How have you been? Can you believe it’s been so long? It feels like last year when you, me and a few others would answer questions here and then go play sims online lol. It’s good to be back
  10. Really? Crystal-clear water isn't that good for fish? That's the first time I'm hearing that; I thought it had more to do with the levels that come up in tests... Yeah, I was pretty far from upstate but had been to the Catskills a few times for different things -- remember the Concord resort? I used to go there quite often.
  11. Excuse me for delayed response. I should check back more frequently. Well it sure sounds like you have a lot of bio media. The best way i can explain is that it goes ammonia ---> nitrosomonas bacteria--> nitrite----> nitrobacter bacteria---> and finally nitrate. So if youre not seeing nitrite that may mean the first bacteria set of nitrosomonas isnt really going yet. Hopefully you wont see a big nitrite spike though becuase thats really toxic. Thats what the emergency dose of prime is for. So just watch out for that. A crystal clear water tank is beautiful but not the best for fish. Its basically, that uncycled tank look. It does look great when first set up. I live in upstste NY in catskill. A few people that i work with are from long island. I love it in catskill and general upstate area. Actually grew up in dutchess country which is across the river from where i live now. Its a nice rural type thing going on around here. Pretty relaxing.
  12. Thank you! The Landen 100P just barely fits but will look fantastic! I've kept fish for years but never goldfish so I'm pretty excited about my new project.
  13. Ok, good to know! I'm glad that's the case, it almost seemed like one was "bullying" the other, because it's always the larger one chasing the smaller one. So I'm happy it's just young fish playing around! They both love threading through the plant leaves, and the cutest thing is when they swim through the bubbles over and over again and "ride" them up like an elevator. I've seen one of them swim into the glass cups several times and hang out in there for a bit. Cracks me up. He could swim anywhere, but chooses to quarantine himself for a moment. Again, thank you for the information along the way, it has helped so much!
  14. I would do the first one over the second one. To me seems better off for the fish. Oh I understand about space lol. ☺
  15. Oh yes totally normal. They are playing. When they are young like them, they do that more often then the older ones.... Kinda like kittens playing around lol. 😃
  16. Thanks! I had a lot of time to set it up while waiting for it to cycle. I really hope they are happy - it's been so fun watching them settle in and learning their personalities. I have noticed that when I feed them, they both eat about the same amount until there's only a little bit of food left. Then one of them seems to play "defense" and physically block and/or chase the smaller one away from the last bit of food. Is this normal/expected?
  17. Unfortunately I'm limited with the length of the tank. I can't go much longer than 39" but have more wiggle room with width and height. I've been researching tanks and found a couple more: Landen 100P - 66g 39.37"L x 19.69"W x 19.69"H, surface area is 5.38sqft UNS 90U - 68g 35.43"L x 22.04W" x 22.04H", surface area is 5.42sqft
  18. I really like that last one. The pattern is cool.☺
  19. @Acro might know he's good with those plants. I'll see if this gets his attention.
  20. With goldfish you want longer not taller. When looking at tanks try to think of how ponds are shallow and long. That's how they like it. 😃
  21. Your so welcome. Look at that tank. That is so stunning. Great work! I'm sure they are just loving it. ☺
  22. Sup, I now use Fluval bug bites and omega one goldfish pellets. Sometimes some blood worms. How are ya?
  23. Wow this an old thread 😂😹
  24. :👋 yup the site is still going after 20 years 😜 I'm doing good, I have a 7 year old little girl, 2 fish still and 2 new cats you haven't seen. How have you been? Long time no 👀.
  25. Has it been two full weeks already?! Time flies. Next medication to try would be metroplex. That is gram positive and antiparasitic. If that doesn’t work we will just have to watch for a bit and give a break to her kidneys from all the meds. Metroplex (metronidazole) is another two week course. The eating is good news though!
  26. So I did the kanaplex for 2 weeks, she was acting completely normal, eating etc. However her tail looks the same! I ended up putting her back in the 40 gallon tank, I made sure the water was pristine. First day she was acting completely normal now she seems to be hanging out at the bottom again. She does go up and swim around and she also gets really excited about food and is eating fine. But I'm not sure what's going on!! I still have the quarantine tank out if I need to do any other treatments.
  27. Old school here, founder actually. Family wanted a Ranchu tank and I said wait I know just where to go. I hope you are well Koko and I hope there are some old timers like me still around. The site looks great and cant wait to get back in the groove. Ill write more if there are any replies. Man its great to see this site still going Tony.............Tonytank
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