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  2. Hey everyone, Been away for a long time. Just getting a new tank set-up in my new condo. Had some family issues that made me have to rehome and get rid of all of my equipment from my once previous 5 tanks. I was wondering a couple things: 1) What are good websites to buy equipment from, not sure if things have changed in 5 years? 2) What are good US companies to buy some goldfish from online? My local places rarely get anything nice in. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I made the gel food today. I made 2 types of gel food: First one- approximately 50% quality granulated fish food plus 50% soft peas with the skin, 1 tablet multivitamin, gelatine and hot water. Second one- approximately 40% granulated fish food, 30% peas, 30% dried shrimps, 1 tablet multivitamins, gelatine and hot water. This one is prepared for my jumbo flowerhorn but I think no harm if I feed my goldfish with this gel food once of week. The good news is that all fish are enjoying the food, as well it doesn’t float on the surface, it is sinking immediately.
  4. i actually haven't used live food at all this time around lol, I was hard to make such a small amount of the small amount of fry I had. But I've been feeding decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, frozen baby brine shrimp, frozen daphnia, frozen cyclops and am going to try them on the adult frozen brine shrimp tonight
  5. I really need to order more wonder shells, my fish are much, much happier with them in. And I haven’t tried them with my new, harder water supply here at this place. Hhmmmm
  6. I feel ya. My girl fish is so sensitive. Twice I took her plant out for the eggs. She moped the whole time it was gone. Then I ran out of the Wondershell, and she started to bottom sit, get red fins and white bumps. I did use Prime in there, but she wasn't happy. The the shells came and with in 48 hours you would have never known she was like that. Plus she stopped laying egged. With in 3 days she played a bunch of eggs. I the she was getting egg bound. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  7. One thing I learned is to feed the live brine shrimp till the can eat small pellet sized food. My second batch got much bigger faster because I feed them live food till I put them into a kiddy pool. Then I feed then crushed bug bites and frozen brine shrimp. I have 4 of the last batch in my pond now. So we shall see them in the spring I hope [emoji5] Hope that helps[emoji5] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  8. i would.. but i'd also add some peas and bloodworms to it.. that is just something i would do
  9. Last week
  10. Hi everyone! A week ago a friend of mine gave me a jar of quality granulated fish food. As I mentioned the food is granulated and it’s floating, designed for all types of fish. I personally am not a fan of floating fish food, especially regarding goldfish. So my question is can I make that granulated food into jelly food using hot water and gelatine, and mixing the consistency with a blender?
  11. As for me, this has been another week of being sick, i managed to overdo it and get much sicker again on Friday and spend all weekend trying to fix it. Sigh. Fish aren’t happy either, I keep having a bunch of bottom sitting and top floating even with water changes, so I’m wondering is something in the municipal supply shifted with the changing season. I can’t manage to service my filters until my husband is back from his concrete conference (Friday, essentially, and he was gone all weekend 😓) but I’m hoping that might help if it’s a nitrate issue (it shouldn’t be, but who knows?). There have also been some persistent floaters with the dry food I’ve been soaking, and I need to get our and buy more bloodworms to see if that alleviates it. Repashy seems to actually make it worse. Overall annoying issues and it’s this sort of thing that makes me want to ditch goldies in favor of a big tropical community - they’re so much less finicky and delicate! I hate it that goldfish can be just fine and then things randomly turn with no indication as to why. It’s so frustrating!
  12. They’re definitely growing well!
  13. Update on my fry Lenny will be 8 weeks on Wednesday, He is about an inch long now, or just over. The others are 6 weeks old, and slowly starting to catch up. I have 16 left. I'm feeding them about 3-5 times a day, mostly frozen foods now. Doing waterchanges every day. I want to make sure they are growing at a good pace and at the size they should be for their age so I'm willing to hear any advice, all the fry I've raised previously have stayed really small so I want these guys to get to a good size I'll probably set up a couple of tubs outside soon for the non keepers and move the keepers (four of them) to the 15g tank. Right now 13 of them are in the 15g and 4 of them are in the 5g. Both tanks have cycled sponge filters. Here are some pictures
  14. I’m glad he is doing so much better! When it comes to filter maintenance I think taking a bucket of old tank water and smacking the filter floss against the side of the bucket monthly is good for cleaning out the excess mulm and junk. Just don’t use chlorinated tap water, you don’t want to negatively impact your bacteria population I’d probably move the temperature down to 75, that’s where I hold it, but goldfish are comfortable in a variety of temps. I wouldn’t revert to room temp just because I think that is maybe a little chilly for most fancies, they seem to thrive with it a bit warmer. Remember to do significant weekly water changes - 80-90% is great, and remember to keep buffering it if you are already. Otherwise it sounds like you’re on the road good health
  15. Fishy is ready to go back to his aquarium home. He is swimming more happily and eating greedily. I have changed 80% of the water in the aquarium and emptied the water (but not the slime) from the filter. I have thoroughly cleaned the rocks at the bottom. I will test the water before moving fishy. Should I maintain the aquarium at the 78 degrees of the hospital tank or let it revert to room temperature? Is there anything else I should be mindful of when moving fishy? Thank you for ALL of your help! I hope that nothing untoward befalls the remaining goldfish!
  16. Aw, that's even worse than my situation. I've never experienced a wipeout, thankfully. Zhao's fancies are gorgeous, but I've heard that they're picky about water. My water has pretty wacky pH and I don't have the means to age it for 72 hours as they suggest. I will keep an eye on Chuchu's. Thanks for the advice!
  17. I don't truly post here anymore... But want to sympathize with you here. I got a fish from that same importer, and though I did a standard QT... It wiped out every single fish in my pond. Nearly 30 fish, half of which I had nearly 2 years with no issues. I've met SEVERAL more people who had nasty issues with that vendor. He doesn't quarantine and his fish aren't healthy or to be trusted at all. If you email Bo Zhao of Zhao's fancies... He may be able to accomodate you. He is VERY nice and accommodating. His fish are known for good health and they are not imports. I bought this big girl and he threw in the dinky one for free. Still a good quality baby fish. He often has dinky fish he doesn't sell laying around. No reports I have seen of ugly disease from his fish. He recommends you don't mix either, but if you HAVE to (say, for owners of a single pond who have no choice) he will give you instructions to minimize issues. He's great. I have several fish from Chuchugoldfish on eBay. No imports and been nothing but strong healthy fish for years. Even a total pH crash that killed several strong single tails could not kill his fish. Zero chance of vicious disease. He often has small fish for an excellent price... But they sell out quick so gotta keep an eye out. I avoided Cynthia when I went looking for a new Oranda for some of the same reasons you did. She makes it seem like you'll kill her fish instantly if you aren't an expert.
  18. Hi! Welcome to Kokos Yep hat will be big enough! Sounds like a really nice size If you would like any more tips, check out our guidelines for healthy goldfish here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/121320-kokos-goldfish-forum-guidelines-for-healthy-goldfish/
  19. Hi everyone, I’m thinking of getting two veiltail goldfish and putting them in a 245L tank. Its dimensions are 130cm x 120cm x 45cm. Would that be big enough for them? Thanks for any advice.
  20. Gary is on Facebook, as well as goldfishkeepers
  21. Yeah, this was an unfortunate attempt. I don’t plan on nuking anytime soon unless my fish decide to die on me. I’ve read good things about Gary Hater, but I have no idea where to actually get fish from him. I also want to start out with small fish, since my fish are maybe two inches on a good day. I haven’t been able to find a reputable place to get 2-3 inch babies. I’ll most likely wait until Thanksgiving break or winter break before I get more anyway. This whole thing was terrible timing with midterms and lab reports. :s
  22. Ugh I’m sorry, you did your very best! Especially with imports they sometimes have nasties that are viral, or parasites not easily treated, and the stress of shipping and transfer into a new environment just weakens them enough to take hold. If you do change your mind about ECR, I have had very good luck with Cynthia’s fish lately after losing almost all my stock to issues with those Chicago imports. Gary Hater is another breeder I am very fond of, but his aren’t ‘clean’ like Cynthia’s. If you are at the point of ever nuking the whole tank and starting over, I’d start over with hers.
  23. Unfortunately he passed away last night. Thanks again for all your help.
  24. I was looking for that and didn’t see it! Thanks for finding the link 👍
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  26. Awesome, thanks! I’ll attempt tomorrow.
  27. Helen has a good video on how to syringe feed https://youtu.be/TAtUVFOlkfU
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