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  2. @Morgan'sMiracles Asia enjoying our new couch @Fish Of Gold My kitty Kiki laughing @FishyMandy Junior and Nellie when they were kittens...10 years ago. Their siblings, Smokey and Millie are also in the photo.
  3. Lets do all fish any kind of fish or tank or pond
  4. I don't know yet. I just got a voucher for one. We might need to wait a while as I got about 20 goldfish fry Im raising up for Justine to watch and then sell them. She really wants a betta fish in her room. :O
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  6. I've had the golden Wonder ones and they are cool. Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
  7. What kind of killifish? Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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  9. Thanks Koko and Mandy! The weird thing is that this one didn’t even have babies, the other one did! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm sorry😞 females can sometimes die after birth. It's stressful on them.
  11. I would feed it once a day with a mix of other food. Just a quick note, make sure you turn off the filter when you do feed it. This keeps it from going right into the filter and mucking it up. 👍
  12. It was terrifying. The whole time I was trying to get them to come around I was crying that I killed my fish.
  13. I lost one of my swordtails today. My least problematic, the smaller female Sable, died in the last two hours. She was a little sulky before my water change but it was a huge surprise to see her dead! There were no obvious signs to show why she died. Water temp was matched, prime was used, filter and heater are running. But I finished a 40% wc at 8:10 and now it’s 9:56 and I just flushed her body. No clue what happened! I hope it’s not the start of a mass die off [emoji51]. My zebras weren’t qt’d when I got them so it’s possible they brought something to the tank, but they seem healthy as an ox. Fingers crossed the others survive. No one seems unhappy or ill in the least. Smitty got sucked a little into the vacuum but just the siphon and not the tubing. If he had died I wouldn’t have been shocked. But he seems fine too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hey all, After reading some raving reviews, I thought I'd give the Rapashy Super Gold a try. Mixed up a batch yesterday and cut it into cubes. But... how much of this stuff should I feed an Oranda whose body is about 2 inches. Maybe 1/4 tsp 2x per day? I dunno... He really likes it so guessing he'd be happy to eat more. Beth
  15. That’s scary, especially with how long you’ve had your fish! I can’t imagine what a loss that would be! I’m so glad you caught it in time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Oh no, I almost did the same thing yesterday. TD asked me did you check the temperature, when I felt the water it was warmer than normal cause it's been about 95-100f. I'm so glad you caught your mistake. Also proud of you posting it. It just shows everyone that even seasoned goldfish owners can oops too once in a while. Plus it tells others to always check your temperature of the water to your tank water.👍
  17. Almost had another disaster...this time was completely my fault. I debated even writing this because of how bad I feel about it, but (so far) everyone is doing ok so... A Warning to never become complacent in your waterchange routine, I did today, and it almost cost the lives of 5 goldfish and my BN Pleco Today I did my waterchange on my 150g as usual, I use the mixer tap in my kitchen to fill so I can adjust it to the right temperature. That went all fine. I then moved on to waterchange my 80g. When I started refilling, I put the hose on the tap and turned it on, made sure to add Safe and then sat down to relax while it filled, as I usually do. I glanced up every so often to check the water level, then, once the tank was half way full, I heard a strange noise, I looked up to see Papi, my orange butterfly tele, drifting to the surface from the bottom of the tank and then just float...I ran over to the tank and as soon as I neared it I could see, well feel, the problem. The water was way too warm. Papi wasn't the only one in trouble, EVERYONE was floating, unconcious. See when I went to start filling the tank, I didn't check the temperature as I usually do, I just assumed, its on the same setting i had it on when filling the 150g, tanks are the same temp, it will be fine. Because of skipping the one simple step of checking the temperature coming out the tape before filling the tank I had 6 unresponsive fish. Now I don't know if I dealt with this in the right way, I just did what my panicked brain was telling me to do at the time I grabbed a bucket, filled it up with cool water that was closer to the temp they usually reside in, then I pulled everyone out the tank and put them in the bucket. I put in an airstone and kept moving them around. I honestly though they were dead at this stage, they weren't moving or responding to me at all and I could see no gill movement. Gradually they woke up and become responsive and started moving around. A few hours later and they are back in their (much cooler) tank and seem to be back to their normal selves.
  18. No Raccoons here, we have possums, but they are Australian Brushtail Possums and eat plants and sometimes insects or bird eggs.
  19. I'm so glad you like it. The site is about 20 years old lol Dandy Orandas is closing for now😒 we have lost a lot of fish places lately here. With that kind of food your fish will be spoiled lol
  20. Hi & thanks for the welcome 🙂 Will post some pictures tomorrow as I’m working overnight.. Might start a thread on how other shift workers ensure their fish are OK while away! I’m using veg & increasingly small pieces of fruit as they last (a little) longer than pellets. Your site is the best! I’ve prioritised it for advice over last few months. Nothing like it in the UK. You also seem to have better supply of fish over there. Was in Chicago a fortnight ago & so tempted to pop over the lake to a place called Dandy Orandas. Don’t think customs would have appreciated that in my luggage though 😉 Cheers
  21. Went to a park with Justine, they had a bunch of booths there. One of them was a pet shop I go to abou 30 mins away. They recognize me as the goldfish lady. Lol they had a ball toss to win a free fish. So I figured why not, on the first shot I get the ball in the cup. So now I have a voucher for a free killifish. Lol Justine has been bugging me about a Betts, so I guess this is just as good. Lol So I will have soon, 2 adult goldfish, about 20 fry and now a killifish.
  22. Yea I always rather have others under feed my fish than over feed. Keeps the water cleaner if you know what I mean lol
  23. I would love to see your set up. Sometimes it's easier to understand if we see it. Is the filter internal or hob? By the way
  24. Yeah guppies, mollies and swords will eat there babies no problem at all lol
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