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  2. I wonder what changed to bring him back. I'm tempted to email him . . .
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  4. Lol this morning I told her it was 7:30AM. She said I know you can't see Well without your glass mom it 7:40 am not 7:30 am. The things I go though already. [emoji16] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  5. Today I made another gel food for all my aquarium inhabitants. The recipe is simple: pure Spirulina powder 2 Oz, approximately 50gr ; dry Gammarus Srimps 1 Oz, approximately 25gr ; 1 large tea cup/mug of boiled peas with the skin ; 2 tea spoons red paprika powder ; 1 tablet multivitamins ; regular plain gelatine. I blended all these ingredients with hot water (the quantity of the water must be 3 times more than the ingredients). And the most important, all aquatic inhabitants (fish, snails, shrimps) love the food ......well, so far
  6. I can't get over how big Justine is! She is a gorgeous young lady
  7. Last week
  8. Angels Plus have just confirmed they don’t ship to the UK anyway
  9. I had to look up TAG, that’s amazing! She does look like a clever little sausage 😊 Sorry to hear she struggles a little in other areas but great that things are getting better
  10. Lol she has grown a lot and is very smart little girl. I haven't told many but she is tested as a TAG kid..... Meaning she qualified for higher learning level. She was tested in k and was at or above the 97%. But with that she does have some social issues, but getting better everyday. She just loved to help everyone she knows. Just a sweet little girl. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  11. I’m researching euthanasia and treatment options simultaneously. I’m obviously finding it hard to pick an option. He doesn’t even have a tank anymore and my partner has just accidentally broken the air pump
  12. I’ve just seen your reply. I was about to ask whether I’d be crazy to buy this medicated food and syringe feed him? https://angelsplus.com/collections/fish-medications/products/medicated-antibiotic-flakes I’ve syringe fed him before but that was with metromeds. I know you can’t tell me what to do. I’m just finding it difficult because unlike before, he’s moving etc (albeit not eating). Its hard for me to jump from no treatment attempts straight to euthanasia. But I also want to do what’s best for him. i noticed on one of my old dropsy threads (“nitrates in tap water to high” )that Epsom salt was recommended. ugh, I just don’t know ☹️☹️☹️
  13. What a beautiful little girly Without sounding like some kind of annoying long distance aunty, I can’t believe how much she’s grown! She was like a little cherub when I last saw her
  14. Here's my growing little girl.
  15. Sure have missed ya[emoji4] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  16. Honestly I don’t weigh or measure, I watch them carefully. Measuring is more important for surgery than euthanizing. I usually start with 1/2 teaspoon clove oil in a gallon of water and swirl it around. I add the animal and wait until they go still and their breathing looks a bit slowed down. Then I add another 1/2 teaspoon of the clove oil and wait until I see no movement at all, about five more minutes. I’d they’re still moving after 5 minutes in the little clove oil water bucket I add another 1/2 teaspoon, and continue in that fashion until I see zero movement. Then I leave them for half an hour to make sure all brain function has ceased. Oftentimies when they’re not moving their gills they are still ‘there’, just numb and with depressed respiration, so time is what helps them pass after that point. It’s very gentle but takes a little time. I’m sorry, I know it’s so hard to talk about when it’s a beloved friend Sometimes it’s the best choice though, especially if they’re not doing well and you don’t have the energy or ability to help alleviate it beyond What you’ve already done.
  17. Thanks Taryl. I was looking in the video and article section I think I’ll be doing it tomorrow. I’m unsure of both the sedation dosage and the euthanise dosage for a fish of his size. I think he was around 90g last year before he lost his pelvic fin. I can weigh him again if necessary
  18. Here is the thread and video, most of her vids live under the ‘Treatments’ sub forum of this disease forum
  19. Could someone please send me to the link to Helen’s euthanasia video she made a while ago? I can’t seem to find it. I hope it’s still available to watch
  20. I used your quarantine instructions. 1 tsp per gallon. 3X , 12 hours apart. I didn’t realize I need to heat the water. It’s pretty cold here in Massachusetts so I can dig out my heater. I have a filter on the 20 gallon QT tank and I am doing a 5 gallon water change every other day. Adding the salt back in when I do the change. She looks really healthy but I’ll look into getting the Prazi from my LFS.
  21. I keep the tank at the .3% level the entire quarantine time if they’re tolerating it well. Should be 4-ish weeks at a minimum for the quarantine, but you can stop the salt after two weeks if you’ve warmed the water up. The warmer water shortens the life cycle of any parasites, so keeping it in the 78-82 degree range with really good circulation and surface area is ideal.
  22. Did you mean 0.3% ? If the fish appears healthy I usually only salt for a week or two in QT, but I dont go higher than 0.3% unless im doimg a salt dip. I usually dose some prazi during QT as well
  23. Question. New 5” shubunkin in a 20 gallon tank. As of yesterday I’ve got her up to 3% salt. How do you decide how long to leave the salt in before you start the water changes to remove the salt?
  24. Yes, she will be good company for my boy.
  25. Well I’d have euthanized him years ago, you’ve given him a great life even with his various disabilities, and it’s really your call. But if you cannot manage treatment and he looks worse then I’d say euthanizing is probably better at this point, since dropsy has set in and that is painful for the animal. Nobody can make that choice for you, though. Let me know if you need tablet dosages, otherwise I will leave this here. Hugs and best wishes!
  26. 👍🏻 I have to have an online consultation for my ‘acne’ in order to purchase the oxy I can’t do it right now, I have to go I’m also busy over the next 2 days with medical appointments. I think he’s currently comfortable. I’m torn between fighting for his life and leaving him to fade on his own. I just don’t know what to do
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