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  2. I drew some more stickers. gonna do recolours of them too eventually.
  3. Koko, can you please elaborate on this? I have read abit about internal and hang on filters.
  4. I agree the only thing that worries me is the internal filter in the long run
  5. Back I love my 40B tank. So easy to clean and easier to see the fish too.
  6. I wish my fish would clean my room or at least help. They use the excuse that they are fish and they cannot clean but can swim though.
  7. koko

    We got Fry!

    Okay I didn't post the photos of day 5. This is yesterday.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Maybe he's just being a male and is "exhausted" and playing that up LOL!
  10. My oldest fry lived to be 16 days old. I haven't had any babies since! I left those fish with my mom when I moved and they all died
  11. Interesting the babies look like that! Guess there is always hope when you buy them and they look nothing like what you expect!
  12. Hello board, I was a member here a little over a decade ago. Unfortunately moved out of state & gave my fish and tank to a co worker and lost touch with the forum. I'm thinking of getting another tank. I got my eye on a 40 gal. breeder. I also would like a couple of Lionheads if I can find them in my area. Looking forward to sharing pics in the near future.
  13. Last week
  14. Thanks! I say it sometimes, when I have to do dishes . . . Yeah, I'd like to put some of my other pets to work too! Because they are magic fish! Like Cinderella's mice and birds. Congrats! And Congrats!
  15. Lovely Tank!!! Good Luck with the Cycle!
  16. They're looking good Koko!
  17. Wonderful and now you had better give yourself a BREEDER badge!
  18. Yogurt sure is a lovely fish! I'd be honored to have her kids in my tank.
  19. Thank you ECR for the opportunity to be a part of the raffle. Yogurt is such a beautiful oranda.
  20. koko

    We got Fry!

    Thank you. I counted 25 of them😁
  21. It was eaten by fish not humans. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. I decided to “eat” fish food. It looked too dry so I put it in the nearest container of water. It is now in that container of water being eaten. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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