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  2. They are looking good!
  3. koko

    We got Fry!

    Feeding the 3 ti.es a day with 90% eat water changes twice a day
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts on what my fish has? His medication came today, thank God but he is looking really bad. I first thought velvet but now I'm thinking fungal infection. I've dosed the tank with medifin, that's why my water is blue.
  5. Last week
  6. No Koko,not sure how old they are but I will ask the seller. He goes to China to hand pick breeds, which he then breeds on in his business. I was in talks with him to get a red oranda and a panda oranda but this infection has really pissed me off. Luckily I test water twice a day and I'm super invested in their welfare, so I spotted this very early.
  7. Awww so sad😢.it's hard to lose any fish, especially when they mean so much.I am in love with my oranda from day1. Unfortunately he has velvet/fungul infection, so lights have been off. Here's a pic that does his beauty no justice. I've ordered medication, which is arriving tomorrow and dosed the tank with API salt.
  8. It sounds like you have male oranda and a female pearlscale. I had a similar pair -- a female pearlscale, Pearls, and Fanny the male fantail . They were inseparable. All of the fancy goldfish I have had since then appear to be descended from these two fish on at least one family side and most one both sides. Some are almost as round as a pearlscale and almost all have the "crown" wen of Pearls, the mother of multitudes. Pearls, like many pearlscales, was always getting herself stuck somewhere. It seems like freeing Pearls from the flowerpot she was exploring was a daily duty. One day I couldn't find her through a long search. Then I found her wedged between two flowerpots that were very close together, I removed the pots and the injured Pearls, and put her in an aquarium of clean salted water. Her surface injuries healed in about a week, so I put her into a tub with Fanny. They stayed close together. Unfortunately, Pearls had internal injuries and died about a week and a half half later. Fanny died the next day, presumably of a broken heart.
  9. Me too, I was hoping that if I replaced the light it would stop but it didn't. Just slowed it down for her. I do feed her bug bites
  10. Yup that was a members fish long ago
  11. Oh wow yeah she is getting more orange, but I like that the black is still solid even though it is receding! I wish we can get the black to come back once it is gone... I have a orange and white feeder that had black edging to its fins and the black is gone now, but the orange is getting lighter too?
  12. Few days ago I installed a new Fluval output nozzle because I thought it would be nice to change the water flow to something that’s less strong and more evenly distributed. I swapped out the standard nozzle that has a really strong single direction flow. The new nozzle has 2 ball areas that open up to these big flow directors (photo attached). I’ve got one nozzle pointed up toward the surface So it is still moving. The second is pointing downward toward the bottom of the tank to keep the water down low moving. Should I be worried that I’m not getting enough water movement around the tank to get good filtration flow? I’m using the full flow rate for this Fluval 406. It’s been four days since I put it in, the fish seem to be relaxed with a less harsh flow, but I’m also seeing a lot of waste sitting at the bottom of the tank around the plants. Any advice Would be appreciated. Ann
  13. Koko, is that a real goldfish in your signature? The orange telescope with white eyes?
  14. I wish I could convince my landlady to make a fish pond in the back yard and get some pretty lawn furniture along with it. The back yard is currently awful with pretty much no furniture or anything pretty to sit on.
  15. I have 1 common and 1 shabunkin in an 80 gallon reef tank. I chose the reef tank because it’s only 16 inches tall. It’s 24 inches deep Front to back and 5 feet long. I can reach my arm down and wash the bottom and the backside of the tank because it’s only 16 inches. And they love the 24” x 5’ to swim back-and-forth.
  16. I also vote for bare bottom. I think it’s a lot easier to clean. Made to still pick food off the bottom, and when the sunlight is coming in it really reflects the light better.I think it’s a lot easier to clean. Made to still pick food off the bottom, and when the sunlight is coming in it really reflects the light better.
  17. Can you get a photo I would love to see them. Yup its breeding season and if the fish have good water quality they will go on and on. Mine do it almost every Friday Do you know how old they are?
  18. Thats great news. I plan on growing some my self soon. Getting warm enough here to grow them too.
  19. @Acro She has that grumpy face. I love those kinds of faces on a goldfish
  20. Hey all, I haven’t checked in lately because I’ve been traveling a lot on business. But I want to let you know I’ve been monitoring my girls food and she’s slimmed down quite a bit. They plowed through most the plants I put in there so I’ll probably be getting some more. I’ll get some more of those mask balls because they like those. And Coco, I think it’s a good idea to try the duck weed again when it gets warmer. It’s starting to get warm enough in Massachusetts to grow it in in a bucket outside.
  21. @Butterfly I can't believe it you got on the front cover That is just so cool It should be though that is one awesome pond you got there. Do you know how many fish are in it?
  22. WOW if mine would stop eating the ones I have I would buy one from ya. I say $4-5 is a good price. They look nice and healthy too
  23. Those are hard to find. I think I would check out Dandy Orandas he might have some of those
  24. Yup in the red an green spectrum. I have turned those colors to full and tuned down my blue. It has slowed her down a bit, but she will go to orange soon I have the new Fluval led light. https://www.fluvalaquatics.com/us/aquasky/ Thats what I got Here she is today
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