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  2. Thank you ECR for the opportunity to be a part of the raffle. Yogurt is such a beautiful oranda.
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  4. koko

    We got Fry!

    Thank you. I counted 25 of them😁
  5. It was eaten by fish not humans. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I decided to “eat” fish food. It looked too dry so I put it in the nearest container of water. It is now in that container of water being eaten. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Congratulations! And now the fun begins.
  8. My six-year-old son had a play today - he was right in the center top row. After the first song he decided to “dab”...and then continued to do so randomly throughout the entire show. After he got a laugh the first time there was no stopping him! The teacher and principal were laughing also so I stayed in my seat. I admit I was laughing too! He then won first place in a school dance contest later in the day. He is a character!
  9. Wow, this would be amazing! I miss having orandas - they are the cutest!
  10. It went pretty well! Oldest had some issues because she didn’t listen when I told her to practice her pieces on that piano before the performance (mommy knows best, guys) but overall it was fun
  11. Last week
  12. are you talking about the Kokos ECR raffle at the top of this site?
  13. Lets just keep a close eye on it. Keep the water conditions nice and clean too
  14. Open to anything you have taken a photo of. Lets see some photos guys
  15. @aaronv801 Hey Congrats you won the Photo of the week. Great shot. We will put it up on our site and FB. Congrats again Mr. Walnut
  16. koko

    We got Fry!

    Only place I got in the house right now @Acro Day 3
  17. It could a internal cyst, tumor, or egg-binding, none of which are really easy to treat. Sometimes adding lecithin to gel food can help with egg binding but it’s not a very well proven treatment, and unless the fish is showing other symptoms I wouldn’t want to use antibiotics to treat something that likely isn’t bacterial.
  18. Maybe if they make mistakes no one would notice them? Anyway good luck for the kiddos!
  19. True. Contamination could be a major issue 😆 Wish us luck, everyone. The three oldest kiddos have a piano recital in a few hours and I’m sincerely hoping we don’t get a ton of mistakes - some of these songs are on the tricky side.
  20. On second thought I am glad my fishes do not do the dishes. Too many complications such as how would they use soap without contaminating their water and making them sick?
  21. Seems to poop normally, but only saw that once. I haven't seen any fish poop in many years. Brown, solid. No change to the swelling.
  22. Oh I’d take a dishwashing goldfish in a heartbeat! Nice poem 👏😁
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