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  2. Aw, that's even worse than my situation. I've never experienced a wipeout, thankfully. Zhao's fancies are gorgeous, but I've heard that they're picky about water. My water has pretty wacky pH and I don't have the means to age it for 72 hours as they suggest. I will keep an eye on Chuchu's. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I don't truly post here anymore... But want to sympathize with you here. I got a fish from that same importer, and though I did a standard QT... It wiped out every single fish in my pond. Nearly 30 fish, half of which I had nearly 2 years with no issues. I've met SEVERAL more people who had nasty issues with that vendor. He doesn't quarantine and his fish aren't healthy or to be trusted at all. If you email Bo Zhao of Zhao's fancies... He may be able to accomodate you. He is VERY nice and accommodating. His fish are known for good health and they are not imports. I bought this big girl and he threw in the dinky one for free. Still a good quality baby fish. He often has dinky fish he doesn't sell laying around. No reports I have seen of ugly disease from his fish. He recommends you don't mix either, but if you HAVE to (say, for owners of a single pond who have no choice) he will give you instructions to minimize issues. He's great. I have several fish from Chuchugoldfish on eBay. No imports and been nothing but strong healthy fish for years. Even a total pH crash that killed several strong single tails could not kill his fish. Zero chance of vicious disease. He often has small fish for an excellent price... But they sell out quick so gotta keep an eye out. I avoided Cynthia when I went looking for a new Oranda for some of the same reasons you did. She makes it seem like you'll kill her fish instantly if you aren't an expert.
  4. Hi! Welcome to Kokos Yep hat will be big enough! Sounds like a really nice size If you would like any more tips, check out our guidelines for healthy goldfish here: https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/121320-kokos-goldfish-forum-guidelines-for-healthy-goldfish/
  5. Hi everyone, I’m thinking of getting two veiltail goldfish and putting them in a 245L tank. Its dimensions are 130cm x 120cm x 45cm. Would that be big enough for them? Thanks for any advice.
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  7. Gary is on Facebook, as well as goldfishkeepers
  8. Yeah, this was an unfortunate attempt. I don’t plan on nuking anytime soon unless my fish decide to die on me. I’ve read good things about Gary Hater, but I have no idea where to actually get fish from him. I also want to start out with small fish, since my fish are maybe two inches on a good day. I haven’t been able to find a reputable place to get 2-3 inch babies. I’ll most likely wait until Thanksgiving break or winter break before I get more anyway. This whole thing was terrible timing with midterms and lab reports. :s
  9. Ugh I’m sorry, you did your very best! Especially with imports they sometimes have nasties that are viral, or parasites not easily treated, and the stress of shipping and transfer into a new environment just weakens them enough to take hold. If you do change your mind about ECR, I have had very good luck with Cynthia’s fish lately after losing almost all my stock to issues with those Chicago imports. Gary Hater is another breeder I am very fond of, but his aren’t ‘clean’ like Cynthia’s. If you are at the point of ever nuking the whole tank and starting over, I’d start over with hers.
  10. Unfortunately he passed away last night. Thanks again for all your help.
  11. I was looking for that and didn’t see it! Thanks for finding the link 👍
  12. Awesome, thanks! I’ll attempt tomorrow.
  13. Helen has a good video on how to syringe feed https://youtu.be/TAtUVFOlkfU
  14. It’s more like a wet paste consistency you’re aiming for, with a blunt, curved tip syringe. The goal is to get it past their jaws so they stand a chance of digesting some. I’d make the slurry with the hex shield and some bloodworms.
  15. Okay, he hasn’t eaten since Friday. I tried squeezing some blood worms into his mouth but he spit them back out. Is it harder for them to spit out liquids?
  16. It depends on how weak the individual fish is, but I’d be okay letting him go 3/4 days with no food before trying to force feed him gently with a syringe of slurried, crushed pellets and a little water.
  17. Thank you all so much for the insight! I'm not experienced with goldfish (or injured fish in general) so I doubt he would've made it with me, especially with it being that severe! I had no idea how bad it actually was but it's very good to know, thank you all again!
  18. Okay, I'll start using a little less of the Proper pH each time. I have another container of Metro so I'll be able to extend treatment if needed. How many days can he go without eating in 78 degrees? I know they can generally go a while, but with higher temps and fighting illness I'm a little worried it might be hindering him.
  19. His gills being red are good, the metro may need to go 21 days instead, we will have to play it by ear. Don’t worry about the pH - at this point to be gradual you’d just need to add your pH adjustment solution to less and less water. So if you were adjusting down to 7.6 or so just do that for eight gallons of water, then with the next day’s water change do it for 6 gallon, then 4, and eventually you won’t be adjusting at all. Generally speaking, with freshwater fish, you want to gradually change the water when acclimating - by quarters every hour or two if the pH is really disparate. I haven’t seen going slower be of any benefit except for particularly delicate fish from softer water, like discus.
  20. Yeah, I’m struggling to find a good place to get actual healthy fish from. ECR has beauties but I don’t trust myself to take care of hers. The pH is stable. The test only goes to 8.6, and it’s definitely up there. I’m using the proper pH because they came from 7-7.2 water and I hear you aren’t supposed to change the pH more than .2 a day so I didn’t know how to go about that. I’m continuing metro for the 14 day total. His gills are red.
  21. Agreed. Goldfish are delicate enough with shipping and normal care that it really makes the most sense to start with the healthiest stock you can rather than trying to nurse one back to health, especially with such a severe wound. The bulging is what has me concerned there is more underlying this than just a mechanical injury that didn’t heal well, and shipping could certainly exacerbate that. If it was an in person pickup there are thing you could try, but I really wouldn’t recommend spending the money and time on an animal that has a decently high likelihood of ongoing long term problems with his eye or jaw, in particular. Those are very tough to treat.
  22. Oooh, I know which breeder you are referring to. I got a fish from them at a local fish show and it had a fish louse, plus some mystery virus that took down a chunk of my tank. Sigh. Looked healthy too, but needed more vigorous and longer quarantine than what I did. Okay, good on the tap water. Unless it’s above 8.6 or so I wouldn’t personally adjust it, but did you ever check the hardness or if the pH was stable from day to day? I only ask because sometimes a high pH can still be volatile and swing quite a bit, which could be a stress factor. This fish might need more days of metro, and possibly some additional treatment. Could you use your nail to lift his gill plate under bright light and tell me what color they are? Light pink like salmon, red like raw steak, or more maroon/brown?
  23. They’re from a breeder in Chicago. I know they have imported fish, I’m not sure if these guys were imported but they probably had contact with imports. They dont claim to be “clean”, but they looked healthy in the videos I got. I would love an ECR fish but I’m terrified of killing it. Plus, the other fish I have are from petco and I’ve heard it’s not good to mix her fish with others. I am using tap water, I was just asking if RO would be easier for them to adjust to from right after shipping. Our pH is really high- like off the charts of the API test, so I use API proper pH. Ah, I will hope that this is the case. I just panicked when I saw discoloration. He’s still pretty mopey. I have him in a low-light area to keep his stress down, I feel like he sleeps most of the day. He’s more active after water changes and darts towards food which makes me feel better. He isn’t giving up yet. I haven’t noticed any thick/extra slime coat. His gills move a little fast, but he doesn’t gasp at the surface or move his mouth a lot. This fish is the one that originally needed the kanaplex/metro. It’s had two weeks of kanaplex and today is day 9 of metro, day 3 of second prazi round.
  24. Where did these fish come from? If they were from a ‘clean’ source like East Coast Ranchu I’d consider some issues with acclimation, but if they’re Chinese or Thai imports the shipping stress plus previously colonized pathogens make more sense. The black could actually be a good sign - if they were in dodgy water or has external parasites the injury sites are healing and it’s called melanophore migration. Are you seeing any heavy slime coat with this as well, or gasping? How much of the kanaplex and metroplex did this fish have? Same as the other? Have you begun the prazi again yet? I believe you mentioned you were using RO water, are you adding any minerals back into that? It’s absolutely terrible for the osmotic balance or freshwater fish if it isn’t being augmented at all, and most tap water is much safer for them with just a little dechlorination treatment. If you’re adding in a mineral supplement and buffering it you may be okay, though. Otherwise definitely transition to two water, 25% at a time each water change until you’re at 100%
  25. and of course, more problems. 😔 Now he’s got blackish brownish spots appearing. On his back and fin. He’s still interested in food but spits it out. Still sitting sideways, still has the swollen side, but I think he’s getting skinnier like behind the belly.
  26. Yea,was a relief that I found it in time!
  27. I have to agree with Helen, I wouldn't put this fish through shipping, I think it would be too stressful and would be highly likely to die during the process i dont think it would survive without treatment, and even with could be iffy, but i really dont think it could handle the shipping either
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