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  1. hey katrina, which state are you in?

  2. Hi Man Yu, Thanks for your reply. We won't be getting any new fish as mycobacteria are contagious. Our vet tried baytril injections on one of our bigger fish before we knew it was mycobacteria. Now that we know our vet has said that to treat mycobacteria you would need a cocktail of antibiotics and that it is still unlikely to work, plus only 2 of our fish are big enough to get injections. Apparently also bleach won't work for steralising the tank etc afterwards, our vet was going to look up what might work. Your reply confirms what we've been told and what we've read. I was hoping/wishing that maybe someone on Koko's would have some amazing survival story with their fish that we could try with ours. Our vet is letting us try a few more things but she isn't hopeful. Thanks again.
  3. I haven't provided the details in the box because I already know the problem/diagnosis & am after information about anyone who has faced a similar problem successfully. We've just found out from our fishies' vet that the reason our fish have been getting sick on & off for so long is because they have mycobacteria (autopsy was performed on one of our fish who died; my other fishies are likely suffering from the same given the similarity of symptons, contagiousness of such bacteria etc etc). Our vet has sent a sample away to get a more precise diagnosis (i.e. exact strain/type of mycobacteria). Anyway, the vet's prognosis is not good & all we've read about this mycobacteria is doom and gloom. So my question is, have any of you encountered mycobacteria & were you able to successfully get rid of it or prolong your fishies life with good quality of life (ie. they are alive & happy not miserable)? If you have any success stories please provide details of your fishies symptons, your treatment (what meds, food, length of treatment etc), how your fish responded etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. In Brisbane (Australia), our water suppply is about to be fluoridated. Is fluoridated water ok for goldfish? Will the goldfish mind the change from non-fluoridated to fluoridated water? Do we need to do a smaller than usual water change the first time? Thanks!
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses. It's good to know that Bobble is not alone with her freaky wen growth. It did seem to be a little smaller this morning. My other fish has a huge wen & while it is lop-sided it was never so weird as Bobble's new wen so I was a little surprised. Anyway, very happy to know she's normal. So thanks again!
  6. My oranda has recently grown some wen. It started out the usual way, like white fluff for lack of a better description, except instead of growing flat like it usually does on her & my other goldfish it has grown into a large bubble. Has anyone else ever seen wen growth like this on their fish? Weird wen growth bubble: A close up (you can see the start of some more wen growth beside the freaky new wen growth): Poor Bobble, she won't appreciate me calling her freaky
  7. Took Puggles to the vet & found out that those white things are "white spot" or "ick". Was a little surprised because they look so different to the usual pictures of white spot that you see everywhere. Anyway thought it might be useful for others to know that white spot can look like this too. [Two scrapings were taken & examined under the microscope] CountryLovah, thanks for that link you posted I have bookmarked it for future reference as it looks very useful.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I'm in Australia so I don't know if we have Dimilin here (we seem not to have most of the good meds you have overseas). Is there anything else I can use if I can't get Dimilin? Will the anchor worms/larvae be in the biological filter media? How long will I have to treat for to get rid of them?
  9. Requested Info: Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=5-10 ph =7.8 test kit = api drops water temp = 23 degrees celsius tank size = 36L approx (this tank is our "quarantine" tank for these new fish) 6 - 12 months (not sure) hagen hang-on filter water change = weekly about 30% - 50% no. of fish = 2 fish very very little (about 1 - 1.5 inches including tail) added 30th August 2008 water additives = prime & aqua start B used feed = varies day to day but could be any of the following: Hikari oranda gold pellet, hikari gold baby pellet, hikari flake, hikari algae discs, wardley spirulina, omega one shrimp pellet,mega one vegie rounds, julian sprung seaweed, hbh vege flake, peas, hikari frozen sprulina & brine shrimp added salt on same day we added fish as a pre-caution since some of the fish at the pet shop didn't look so great; amount added = 1g/L Problem: One of the fish (Puggles) has white things on him. First noticed about a 1-2 weeks ago, it was just one white thing but it disappeared so thought it was just "dirt", earlier this week there were about 3-5 white things, this morning there are about 10. While I never see these white things move, they seem to be in different locations than earlier in the week. They don't look like ick, they look long rather than little dots When we got Puggles he had a medium size "slime" patch on one side, this disappeared after about 1 week. He and the other fish (Oink) are both very very active, friendly & interactive, always hungry, so whatever this is it doesn't seem to bother him. Oink has no signs of anything on him so if the white things are something they are only affecting Puggles I couldn't get a great photo of the white things but this is a close up with the white things circled
  10. For other Brissy people, Dr Debbie Monks near Garden City is where my fish go. She's very good. [brisbane Bird & Exotics Veterinary Service Corner Kessels Rd & Springfield St Macgregor QLD 4109 http://www.bbevs.com.au/home.html]
  11. Thanks Svendenhowser. Our water must be high in ammonia then as if I just put the recommended dose of water conditioner in my ammonia only goes down to 0.5, so I usually have to do a second treatment. Dan, I have a fish called Pearl too but she is not the one that looks your Pearl. My fish that looks like Pearl is called Bobble and parts of her have turned white too.
  12. My Bubbles always sleeps on the bottom. He plonks himself down on the gravel, usually in a corner and goes to sleep. His tankmate Bobble sometimes sleeps on the bottom beside him, other times she sleeps just above the bottom or mid-water. I have another two fish, Jelly who sleeps just below the surface, always in the same corner & Pearl who balances perfectly in the middle of the tank.
  13. Svendenhowser, what do you mean about the chloramines versus the ammonia? When I test my tap water I get ammonia of 1. We add prime & leave it out for a few days. Yeah the water levels in Bris are a worry, especially after all the rain we just had and it hasn't helped much. Dan, that blue oranda is beautiful! Looks a bit like one of my fish.
  14. Ph

    Thanks Pixiefish! I didn't know that about pH. I will do the tests over the next few days and post back.
  15. Ph

    I forgot to say that the test kits are API. How do you tell if the rocks etc are inert?