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Dose cups- repurposing


It's cough and cold season. If you buy bottled OTC meds they usually come with dose cups. These are usually labeled with 5cc (1 tsp) lines.

I use the leftover cups for dosing Prime and Replenish in my tanks (or any other liquid med/supplement/fertilizer I might need). They can also be useful for collecting water samples for testing. Anyway, I prefer using the dose cups rather than the caps on the bottles. Because:

1) I hate putting a wet cap back on a bottle.

2) If you don't rinse out the cap you sometimes get a gritty ring of dried product around the rim and elsewhere on the bottle and then on the shelf you store it on.

3) Makes dosing more than a capful at a time easier and faster, and it is less likely I'll lose count at how many capfuls I've already put in.

4) I have several tanks, so I keep one by each so I don't cross contaminate (or reduce the chance of it a little, since I'm not terribly conscientious in this regard unless it's a QT).

Of course you should always check for accuracy, esp if the cups came with a thick liquid med, but the ones I've used have all been quite accurate.


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