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  2. What a cool raffle idea! And such beautiful fish!
  3. I feel like goldfish and a drink right now . . . I just love the "mood" of this photo. I'd like to set up something like that.
  4. Thanks for letting us know...it is a very pretty fish
  5. So they are typical goldfish right off the bat LOL
  6. Wow, thank you Cynthia and Koko! Have always wanted orandas like that!! so beautiful....
  7. and You might be able to get 2 more fish in that tank. Yeah mine have gotten so big they eat all my plants now.
  8. We all do mistakes so I won't get out the koko stick this time I forgot to QT my plants now I got these nasty snails
  9. Pair of cuties! Good luck to whoever wins, looks like some fine prizes Also, I'm loving the new forum layout.
  10. I have been observing everyone in the tank. The new fish and the old fish. Yes I forgot to QT him.
  11. Yesterday
  12. My little one is getting lonely in his tank all alone!! I've been waiting for the weather to warm up to get another... (Better for water changes in the quarantine tank! )
  13. Hey! I have a 75 gallon cycled tank I’ve had running for two months now. Home currently to two orandas. I have driftwood, stones, HOB filters, air stone, sand and small gravel. My fish are currently eating frozen foods and repashy gold. I’m really excited about this tank, my smaller oranda completed 6 weeks in QT and has been introduced to the tank. Eating and swimming. My larger oranda Dudley always re-scapes my plants haha. This fish sleeps in my plants every night. I have to get a picture! I need a name for my smaller black and orange oranda. Any suggestions? Currently waiting for a new fish to catch my eye, my hopes are to have 5-6 adults in this tank.
  14. They like living an non living. It's what they can get into their mouths👍
  15. They like living an non living. It's what they can get into their mouths👍
  16. Oh I like that idea, I so want to build one.... Some day 😀 Yeah I broke it lol
  17. Did you forget to QT him. If so keep an eye out on your other fish😀
  18. koko

    Old Charley

    I like Charlie Jr lol
  19. They’re beautiful, thank you Cynthia and Koko! And I love the new site look. When I visited a few days ago it was down but it’s back up and really smart looking!
  20. Wow! What a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone.
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