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  2. AWE! They’re adorable! How big does that species get?
  3. Someone on craigslist is getting rid of these fish. I kinda want to get them for one of my aquaponic system in my garage . . . they are adorable and little (for now)! Redtail Catfish: Two Shovelnose Catfish: Someone talk me out of the idea. . . or into the idea. .
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  5. She looks healthy except for the lump, was there a specific concern you had with the image? I can’t see both sides well because of fins but she is a pretty fish with good color (nothing that immediately screams infection like red patches or blanched body color) and no dropsy, so that’s all good news
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  7. I like them both, Great Job
  8. That has always been a fun question. I do know that food has a lot to do with it. Foods high on the algae side that has carotene will change there colors. But in my Honest opinion it has to do with light. Most fish that are Black, I mean solid back, are held in ponds. Have a Moor I have had for about 4 years or so started to turn orange on me. I looked at my lighting and the bulb was 2 years old. It wasn't emitting the light I needed to keep her black. So I got a New LED light that I can change the reds, blues, greens and white on the led. It has help my fish should have been all orange by now after 8 months of changing, but she's not. Her black changing to orange has slowed down. I don't think I can stop it but its slower than it was. I hope that makes since....... She is still turning but very slowly. I get you a photo of her today when I can.
  9. I have always had this issue so I stopped buying black goldfish. How do you retain that velvety black and not have it fade?
  10. I drew some more stickers. gonna do recolours of them too eventually.
  11. Koko, can you please elaborate on this? I have read abit about internal and hang on filters.
  12. I agree the only thing that worries me is the internal filter in the long run
  13. Back I love my 40B tank. So easy to clean and easier to see the fish too.
  14. I wish my fish would clean my room or at least help. They use the excuse that they are fish and they cannot clean but can swim though.
  15. koko

    We got Fry!

    Okay I didn't post the photos of day 5. This is yesterday.
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  17. Maybe he's just being a male and is "exhausted" and playing that up LOL!
  18. My oldest fry lived to be 16 days old. I haven't had any babies since! I left those fish with my mom when I moved and they all died
  19. Interesting the babies look like that! Guess there is always hope when you buy them and they look nothing like what you expect!
  20. Hello board, I was a member here a little over a decade ago. Unfortunately moved out of state & gave my fish and tank to a co worker and lost touch with the forum. I'm thinking of getting another tank. I got my eye on a 40 gal. breeder. I also would like a couple of Lionheads if I can find them in my area. Looking forward to sharing pics in the near future.
  21. Thanks! I say it sometimes, when I have to do dishes . . . Yeah, I'd like to put some of my other pets to work too! Because they are magic fish! Like Cinderella's mice and birds. Congrats! And Congrats!
  22. Lovely Tank!!! Good Luck with the Cycle!
  23. They're looking good Koko!
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